20 Best Embroidery Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about embroidery ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best embroidery podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced embroiderer seeking new techniques and inspiration, these podcasts will provide valuable insights and knowledge. Additionally, if you prefer a more hands-on learning approach, consider enrolling in embroidery classes where you can learn directly from skilled instructors and interact with fellow embroidery enthusiasts.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Embroidery Podcasts 2021

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Embroidery Talk with Sue

  • Publisher: Sue Brown
  • Total Episodes: 8

Keep up to date with embroidery news while you are stitching your machine embroidery designs, listen to this informative conversation all about embroidery, including special guests and tips and tricks and all upcoming embroidery news.

Stitchery Stories

  • Publisher: Susan Weeks
  • Total Episodes: 110

Stitchery Stories… Where textile artists share their life in fabric and thread. Embroidery. Textile Art. Inspiration, Techniques, Disasters and Delights. Join embroidery enthusiast and textile art dabbler, Susan Weeks, in her friendly weekly chats with UK textile artists. Discover how they got started. Share the lessons learned along the way. Get excited about what they are working on at the moment. Learn how they keep their business growing, their creativity flowing, and get a sneak peek into what is coming next…

Izzy & Gina in stitches

  • Publisher: Isobel Moore & Gina Ferrari
  • Total Episodes: 13

Informal conversation about life in general, and art and embroidery in particular.

The Craft Room Podcast

  • Publisher: Dawn Lewis
  • Total Episodes: 28

The Craft Room Podcast is fully dedicated to crafts of all kinds. Card making, quilting, crochet, stamping, painting, embroidery … there’s so much craft to talk about, so join Dawn Lewis in The Craft Room.

Apparel Academy

  • Publisher: Apparel Academy
  • Total Episodes: 56

Hosted by embroidery business expert Henry Ma, the Apparel Academy podcast helps people start and expand their decorated apparel business. Each week, the podcast answers common questions that business owners have and shares tips for maximizing your productivity and expanding your business. Henry also regularly hosts guests who provide industry insight into what’s trending and what’s next.

The Stitch Safari Podcast

  • Publisher: Cathy Jack Coupland
  • Total Episodes: 27

Australian Textile Artist, Cathy Jack Coupland hosts this brand-new fortnightly safari-inspired podcast, journeying into the beguiling world of stitch, sewing, and embroidery, with insights into its history, use, and innovations. Join this unique expedition and thread your way into the amazing and irresistible world of needle and thread. Learn more about Cathy’s work with needle and thread at cathyjackcoupland.com

Sew easy

  • Publisher: The Sewing Shop
  • Total Episodes: 16

We are here to discuss all things sewing, embroidery, and quilting. You can visit us in person in shreveport Louisiana at The Sewing Shop. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-sewing-shop/support

The EXARC Show

  • Publisher: EXARC
  • Total Episodes: 11

Dive into the fascinating world of experimental archaeology, where scientists, craftspeople, sound-experts, musicians, artists and re-enactors come together to recreate the past. They investigate human activities from a wide range of eras, areas and civilizations. Their work involves both the use of traditional materials and techniques but increasingly also modern digital technology. In each of these podcasts two experts from a particular field discuss their experiences, triumphs and tribulations. Each session is followed by a live Q&A session where listeners can join in to ask questions but also to share their own expertise. For more information, visit us at https://exarc.net.So far topics have covered ancient bread baking; the know-how required for skin tanning and antler work; sewing and embroidery techniques in the Middle Ages; the re-creation of ancient music and the recording and collection of soundscapes; the delicate act of interpreting history; and last but not least how current hot topics like sustainability and conservation impact on the practices of experimental archaeology.

Arts Muster school of arts and crafts in NSW, Australia

  • Publisher: Samantha
  • Total Episodes: 4

Arts Muster is a new school of arts and crafts for adults. Our first workshops are 5-7 October 2019, including ceramics, screen printing, book binding, felting, art quilts, plant dyeing, hand embroidery, spoon whittling, sustainable fashion and small 3D collage. In this podcast, Arts Muster organiser Samantha Tannous interviews the tutors coming up in October, to find out more about their personal art practice, what inspires them, and what students can expect in their workshops.

Embroidery Aid

  • Publisher: Kelly Payne
  • Total Episodes: 3

Join our community and enjoy Tips, Tricks and Tools of the Trade in Machine Embroidery.

Cross Stitch, Colour and Wellness

  • Publisher: Melanie Couffe
  • Total Episodes: 4

How Cross Stitch and Embroidery can save your Life and more!

Oh Sew Amber

  • Publisher: Amber Epperson
  • Total Episodes: 1

Custom t-shirts and embroidery located in Nashville, TN, shipping nationwide.

Embroidery It

  • Publisher: Nancy Jacobs
  • Total Episodes: 2

🌻Living the country life and running Embroidery It, where fresh and fun machine embroidery designs are created for the home embroiderer. 🐝Also home of the Embroidery Bee Club. ✨Machine Embroidery so you can be creative daily and live life beautifully. ✨

Between the Seams

  • Publisher: Zachary Davy
  • Total Episodes: 10

Between the Seams is a fun, weekly podcast about the ups and downs, and ins and outs of the custom embroidery, screen-printing, and branding world.

Embroidery digitizing- Cre8iveSkill

  • Publisher: Cre8iveSkill
  • Total Episodes: 19

Cre8iveSkill is excellent in embroidery digitizing and vector art conversion services offering solutions across a wide variety of client backgrounds for more than 25 years. We specialize in Logo Digitizing, Cap Digitizing, Visor Cap Digitizing, 3D Puff Embroidery, Color Blending, Applique Embroidery, Jacket Back Digitizing, Chenille Embroidery, Sequin Embroidery, and Cording stitching techniques. We are well adept at offering digitized embroidery designs to our clients in a number of different formats.


  • Publisher: Antima Khanna
  • Total Episodes: 1

Hand embroidery of Banjara/Lambani community


  • Publisher: ZDIGITIZING
  • Total Episodes: 31

Provides custom embroidery digitizing & vector services to custom apparel shops, decorators, uniform makers, and so on. #1 digitizing agency for embroidery & printing businesses.

The Embroidery Podcast

  • Publisher: Marg & Masako
  • Total Episodes: 10

The Embroidery Podcast is a conversation between two professional embroiderers Marg Dier and Masako Newton, chatting about all things embroidery related. Please send us a message with your questions or topics you are interested in. Follow us on Instagram: @theembroiderypodcast

The Stitching & Co. Podcast

  • Publisher: Bess Wilkins
  • Total Episodes: 4

Welcome to the Stitching & Co podcast!!! Join host Bess Wilkins as we dive into different topics related to the modern embroidery world. We talk with amazing embroidery artists and designers to learn practical tips and tricks, how to prevent burnout, turning your stitching hobby into a business and allow creativity to weave its way into our busy lives. Let’s embrace community over competition and get busy stitching! @stitchingandco | stitchingandco.com

Uncommon Threads, an Interview with Rebecca Ringquist

  • Publisher: risa.moo
  • Total Episodes: 10

Artist and teacher Rebecca Ringquist pulls embroidery out of its classic confines, using her needle and floss to tell modern stories in cloth. This episode she and Christine chat about her process, the art of collecting, and her new book.

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