SocialChorus Reveals Reimagined FirstUp Studio and Content Microapps at Attune Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Summit

3 years ago

If a global pandemic has proven anything, it’s that the way we work has changed forever – and the future of work is now. Today, SocialChorus, creator of the FirstUp digital employee experience (DEX) platform, reveals a reimagined FirstUp Studio and announces a new set of products – Content Microapps. The new products are designed to give communicators, operational leaders, and human resources and information technology (IT) managers the power to orchestrate the digital employee experience, while making it easy for any employee to create personalised, compelling, and impactful content—no training or coding required.

“Around the globe, the pandemic has altered our lives profoundly and permanently, as individuals, organisations, and societies. We can’t yet foresee the future effects of all these changes, but we can embrace that in moments of drastic change, there is incredible opportunity for our greatest progress,” Tim Christensen, CTO of SocialChorus, said. “I’m thrilled to introduce the new FirstUp Studio and Content Microapps, this is what progress looks like. This is the real future of work.”

The new FirstUp Studio brings the best of content design, marketing automation technology, and analytics software together into one powerful, intuitive workflow – Smart Publisher. It will transform the way communicators are able to reach every employee and along with Content Microapps, will provide a whole new way to engage workers. These new products make their debut in early Summer 2021.

Designed to help teams hit the ground running, the intuitive Smart Publishercreates a simplified 4-step workflow that’s easy enough for the newest communicators, yet makes experienced users more effective. In minutes, users can target their audience down to the individual employee, design compelling content from a rich library, automate delivery and prompt engagement using campaign logic, and even predict how their messages will perform. At the same time, employees get a better stream of content that’s personalised and delivered to them at the optimal time and place.

“Our company has a deep belief that shapes our choices. We believe that every worker should be able to access the information, resources or people they need to do their best work. We believe every employee should be informed, connected, and feel that they are valued – regardless of their role, location, or status,” Nicole Alvino, co-founder and chief strategy officer at SocialChorus, said. “At Attune we addressed how we as business leaders can ensure that all employees from the front line to corporate headquarters have access to a digital experience that empowers them to stay connected, feel supported, and ultimately thrive.”

Smart Publisher Highlights 

Smart Publisher guarantees that the right employees will see and respond to intended messages. The all-in-one workflow helps to target audiences, composethe most effective content, orchestrate delivery, automate follow-up, and even predict how content will perform.

  • Target – Dynamic targeting capabilities address organisational complexities while being easy to use. Precise, real-time segmentation allows the user to effectively target and reach the right audience with relevant information. FirstUp Studio continually pulls in data and attributes from multiple enterprise systems providing always-accurate, granular targeting—creating personalised and relevant experiences down to individual employees.
  • Compose – Employees today expect a rich, consumer-style content experience and studies show engagement can be improved by as much as 90% when content is well-structured, visually appealing, and easy to consume. Yet creating professional-grade content has not been easy—until now. FirstUp Studio makes it incredibly simple for anyone to create stunning, brand-approved content that pops.
  • Orchestrate – The FirstUp Studio intelligent orchestration engine provides personalised delivery based on user behaviours and preferences. It automates coordination, allowing communicators to focus on the content, while employees get less noise and focus on the most important information first.

“The new FirstUp Studio is bold, clean, and easy to use. The phrase ‘game changing’ is overused, but that’s what this is. I could see this orchestration engine as air traffic control that can transform communications and improve the employee experience,” explained Joe Lees, Director of Internal Digital Communications and Government Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).“ Communicators now don’t have to be tied to a specific channel, which solves a huge problem. Now we can push out customised content to specific audiences with a lot of design and creative freedom. As a long-term SocialChorus customer and new FirstUp Studio beta tester, GSK has begun to see massive time savings and productivity gains through SocialChorus,” Lees added. 

Content Microapps Highlights

Content Microapps – Content Microapps take the FirstUp Studio intelligent orchestration engine to another level, providing a whole new way to engage workers on platforms like Sharepoint, Salesforce, digital signage solutions, and more. Content Microapps can be used to quickly configure and customise embeddable content widgets to deliver fresh, personalised content that requires no IT maintenance or code.

  • Customise – Content Microapps have self-service design options to format colour, fonts, and transitions for branding without the need for a designer, creating an easier and more effective way to publish content and engage employees.
  • Customised Viewing Experience – Easily adjust layout, prioritise content, and select inline or desktop views to allow employees to consume content within the microapp rather than navigating to a new tab, reducing context switching and improving focus for employees.
  • Feedback, Engagement, Action – Content Microapps include translation, give every employee the ability to provide two-way feedback, and allow external sharing. The comment and engagement features ensure all employees have a voice, encourage ideas, and support the corporate culture.

About SocialChorus

SocialChorus is the creator of FirstUp, the platform that makes the digital employee experience work for every worker. Using a powerful orchestration engine, we bring personalised information and systems access to every employee where they are—on any endpoint or device in any language, anywhere in the world. Whether they’re wired, mobile, frontline, distributed or essential, FirstUp gives employees what they need to do their jobs efficiently and companies what they need to achieve agility. That’s how SocialChorus helps enterprise companies like Amazon, ABInBev, Ford, and GSK continue to transform their businesses. Learn more at

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