15 Best Video Creator To Make Training Videos Online

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Is your next step to make a video tutorial? Alternatively, do you have relevant experience and seek a more advanced instrument? We analysed the market and compared 15 popular training video programs. The tools range from accessible screen capture apps to complex video editing software, so we’ve organised them into seven distinct groups based on their intended use. Try a few out and see which ones work best for you!

1. Doratoon

Doratoon’s powerful tools can elevate even the most fundamental of narrations and graphics, making it a popular choice among professional video editors. The software has an extensive library of transitions, effects, and filters that you can apply to recorded and live-streamed content, making it suitable for various purposes. The improved version of your video can then be uploaded directly to platforms like LinkedIn or stored in your gallery for making training videos by Doratoon.


  • All-purpose video production using pre-made templates
  • Integration with Photoshop that allows for the modification of existing PSD files
  • Modification of imported films with pre-made graphics, animations, and other media.
  • Build a whiteboard cartoon

2. Animaker

Animaker’s extensive animation tools can come in handy if you want to include a little animation into your video. True to its name, the program allows you to create your animations and edit videos. You may use a built-in recorder to capture and edit live video. Its simple tools have made it an ideal place to begin learning animation.


  • Modifying animations with a click and a drag
  • Elements, characters, props, and templates are all set to go
  • Extraordinary variety
  • More than two hundred musical and aural

3. Vyond

Vyond is a costly option for those who want to try their hand at making a video resume. It provides a wide range of editing tools, including a dedicated animation section. You can quickly and easily produce professional-quality videos using the provided templates. Vyond has advanced alongside the field of animation, so it now boasts some sophisticated features that aren’t readily available elsewhere.


  • It’s possible to record videos for up to 120 minutes in length
  • The ability to direct a character’s movements in a video makes it more engaging.

4. Renderforest

Another online service that fits the bill for making training videos Renderforest, which combines practicality and accessibility in a single program. To get the most out of this service, your films should be around 40 minutes long. There is a media gallery inside the app where you may see and listen to animations, images, and songs. You can modify existing videos or create your own from scratch using various tools available in the media library.


  • You can export video in high definition (720p or 1080p) without a watermark.
  • Up to 200 legally available songs in advance
  • A library of over 500,000 stock videos and pictures

5. Moovly

Creating a training video isn’t a huge ordeal, and if you want to streamline the process even further, you should check out Moovly. You can quickly transform your raw footage into a polished masterpiece with a few clicks and drags. With this program’s pre-loaded library of visual assets, you can whip up any number of animated GIFs, infographics, and explainers in no time.


  • Image text can be resized, cropped, trimmed, and aligned.
  • Vary the size, style, and color of your text.
  • Use of an artificial intelligence-powered text-to-speech system in the voiceover
  • Taking a Screencast

6. Movavi

Movavi Video Editor stands as a versatile tool tailored for users seeking hassle-free video editing and adjustment. Offering a free trial option, it empowers users to explore its array of features without any commitment. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned editor, Movavi Video Editor ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to effortlessly trim, cut, join, and enhance your clips. Also it is a free no watermark video editor with an extensive selection of effects including titles, filters, transitions, and chroma key, it caters to diverse editing needs. Thanks to its swift and efficient performance, finished videos can be created in mere minutes, rendering the entire editing process enjoyable for all.


  • You may customize the desktop recording area with only a few mouse clicks.
  • Recording everything from your computer screen to your microphone and system sounds in real-time.
  • Highlighting by point-and-click, keyboard, or other input devices
  • Capturing footage using a webcam
  • Putting films in the cloud, distributing them on services like YouTube and messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram

7. iMovie

For making instructional videos, iMovie is hard to beat. Thanks to this free program, you can generate professional-quality films on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad without spending a dime on additional software. This program is user-friendly and packed with valuable tools for making videos, such as the ability to add text and images on top of clips and modify audio levels. There are a lot of well-known YouTubers that say iMovie was their first video editor. The software is well worth a try if you own an iOS smartphone.


  • Video compilation in the form of a timeline
  • Dual-play video
  • Light and color corrections are automatically applied.
  • Title and transition preset to give your film a polished, premade aesthetic.
  • The use of chroma-key and frame-within-frame compositing
  • Silencing background noise and boosting your voice

8. LearnWorlds

Use LearnWorlds if you want your pupils to have a fun and engaging educational experience. One of the many reasons this training video maker stands out is its robust capacity to create essential educational movies and incorporate web integrations like quizzes and pop-ups. LearnWorlds allows you to set up a personal website complete with price plans and payment gateways so that you may monetize your knowledge-sharing efforts. If you want to make instructional videos your full-time profession, you should consider this route.


  • The Website Constructor
  • The Mobile App Developer
  • Support for third-party platforms such as MailChimp, Google Pixel, and Google Analytics, among others.
  • There will be reports on course comprehension.
  • Subtitle and transcript generation

9. Loom

Creating instructional videos for your workplace team is a breeze with Loom. A user-friendly screen recorder that stores recorded sessions in the cloud where they can be shared with coworkers and viewed on nearly any device costs just $8 per month per subscriber. You may improve tutorials by allowing visitors to provide feedback on a section-by-section basis using emojis.


  • Provides a Google Chrome add-on that you may install without needing a superuser account.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of OSes
  • Time-stamped comments, emoji responses, and other interactive elements maintain conversation interest.
  • The optional creation of closed captions
  • Instantaneous communication utilizing a shared connection

10. OpenShot

OpenShot began as a hobbyist’s attempt to create a simple Linux video editor. You later ported the software to Mac OS X and Windows. OpenShot is one of the few programs available for every desktop operating system. It’s a robust video editor that includes animation tools and can ensure high-quality video production when used correctly. Still, a substantial investment of time and energy is required for true mastery.


  • The intuitive and all-encompassing timeline interface
  • Free layers and tracks
  • The ability to crop, trim, resize, speed up, slow down, etc., video and audio.
  • Three-dimensional and keyframe animation
  • Support for 70+ languages

11. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the perfect combination for those who demand the most from their video tutorial maker. This program for Mac computers is well-known for the high quality of the videos it generates very quickly. You may easily create a video that seems like it was made by a professional with a wide variety of available effects and plug-ins. The video editor has a hefty initial cost of $299.99, but you can try it out for free for 90 days to determine whether it meets your needs.


  • Editing of videos with several cameras
  • Included media library and organizer
  • Access to a closed captioning system
  • Extensive add-ons available to expand the software’s capabilities


The functionality of this platform is revolutionary. WIREWAX is a popular platform used by major corporations because of the high quality of the output video and the quantity of user participation it enables. In addition, you may track your analytics to discover whether people are watching your movies. The website provides enough information to seriously consider adopting WIREWAX, including several video demonstrations, user cases, and statistical evidence. You should know that the pricing is reasonable for large corporations, not individual consumers.


  • Making the movie interactive by adding call-to-action buttons
  • Branches: the video changes based on the viewer’s decisions as they watch.
  • Keeping track of valuable data like visitors’ actions.

13. Hihaho

If you want interactive videos but don’t want to pay a lot for a membership, try out hihaho. This service provides a wealth of interactive options, integrates with video-sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo, and tracks user data and analytics. This seems like a complete video editing platform. Hahaha is certainly worth trying, especially for the price.


  • There are 17 ways to engage with the system, such as fillable forms, questions, highlighted text, etc.
  • You may modify videos in layers, each dedicated to a particular form of interaction.
  • A Safe Way to Embedding and Sharing Videos
  • They assessed the number of impressions, devices utilized, and average reaction time.
  • Support other video-playing platforms, including YouTube, Vimeo, JW Player, and more.

14. Hippo Video

The marketing, sales, and specialized fields utilize Hippo Video because of its adaptability as a video recording and editing tool. They provide a unique collection of customizable, cost-effective options for educators. Even the whole school may benefit from this strategy. The free edition offers no video watermark, no limits on the number of videos recorded, and a liberal 15-minute time limit for each video. In the classroom, Hippo Video is a must-have.


  • Highlights-only screencasts are easy to create
  • Take screenshots of your screen and record audio from your microphone
  • A maximum of 1080p resolution
  • Compatibility with Google’s Word Processing and Presentation Software
  • Automatically created subtitles

15. VSDC Video Editor

What you need is probably found in the VSDC Video Editor. This program records your voice, screen, and anything else you choose to register. You may now create in-depth screencast lessons using many clips of video and still photos. You may export your work in 4K resolution without watermarks, even in the free edition.


  • In the realm of video editing, non-linear techniques have
  • It has a built-in feature that records your screen and video.
  • Making a film using masks
  • Direct posting videos to YouTube.


Great tools for creating instructional movies are at your disposal now. So, what do you decide to do? Think about using a Doartoon Screen Recorder if you want to capture your computer screen. It’s easy to use and quick to capture screencasts and webcam movies. You may try out the software for free by downloading it.

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