Top Employment Companies and Startups in the UK

4 years ago

This article showcases some of the most popular players in the Employment space. Our analysts selected these companies for a variety of reasons. This list may include both state and private ventures providing the most value within the Employment industry.

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SEMRush.

Top Employment Companies


PeoplePerHour is a marketplace connecting small businesses and freelancers.

Monthly Visits1849120
Page Views / Visit6.43
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0048%
Average Visits (6 months)2253210.17


Adzuna is a smart search engine for job ads.

Monthly Visits1183235
Page Views / Visit2.41
Monthly Visits Growth0.079%
Average Visits (6 months)1225376.33

Cheeky Ventures

We help people create music startups

Monthly Visits847479
Page Views / Visit3.95
Monthly Visits Growth-0.176%
Average Visits (6 months)1135592.67


It gives unlimited free job post

Monthly Visits598822
Page Views / Visit1.27
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0018%
Average Visits (6 months)620193.5


The UK’s leading online survey software.

Monthly Visits406883
Page Views / Visit3.27
Monthly Visits Growth0.0167%
Average Visits (6 months)486153.67


Perkbox is UK’s leading employee and customer engagement platform.

Monthly Visits392054
Page Views / Visit2.88
Monthly Visits Growth0.0244%
Average Visits (6 months)410656.5

CV Maker

CV Maker is an online platform that enables users to create, manage and publish their resumes in a variety of formats.

Monthly Visits303031
Page Views / Visit7.69
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1029%
Average Visits (6 months)315755.83

City of York Council

City of York Council is for report problems,parking ,council tax and traveling and many more.

Monthly Visits296996
Page Views / Visit2.77
Monthly Visits Growth0.0576%
Average Visits (6 months)296259.83


learndirect is a skills training and employment services provider in the UK.

Monthly Visits284198
Page Views / Visit1.97
Monthly Visits Growth0.6933%
Average Visits (6 months)251553.33


Codility is a SaaS platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers engage, recruit, and train stronger engineers, faster.

Monthly Visits276851
Page Views / Visit4.92
Monthly Visits Growth-0.079%
Average Visits (6 months)282084.33


WhosOff is an online application that allows businesses to manage their staff leave.

Monthly Visits271599
Page Views / Visit3.65
Monthly Visits Growth0.025%
Average Visits (6 months)258231.83

Resource Guru

Cloud-based team scheduling software.

Monthly Visits235105
Page Views / Visit20.55
Monthly Visits Growth0.7422%
Average Visits (6 months)157889.83


AllAboutCareers is an online job portal connecting employers and job-seekers seeking employment.

Monthly Visits211289
Page Views / Visit2.2
Monthly Visits Growth0.1671%
Average Visits (6 months)182047.5


Online platform connecting freelancers and clients in the creative and technology sectors

Monthly Visits183997
Page Views / Visit2.61
Monthly Visits Growth0.501%
Average Visits (6 months)106290.67

Working Families

Working Families is the UK’s leading work-life balance organisation.

Monthly Visits130977
Page Views / Visit1.29
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0383%
Average Visits (6 months)136654


Croner is an award-winning HR, employment law, and health & safety specialist located in the UK.

Monthly Visits110000
Page Views / Visit1.23
Monthly Visits Growth0.3691%
Average Visits (6 months)124814.83


eSkill is a leading global provider of skills testing, behavioral assessment and video interviewing solutions.

Monthly Visits102506
Page Views / Visit14.97
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2173%
Average Visits (6 months)129759.33

Work In Startups

Work In Startups is an online web-based platform that enables startups and creative candidates to connect with each other.

Monthly Visits99371
Page Views / Visit6.51
Monthly Visits Growth-0.486%
Average Visits (6 months)127678.5


Technojobs is an IT and technical recruitment site.

Monthly Visits98938
Page Views / Visit3.02
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3236%
Average Visits (6 months)129594.33

Success at School

Success at School is an online platform to provide career advice for schools and students aged 13-19.

Monthly Visits97279
Page Views / Visit1.3
Monthly Visits Growth0.0423%
Average Visits (6 months)88594

Morson Group

Morson Group is a unique blend of recruitment expertise and design consultancy.

Monthly Visits78191
Page Views / Visit4.55
Monthly Visits Growth0.5411%
Average Visits (6 months)79729

Security Cleared Jobs is a UK-based job board designed and commercialized to attract applicants.

Monthly Visits69176
Page Views / Visit5.65
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0533%
Average Visits (6 months)66474.83


InAutomotive is an automotive recruitment services company.

Monthly Visits65461
Page Views / Visit2.48
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0924%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


TipTopJob is jobs search engine for job seekers and recruiters, provide services training,management,visas and Permits, CVWriting.

Monthly Visits63802
Page Views / Visit2.71
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3858%
Average Visits (6 months)79095.5

Best Companies

Best Companies is a true measure of workplace engagement so he could learn how to build a happier, healthier workforce.

Monthly Visits62545
Page Views / Visit3.94
Monthly Visits Growth0.2802%
Average Visits (6 months)46006.33

Thomas International

Thomas International is a provider of psychometric assessment solutions with a focus on small to medium-sized businesses.

Monthly Visits61602
Page Views / Visit2.26
Monthly Visits Growth0.875%
Average Visits (6 months)35612.67


Your Helpful Community

Monthly Visits58639
Page Views / Visit2.38
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0066%
Average Visits (6 months)42392.33

citrusHR Ltd.

citrusHR, an HR and employment law service, provides up-to-date employment contracts and policies, helpful tools, and consultancy services.

Monthly Visits54953
Page Views / Visit3.2
Monthly Visits Growth3.1446%
Average Visits (6 months)41039.83

Hays France & Luxembourg

Hays is a leading global professional recruiting group company.

Monthly Visits52956
Page Views / Visit2.65
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0304%
Average Visits (6 months)59936.5


Swire is a highly diversified global group. Many of our core businesses can be found within the Asia.

Monthly Visits48887
Page Views / Visit1.81
Monthly Visits Growth0.4424%
Average Visits (6 months)25430

Inspiring Interns

Finding internships for students

Monthly Visits48374
Page Views / Visit4.13
Monthly Visits Growth0.2059%
Average Visits (6 months)32106.67

Morgan Hunt

Morgan Hunt is the trusted nationwide recruitment business, providing staffing solutions to the UK public, private and charity sectors.

Monthly Visits37774
Page Views / Visit4.95
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0701%
Average Visits (6 months)23708.83

Jobs is an employment marketplace that helps users to find and apply for jobs.

Monthly Visits36899
Page Views / Visit3.11
Monthly Visits Growth3.7996%
Average Visits (6 months)26760.33

Veale Wasbrough Vizards

Veale Wasbrough Vizards is a full service law firm providing sector focused services nationally.

Monthly Visits31574
Page Views / Visit3.16
Monthly Visits Growth0.0438%
Average Visits (6 months)30839.83


WHATJOBS? is a market-leading, independently-run job search engine with offices in London, Dublin and Bangalore.

Monthly Visits29754
Page Views / Visit2.44
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2023%
Average Visits (6 months)32099

The Intern Group

The Intern Group is an social enterprise that takes applicants and significantly improves their skills and employability.

Monthly Visits25281
Page Views / Visit2.68
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3646%
Average Visits (6 months)44159.5


Seetec is a business services provider for education, employment, training and job search support.

Monthly Visits25053
Page Views / Visit2.43
Monthly Visits Growth0.0979%
Average Visits (6 months)16743.83


A fast growing graduate careers platform helping 18-24 year olds transition from university life into a young professional.

Monthly Visits24578
Page Views / Visit1.78
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2129%
Average Visits (6 months)18237.83 connects employers with talented and ambitious students and newly graduates with a focus on designers and programmers.

Monthly Visits22413
Page Views / Visit6.06
Monthly Visits Growth0.077%
Average Visits (6 months)17935

Interaction Recruitment

Interaction Recruitment is a staffing agency working in sectors related to account & finance, catering & hospitality, construction, etc.

Monthly Visits21990
Page Views / Visit3.78
Monthly Visits Growth0.2598%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Platform allowing executives to share information privately with retained executive search firms

Monthly Visits20802
Page Views / Visit3.98
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1307%
Average Visits (6 months)16600.5


inploi is the future of talent engagement and job discovery.

Monthly Visits20727
Page Views / Visit1.56
Monthly Visits Growth0.8475%
Average Visits (6 months)8324.83


#1 blue-collar career app, supporting candidates through their job-seeking journey and helping them build their future.

Monthly Visits18017
Page Views / Visit2.1
Monthly Visits Growth15.0009%
Average Visits (6 months)5877.83

Travail Employment Group

Travail Employment Group is providing companies and individuals with an outstanding recruitment service to suit their every need.

Monthly Visits17774
Page Views / Visit2.45
Monthly Visits Growth0.239%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Anthony Collins Solicitors

Anthony Collins Solicitors is an organisation with clear values and purpose (read more about our Culture and Values).

Monthly Visits16113
Page Views / Visit2.02
Monthly Visits Growth7.4616%
Average Visits (6 months)6990.5

Okappy Ltd.

Innovative B2B Communications and Collaboration platform rethinking how companies manage their day-to-day work.

Monthly Visits14064
Page Views / Visit2.38
Monthly Visits Growth-0.732%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Employee engagement and employee feedback software

Monthly Visits11398
Page Views / Visit1.38
Monthly Visits Growth1.9791%
Average Visits (6 months)7588.33

giant group plc

At giant group, we offer compliance-driven workforce management solutions, using unrivalled cloud-based technology & smart managed services.

Monthly Visits11092
Page Views / Visit2.5
Monthly Visits Growth0.3763%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Marks Sattin

Marks Sattin is a recruitment agency specialist with a covering office network, specializing in high paced putting the very best talent.

Monthly Visits10511
Page Views / Visit3.39
Monthly Visits Growth0.0423%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Blue Octopus

Blue Octopus is an online recruitment agency for companies to find candidates suitable to join their company.

Monthly Visits10433
Page Views / Visit2.16
Monthly Visits Growth-0.044%
Average Visits (6 months)9998.17


AGCAS provides career consultation services for higher education students and graduates as well as employment professionals.

Monthly Visits9338
Page Views / Visit5.11
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0553%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Lorien is a technology recruitment solutions specialist company.

Monthly Visits8756
Page Views / Visit3.76
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1403%
Average Visits (6 months)6610.83


Expertini is the international job search portal

Monthly Visits8390
Page Views / Visit1.14
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2239%
Average Visits (6 months)9857.83

Hyper Recruitment Solutions

Hyper Recruitment Solutions is a staffing and recruiting company.

Monthly Visits7929
Page Views / Visit2.79
Monthly Visits Growth0.8086%
Average Visits (6 months)5164.83

Robert Walters

Robert Walters is a global, specialist professional recruitment consultancy.

Monthly Visits7794
Page Views / Visit1.59
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2867%
Average Visits (6 months)11681.33

Frazer Jones

Frazer Jones is a market leading global recruitment firm specialising in the Human Resources market.

Monthly Visits7565
Page Views / Visit2.17
Monthly Visits Growth0.6759%
Average Visits (6 months)4190

Silicon Milkroundabout

Informal, fun, grown-up and FREE Tech Job Fairs for developers, big data, designers, product managers and marketers! Next event in London: 9

Monthly Visits7357
Page Views / Visit2.12
Monthly Visits Growth1.21%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

AAI EmployAbility

AAI EmployAbility is the new umbrella branding that provides employment solutions.

Monthly Visits7016
Page Views / Visit1.86
Monthly Visits Growth0.4412%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

People First Recruitment

People First Recruitment is a multi-sector recruitment consultancy for multilingual supply chain.

Monthly Visits6962
Page Views / Visit1.84
Monthly Visits Growth0.2018%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Flexr is the ‘game changing’ employment management platform.

Monthly Visits6636
Page Views / Visit5.14
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5016%
Average Visits (6 months)708

Firefish Software

Firefish Software is a recruitment and marketing SaaS platform that helps recruiters reach, engage, and recruit top candidates.

Monthly Visits5810
Page Views / Visit1.13
Monthly Visits Growth-0.6564%
Average Visits (6 months)18354.33

Law At Work

Law At Work is an employment law, HR and health & safety company.

Monthly Visits5660
Page Views / Visit1.28
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1284%
Average Visits (6 months)3925.67

Berwick Partners

Berwick Partners is a leading retained senior management recruitment firm for leadership and senior management.

Monthly Visits5535
Page Views / Visit1.78
Monthly Visits Growth9.4631%
Average Visits (6 months)3794.67

Aspen People

Aspen People provides staffing and recruiting services.

Monthly Visits5011
Page Views / Visit1.39
Monthly Visits Growth-0.223%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Morgan Spencer

Morgan Spencer specializes in recruiting, allowing you to really keep your finger on the pulse of exciting career prospects.

Monthly Visits4973
Page Views / Visit2.7
Monthly Visits Growth1.229%
Average Visits (6 months)4920.67

Impact Creative Recruitment

Impact Creative is a recruitment agency.

Monthly Visits4768
Page Views / Visit3.9
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2996%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Executive Headhunters

Executive Headhunters is a staffing and recruiting company.

Monthly Visits4570
Page Views / Visit1.08
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0039%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Yolk Recruitment, Technology & Digital

Our specialist technology and digital recruitment team places people in permanent and contract roles of various levels .

Monthly Visits3903
Page Views / Visit4.56
Monthly Visits Growth0.093%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Personalised pre-employment assessments for volume hiring

Monthly Visits3686
Page Views / Visit1.04
Monthly Visits Growth0.292%
Average Visits (6 months)5789.83

Peace Recruitment

Peace Recruitment is a recruitment agency in the construction engineering & property industry.

Monthly Visits3544
Page Views / Visit9.93
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0025%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


RefNow allows companies to make smarter, more informed recruitment decisions

Monthly Visits3461
Page Views / Visit1.09
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0756%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown


Webrecruit provides recruitment advertising, software and resourcing solutions to help companies hire more effectively.

Monthly Visits3458
Page Views / Visit3.44
Monthly Visits Growth-0.6557%
Average Visits (6 months)5043.67

Phoenix Resourcing Services

Phoenix Resourcing Services is a staffing and recruiting company.

Monthly Visits3448
Page Views / Visit1.28
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2546%
Average Visits (6 months)4418.5

Charter Selection

Charter Selection is a staffing and recruiting company.

Monthly Visits3442
Page Views / Visit1.38
Monthly Visits Growth-0.6738%
Average Visits (6 months)9677.83

Tcm Group

TCM GRP RG is a firm in the fields of mediation, conflict management, employee relations & leadership development.

Monthly Visits3159
Page Views / Visit2
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown