10 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android In 2022 (July Updated)

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Whenever we talk about spy applications we always want them to be hidden and secret in their work. Hidden apps are always desired as the target person would never know that he or she is being monitored.

Secret working also allows users to get the real response from the target person as if the other person would know about monitoring then he or she will automatically try to save himself. If you are in search of tools that provide you with all the hidden features on a secret interface then we are here to help you.

There are a lot of tools available on the internet that provide all the tracking features hence you don’t need to do an extra effort. Whenever we talk about trackers we face certain restrictions. We are going to provide you with a complete list of the best-hidden trackers available on the internet.

1. Spylix

Spylix is always considered top of the list due to its hidden features provided at one interface. Spylix is the only tool that contains the most simple interface for its users. You are not required to be professional to use this tool as beginners can easily use it. Spylix is the only tool that is providing more features at the lowest prices according to the demands of the customers.

The most popular tool of Spylix is that it has a stealth mode in which the application keeps on working in the background. Now with the help of Spylix, you can monitor different devices at a time with an only single registration.

If you are using Spylix then you have good news that you don’t need to indulge in the rooting and jailbreaking procedures. Spylix provides real-time updates about the target person secretly without any rooting and jailbreaking. It is the most affordable and secret tool available on the internet.

How to Use Spylix?

Spylix has amazing compatibility with Android as well as iOS devices. Spylix provides 40 features for Android devices and 18 features available for iOS devices. If you want to know the entire procedure of how to use Spylix then we have a complete guideline for it.

You need to follow the given procedure:

Step 1: Registration

Open up the official website and register for the free account on Spylix.

Step 2: Setting

You need to follow the instructions to set up your entire account.

Step 3: Start Spying

Now you need to get access to the Spylix dashboard and after that, you can successfully spy on that target device.

Prominent Features

If you just look at the features provided by Spylix then there would be a complete list given here:

Call Monitoring

Spylix allows you to track the call details of another person without their permission. You can check all timing, dates, and the caller number of the other person.

Social Media Checking

You are allowed to check the conversation, status, post, and comment on all the social media websites. You are allowed to monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, Facebook, and many more.


Now you can restrict the specific area by using the geofencing feature. Whenever the target person exceeds the restricted area, the user always gets notified.

Message Monitoring

Spylix allows you to check the conversational details of other people secretly. Even if the target person has deleted the conversation you can also access it with the help of Spylix.

Web Browser History

Spylix has solved the most important problem of the parents which is the web browsing of their children. You can check all the details of web browsing without giving any notification to the person.

2. Hoverwatch

Now you can get all the information about the other person from minor to major details at only one interface. You can also enjoy the compatibility with Android devices hence you are restricted to iOS devices. Hoverwatch makes the entire procedure of spying easier.

It is the best solution to give relief to anxious parents as they can get to know about the workings and location of their children immediately. It is a standalone application that offers the monitoring of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

It has a simple interface hence all the information would appear on the screen after accessing the official dashboard.

How to Use Hoverwatch?

If you want to know the entire procedure of Hoverwatch download for Mobile then all the details are explained here:

Step 1

You need to go to the official website of Hoverwatch and select the desired subscription plan. After that, you need to make your official account.

Step 2

Install the application by physically accessing the target device. It is important to disable the Google Play protection on the device.

Step 3

Now login to the official account and access the official dashboard. In this way, you can start spying by using the Hoverwatch.

Prominent Features

  • You can enjoy stealth mode.
  • You are allowed to use Messages Monitoring.
  • Social Media Monitoring is also entertained.
  • GPS Tracking is provided by this tool.
  • Web Browser Checking is possible through it.

3. CocoSpy

CocoSpy is a tool with simple and fast monitoring features. The simple interface is provided without any technicality so that even beginners can use it without any help. You can enjoy social media monitoring along with the tracking of different tools, calls, messages monitoring, and GPS location of the other person.

Prominent Features

  • You can easily monitor calendars, photos, and videos.
  • You can enjoy the keylogger feature.
  • Geofencing is also provided.

4. uMobix

If you are searching for a tool for the safety of your children then uMobix is best. You can monitor a dozen of platforms at a single interface including calls and messages. All the target devices are monitored on a real-time basis. Along with this, you can easily block any application on the device of the target person.

Prominent Features

  • This tool provides you with a video monitoring feature.
  • You are allowed to enjoy GPS location tracking.
  • You will always get a notification whenever the target person changes their SIM card.

5. eyeZy

eyeZy is considered one of the most popular tools used for spying. It has compatibility with Android and IOS devices. Now you are not restricted to getting the information about the target person at a specific time rather 24/7 tracking feature is available. You can easily use a keylogger feature.

Prominent Features

  • You can enjoy the screen recording feature.
  • The website blocker is also available.
  • You can get the opportunity to use a file finder from the device.

6. ClevGuard

It is considered one of the good spyware that is designed to monitor children and employees’ activities. The tool allows you to monitor the activities of smartphones and Windows devices. Now you can enjoy the screenshot-taking feature on your desired device without asking permission.

Prominent Features

  • You can use this tool to know the location history.
  • Spyware protection is also provided.
  • You can check the internet activity and email tracking on your PC.

7. FlexiSpy

It is an amazing tool for Android devices through which you can monitor calls, messages, social media, and GPS location. With the help of FlexiSpy, you can live stream and get all the details without any delay. All the workings would be remotely controlled and altered according to it.

Prominent Features

  • You can check the call logs.
  • A keylogger feature is also provided.
  • The social media recording feature is available on premium plans.

8. TheOneSpy

The tool allows you to know all the statics of the target device without any restriction. It is one of the tools that works with a few clicks and all the results would be presented in front of you. TheOneSpy has amazing cloud storage through which you can save all the data secretly.

Prominent Features

  • You can have live camera streaming.
  • A person can easily listen to the surrounding music.
  • A call recording feature is also provided.

9. pcTatteltale

pcTattletale is an amazing application that is specially designed to work on Android devices. With the help of this tool, you can remotely monitor all the activities of your children without letting them know. Now you can easily monitor and record the entire workings.

Prominent Features

  • You can remotely enjoy the features.
  • It has compatibility with Android and Windows devices.
  • Multiple device monitoring is also provided.

10. Spyine

Spyine is an amazing tool that can work hiddenly. The tool allows you to secretly monitor all the work on an Android device. If you are using a smartphone, you can have a stealth mode to work without getting detected by the target person.

Prominent Features

  • It has a stealth mode.
  • You can get a summary of the browser history.
  • You are allowed to read text messages and social media conversations.

Ending Remarks

Hidden working is the most desired feature that is needed to be present in any spy tool. If a tool is continuously notifying the other person or giving alerts to the target one then it is not worth using it. We have provided a complete list of tools that are hidden and secret in their entire work. You need to go through all the tools and find the best option for you available on the internet.

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