Top Service Industry Companies and Startups in the UK

4 years ago

This article showcases some of the most popular players in the Service Industry space. Our analysts selected these companies for a variety of reasons. This list may include both state and private ventures providing the most value within the Service Industry industry.

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SEMRush.

Top Service Industry Companies

BT Global Services

BT Global Services plc is a division of United Kingdom telecommunications operator BT Group.

Monthly Visits57272703
Page Views / Visit4.55
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0747%
Average Visits (6 months)61884924.83


WizApp or The Wizard’s Apprentice is an app to help with writing scripts.

Monthly Visits29546829
Page Views / Visit3.17
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0096%
Average Visits (6 months)30896611.67


Skyscanner operates as a trips meta-search engine company.

Monthly Visits19660633
Page Views / Visit5.23
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0572%
Average Visits (6 months)23473021.17


TalkTalk is a phone and broadband company that offers fixed and mobile telephony and broadband services to consumers.

Monthly Visits16133219
Page Views / Visit4.91
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1669%
Average Visits (6 months)18308454


Mumsnet is the UK’s busiest social network for parents.

Monthly Visits15318411
Page Views / Visit4.69
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0971%
Average Visits (6 months)18648654.33


PlusNet provides broadband telecommunication services.

Monthly Visits5152089
Page Views / Visit5.44
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1106%
Average Visits (6 months)5941382.33

A new better way to buy services online

Monthly Visits3333635
Page Views / Visit3.21
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0012%
Average Visits (6 months)3162267.83


WHSmith is a retailer that operates a chain of High Street, railway station, airport, hospital, and motorway service station shops.

Monthly Visits2573552
Page Views / Visit3.73
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1224%
Average Visits (6 months)2441363


The world’s largest house & pet sitting platform. Connects a global community of sitters with owners and their beloved pets.

Monthly Visits1635867
Page Views / Visit3.15
Monthly Visits Growth0.1846%
Average Visits (6 months)1200536.5

Direct Ferries

Direct Ferries helps customers plan ferry routes and compare prices on different lines.

Monthly Visits1477639
Page Views / Visit2.97
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1775%
Average Visits (6 months)2238781.5

Pop In A Box

Pop In A Box provides USA and UK Funko Subscription service.

Monthly Visits1462311
Page Views / Visit5
Monthly Visits Growth0.5337%
Average Visits (6 months)1191378.17


Pharmacy2U are the UK’s leading NHS approved online pharmacy and also provide a confidential private online doctor service.

Monthly Visits1017566
Page Views / Visit3.49
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0152%
Average Visits (6 months)1045603.17

London Metal Exchange

The London Metal Exchange is the world center for industrial metals trading.

Monthly Visits888551
Page Views / Visit2
Monthly Visits Growth0.0497%
Average Visits (6 months)772053

Churchill Insurance

Churchill Insurance is one of the UK’s first direct motor insurers.

Monthly Visits745668
Page Views / Visit4.41
Monthly Visits Growth0.0732%
Average Visits (6 months)706354.67

Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is a global advisory and solutions company that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth.

Monthly Visits658043
Page Views / Visit2.9
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1132%
Average Visits (6 months)742781.67


Timpson is the UK’s leading retail service provider.

Monthly Visits624992
Page Views / Visit3.01
Monthly Visits Growth0.5364%
Average Visits (6 months)685154

Just Host

Just Host is a shared hosting provider who offers 750 GB disk space, 10 TB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, and free domains with each

Monthly Visits580308
Page Views / Visit3.2
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0147%
Average Visits (6 months)822069.5


BUMP is a social peer-to-peer marketplace for authentic streetwear and sneakers.

Monthly Visits540712
Page Views / Visit1.76
Monthly Visits Growth-0.07%
Average Visits (6 months)679427.67

UK-2 Limited

UK-2 Limited provide an automated registration service, as opposed to the old paper-based procedure.

Monthly Visits484720
Page Views / Visit5.44
Monthly Visits Growth-0.137%
Average Visits (6 months)577787.17

Go North East

Go North East is a transportation company that offers flexible and innovative essential bus services with an affordable & reliable approach.

Monthly Visits413999
Page Views / Visit2.33
Monthly Visits Growth0.2402%
Average Visits (6 months)328673.33

Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard is an online personal financial management service allowing users to view their online financial accounts.

Monthly Visits393946
Page Views / Visit2.03
Monthly Visits Growth0.0402%
Average Visits (6 months)542665.33


Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers and technical specialists offering a broad range of professional services.

Monthly Visits388008
Page Views / Visit3.62
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1302%
Average Visits (6 months)352481.5

My Study Life

A cross-platform planner for anyone in education.

Monthly Visits374790
Page Views / Visit2.1
Monthly Visits Growth0.0884%
Average Visits (6 months)224220.67


Plumbase supplies plumbing and heating products to professional trade installers.

Monthly Visits368425
Page Views / Visit6.63
Monthly Visits Growth0.0739%
Average Visits (6 months)341147.5


Hornbill is an innovator in business collaboration applications that help teams create content, share ideas.

Monthly Visits280854
Page Views / Visit47.18
Monthly Visits Growth0.6749%
Average Visits (6 months)218911.83

Purple Parking

Purple Parking provides airport parking service in UK.

Monthly Visits265597
Page Views / Visit3.11
Monthly Visits Growth-0.018%
Average Visits (6 months)291868.67


Roomstyler is an interior decoration company offers floor plans and interior design.

Monthly Visits230020
Page Views / Visit3.3
Monthly Visits Growth0.0308%
Average Visits (6 months)280511.67

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is dedicated to advancing human rights in business and eradicating abuse.

Monthly Visits190411
Page Views / Visit1.39
Monthly Visits Growth0.0747%
Average Visits (6 months)198053.33

Jules B

Leading Stockist of Designer Clothing

Monthly Visits189899
Page Views / Visit2.97
Monthly Visits Growth4.7087%
Average Visits (6 months)100369.83


Bonamark is a company dedicated to Intellectual Property protection and international trademark registration.

Monthly Visits189200
Page Views / Visit1.05
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1227%
Average Visits (6 months)162026.67

Know Your Money

Know Your Money is an independent financial comparison website.

Monthly Visits183148
Page Views / Visit2.2
Monthly Visits Growth0.0826%
Average Visits (6 months)184016.67


MotorEasy is the smart way to manage, protect and maintain your car.

Monthly Visits168330
Page Views / Visit2.78
Monthly Visits Growth0.1098%
Average Visits (6 months)149880.17

Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains is a train operating company in the United Kingdom owned by Virgin Group and Stagecoach

Monthly Visits151906
Page Views / Visit3.31
Monthly Visits Growth0.1363%
Average Visits (6 months)210441.33


Shoot is striving to be the UK’s premier gardening and garden management website.

Monthly Visits139166
Page Views / Visit1.38
Monthly Visits Growth0.0854%
Average Visits (6 months)146049.33


iChimp offers online services to troubleshoot and find solutions for problems found on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch & apple watch tech devices.

Monthly Visits120526
Page Views / Visit1.67
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0925%
Average Visits (6 months)123986.83

Origin Broadband

Origin Broadband is an award-winning Internet Service Provider

Monthly Visits120218
Page Views / Visit3.95
Monthly Visits Growth0.1129%
Average Visits (6 months)102003.33

BBA Aviation

A British multinational aviation services company headquartered in London, U.K

Monthly Visits117834
Page Views / Visit1.5
Monthly Visits Growth0.3237%
Average Visits (6 months)87392.33 provides lists of the latest broadband deals from internet service providers in the UK.

Monthly Visits112624
Page Views / Visit1.79
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1077%
Average Visits (6 months)126345.5


A web and app marketplace helping people discover and transact at handpicked local food & drink establishments.

Monthly Visits109687
Page Views / Visit3.82
Monthly Visits Growth10.7287%
Average Visits (6 months)60252

Moto Hospitality

Moto Hospitality is a hospitality company for constituents.

Monthly Visits102640
Page Views / Visit2.27
Monthly Visits Growth0.0396%
Average Visits (6 months)91814.67

The Dorchester Collection

The Dorchester Collection provides one of the world’s largest selections of luxury hotels.

Monthly Visits100136
Page Views / Visit2.09
Monthly Visits Growth-0.6828%
Average Visits (6 months)284413.83


Creativepool is the global creative industry network, connecting agencies, brands and creative talent via a social vertical platform.

Monthly Visits92412
Page Views / Visit2.56
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3769%
Average Visits (6 months)119814.17

The History Press

The History Press is a publishing company of history books, including ancient, medieval and modern history.

Monthly Visits88804
Page Views / Visit1.4
Monthly Visits Growth0.1259%
Average Visits (6 months)81251.83

Pickaweb Ltd

Pickaweb offers domain names, web hosting, VPS, and website building services to small businesses and home users.

Monthly Visits82696
Page Views / Visit5.47
Monthly Visits Growth0.3216%
Average Visits (6 months)78225.67


Biffa is an integrated waste management company providing collection, landfill, recycling and special waste services in the UK.

Monthly Visits79132
Page Views / Visit3.19
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1901%
Average Visits (6 months)97872.5

Today Translations

A global language services provider, with approximately 2,600 linguists serving clients in over 100 countries.

Monthly Visits67532
Page Views / Visit1.2
Monthly Visits Growth0.1497%
Average Visits (6 months)49940.17

RocketRoute Ltd

RocketRoute is an advanced online flight planning centre. Ideal for Airlines, Operators and IFR Pilots. Easy to use, fast and convenient.

Monthly Visits63203
Page Views / Visit1.76
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1907%
Average Visits (6 months)58277.83


ASK4 was formed in 2000 specifically to focus on the delivery of telecommunications services

Monthly Visits62467
Page Views / Visit3.68
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4274%
Average Visits (6 months)104719.5

Enterprise Car Club

Enterprise Car Club is a British car club operator that is known for its tailored business offerings to meet client specific needs.

Monthly Visits61185
Page Views / Visit4.76
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5745%
Average Visits (6 months)158178


Blow is an online platform that provides its users with a range of beauty services.

Monthly Visits58242
Page Views / Visit2.12
Monthly Visits Growth0.0041%
Average Visits (6 months)57605.83


Your knowledgeable companion for everything after life.

Monthly Visits57689
Page Views / Visit1.21
Monthly Visits Growth-0.6113%
Average Visits (6 months)130435.17


easyHotel is an international super budget hotel provide you with the sleep essentials and the flexibility to customise your room.

Monthly Visits57102
Page Views / Visit2.35
Monthly Visits Growth-0.487%
Average Visits (6 months)139558.67

Expert Market

Service for sourcing office equipment

Monthly Visits56275
Page Views / Visit1.73
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5255%
Average Visits (6 months)145285

Faster Payments Scheme

Faster Payments Scheme is the company that enables mobile, internet, telephone and standing order payments to move quickly.

Monthly Visits51234
Page Views / Visit1.42
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0539%
Average Visits (6 months)58004.5


Gamma is a leading supplier of voice, data and mobile products and services in the UK.

Monthly Visits48612
Page Views / Visit3.96
Monthly Visits Growth0.934%
Average Visits (6 months)41830

English Country Inns

English Country Inns is an online directory of inns in England.

Monthly Visits46829
Page Views / Visit1.9
Monthly Visits Growth0.081%
Average Visits (6 months)32477.5

Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids

Cookie Cutters offers children a one-of-a-kind haircut experience that both parents and kids will appreciate during and after every visit.

Monthly Visits46601
Page Views / Visit1.77
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2272%
Average Visits (6 months)76292


Aggreko provides power generation and temperature control solutions to customers.

Monthly Visits44202
Page Views / Visit1.91
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4521%
Average Visits (6 months)80191.83

Arena Online Ltd

Flowers & gifts, London, UK & Europe

Monthly Visits43771
Page Views / Visit3.43
Monthly Visits Growth0.6305%
Average Visits (6 months)31968.83

Quick and easy way to compare international moving and shipping companies

Monthly Visits41854
Page Views / Visit1.2
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0292%
Average Visits (6 months)49755.17

Orbis Property Protection

Orbis Protect is a specialist in vacant property security, providing a complete empty property management service.

Monthly Visits38369
Page Views / Visit7.92
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0768%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Titan Storage Solutions

Titan Storage is a company which allows users to safely store items on a long term basis

Monthly Visits38270
Page Views / Visit1.41
Monthly Visits Growth0.0637%
Average Visits (6 months)37290.83


Laundrapp is the UK’s leading online laundry and dry cleaning service, offering unparalleled levels of quality cleaning right across London.

Monthly Visits36893
Page Views / Visit3.1
Monthly Visits Growth0.1569%
Average Visits (6 months)48724

Bar Soba

Bar Soba fast became a staple of the city’s burgeoning bar and restaurant scene.

Monthly Visits36782
Page Views / Visit3.98
Monthly Visits Growth0.0412%
Average Visits (6 months)25047.5

RWS Group

RWS is Europe’s leading provider of intellectual property support services.

Monthly Visits36325
Page Views / Visit2.8
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0021%
Average Visits (6 months)44882

Halfords Autocentre

Halfords Autocentre, formerly Nationwide Autocentres, is a car servicing and repairs firm based in the UK.

Monthly Visits34268
Page Views / Visit2.05
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1305%
Average Visits (6 months)42561.67

Lok’n Store Group

Lok’nStore provides convenient, versatile and safe storage for personal and commercial use.

Monthly Visits33167
Page Views / Visit3.68
Monthly Visits Growth0.0053%
Average Visits (6 months)30617


Taking the stress out of storage since 2013

Monthly Visits32300
Page Views / Visit1.35
Monthly Visits Growth3.2759%
Average Visits (6 months)32146.17


GR S.A. offers customers complete food and support solutions with all the solidity and high quality standards of the Compass Group.

Monthly Visits31774
Page Views / Visit1.98
Monthly Visits Growth0.244%
Average Visits (6 months)23998.17

Giving What We Can

A leading charity Evaluator that has raised over $400m in pledged donations to effective charities and advised the UK government, World.

Monthly Visits30265
Page Views / Visit1.31
Monthly Visits Growth0.09%
Average Visits (6 months)25923.5

Locus Assignments

HND Assignments UK is now Locus Assignments providing assignment help in UK for a decade, guide you to draft an excellent academic skills.

Monthly Visits29033
Page Views / Visit1.18
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2121%
Average Visits (6 months)51226.33

Hearst Magazines UK

Hearst Magazines UK is the largest digital publisher in the UK. There reach extends to 1 in 3 UK women and 1 in 4 UK adults .The portfolio

Monthly Visits27850
Page Views / Visit1.36
Monthly Visits Growth0.114%
Average Visits (6 months)57800.67

Shakespeare Martineau

Shakespeare Martineau is a Birmingham-based law firm.

Monthly Visits27632
Page Views / Visit3.44
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4891%
Average Visits (6 months)39717.5


Logica is an IT company that offers application services, business consulting, business process services, and infrastructure services.

Monthly Visits26626
Page Views / Visit6.35
Monthly Visits Growth0.5254%
Average Visits (6 months)23330.33


Mayden provides end-to-end managed web applications and bespoke system development to the healthcare sector.

Monthly Visits25046
Page Views / Visit1.67
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1454%
Average Visits (6 months)29476.5

Raptor Supplies

Industrial supplies / MRO ecommerce, serving the world

Monthly Visits24011
Page Views / Visit4.42
Monthly Visits Growth0.4635%
Average Visits (6 months)20135.33

Achilles Group

Achilles Group provides identification, qualification, evaluation, and monitoring services for managing supply chain risk.

Monthly Visits23370
Page Views / Visit4.82
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5528%
Average Visits (6 months)41668.67 – the forum for Forest Hill and Honor Oak SE23

Monthly Visits23194
Page Views / Visit4.17
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4245%
Average Visits (6 months)17716.5

Clifford Thames

Clifford Thames creates, aggregates and publishes data for labor operations, part catalogs and vehicle specifications.

Monthly Visits21503
Page Views / Visit3.1
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2098%
Average Visits (6 months)19150.17


Kudos offers web-based tools and services to help researchers, institutions, publishers, and funders increase the impact of their research.

Monthly Visits21441
Page Views / Visit2.18
Monthly Visits Growth0.5848%
Average Visits (6 months)31106.5

Chemring Group

Chemring is a global group of companies that specializes in the manufacture of energetic material products and advanced expendable

Monthly Visits20559
Page Views / Visit2.6
Monthly Visits Growth7.6601%
Average Visits (6 months)10925.33


Loco2 lets you search for and book European train tickets through a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Monthly Visits20247
Page Views / Visit3.29
Monthly Visits Growth0.0671%
Average Visits (6 months)16932


Getmapping to create a complete digital aerial photograph of the UK.

Monthly Visits18204
Page Views / Visit8
Monthly Visits Growth0.143%
Average Visits (6 months)17848.17

Arrow Business Communications

Arrow Business Communications is a telecommunications equipment and services provider for businesses in the UK.

Monthly Visits17700
Page Views / Visit3.51
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Cera designs professional home care services and an accompanying digital platform that provides transparent, consistent, and efficient care.

Monthly Visits16351
Page Views / Visit2.07
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3354%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

OCS Group

OCS Group is an international business focused on delivering sustainable solutions to complex facilities management issues.

Monthly Visits15989
Page Views / Visit2.72
Monthly Visits Growth0.1389%
Average Visits (6 months)32443.67

Autoglass BodyRepair

Autoglass BodyRepair is a mobile accident damage repair company.

Monthly Visits15153
Page Views / Visit2.13
Monthly Visits Growth0.3057%
Average Visits (6 months)13321.67


Poptop is a global entertainment booking service provider.

Monthly Visits15132
Page Views / Visit3.09
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2891%
Average Visits (6 months)30601.67


Rank Tracker automatically tracks your daily keyword positions movements across all major search engines.

Monthly Visits15048
Page Views / Visit1.81
Monthly Visits Growth0.6864%
Average Visits (6 months)8416.5


Creating unforgettable experiences with the stars you love.

Monthly Visits14643
Page Views / Visit1.3
Monthly Visits Growth0.94%
Average Visits (6 months)13195.83


iMakr offers 3D printers and scanners, software solutions, and consulting, support, and repair services.

Monthly Visits14328
Page Views / Visit2.42
Monthly Visits Growth0.0562%
Average Visits (6 months)11784.33


Redcentric is a leading UK IT managed services provider that offers a range of IT and Cloud services.

Monthly Visits14188
Page Views / Visit1.43
Monthly Visits Growth2.9576%
Average Visits (6 months)42362

Opendesk is a furniture company.

Monthly Visits13915
Page Views / Visit17.05
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4615%
Average Visits (6 months)21930

Fantastic Cleaners

Domestic Cleaning Services in London

Monthly Visits13637
Page Views / Visit1.16
Monthly Visits Growth-0.7233%
Average Visits (6 months)46633.67


Metropix operates as a supplier of floor plan solutions to the UK’s residential estate agency and lettings market.

Monthly Visits13420
Page Views / Visit5.07
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0439%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Rentokil Initial

Rentokil Initial provides services that protect people and enhance lives.

Monthly Visits13398
Page Views / Visit2.92
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5691%
Average Visits (6 months)22739.33


Lockers in your building for your laundry and dry cleaning

Monthly Visits13260
Page Views / Visit1.84
Monthly Visits Growth1.3905%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


DDoS-GUARD is one of the leading companies on the European market of protection against DDoS attacks by price/quality ratio.

Monthly Visits12949
Page Views / Visit1.48
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4745%
Average Visits (6 months)25503.83

Shoutout UK

A multi-award winning independent news network and course provider that aims to get more young people into and discussing politics.

Monthly Visits12336
Page Views / Visit1.37
Monthly Visits Growth1.5325%
Average Visits (6 months)17006.17

VOW Europe

The UK and Ireland’s leading wholesaler of business products and services.

Monthly Visits11806
Page Views / Visit3.5
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0042%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


SCP Distributor is part of a distribution network leading the way as the largest wholesale distributor of swimming pool supplies worldwide.

Monthly Visits11660
Page Views / Visit2.28
Monthly Visits Growth0.0984%
Average Visits (6 months)17092.83 is a company that provides dry cleaning and laundry services on delivery.

Monthly Visits11504
Page Views / Visit1.57
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5015%
Average Visits (6 months)16820.33