Wood Processing Industry Giants: Unveiling City of Industry, California Headquarters

5 months ago

In this series, we delve into the niche yet burgeoning field of wood processing. Based out of the City Of Industry, California, each company enlisted in this article employs wood processing as an integral part of their business operation. Utilizing wood in various forms, these businesses cater to a multitude of industrial domains including furniture, manufacturing, retail and so forth. The upcoming discussion aims at detailing the profiles of these companies.

It is invigorating to witness the vast potential of this biological resource, predominantly in terms of sustainability, performance, and aesthetics. The companies incorporated here showcase the versatility of wood while illustrating the various industrial domains it services. Let’s get to know these companies and their operations more closely.

Each of these companies underscores the potential in wood processing, accentuating its effectiveness in their respective trade. Taking a sneak peek into their foundation, the industries they cater to, and their overall business description gives us the opportunity to appreciate and understand their contribution to commerce.

Acme Furniture

Known for their emphasis on furniture, manufacturing, retail, and sales, the Acme Furniture operates within the wood processing industry. Regarded for their stellar production quality, Acme Furniture has made its mark in the City of Industry, California. While the company is active on several social media platforms, more information can be obtained from their site Acme Furniture.


Based in the City Of Industry, Urbanfloor operates chiefly in building material, manufacturing, and wood processing. They are recognized as an engineered wood flooring provider that equips distributors and retail businesses. Urbanfloor commits to sustainable practices, evident from their reliance on raw materials acquired from ecologically managed forests and suppliers.

Talbert Architectural Panel & Door

Servicing building material, home improvement, manufacturing, retail, and wood processing, learn more about Talbert Architectural Panel & Door. Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.


Goldencorr Sheets, LLC extends their service in forestry, manufacturing, paper manufacturing, and wood processing. Know more about their operations and profile by visiting their website at GOLDENCORR SHEETS, LLC or follow them on LinkedIn.

Terra Furniture

Placed in City Of Industry, California, Terra Furniture is a leading entity in the furniture, manufacturing, and wood processing industry. More information regarding their services can be obtained from their Facebook page Terra Furniture.


An outstanding company operating in e-commerce, furniture, retail, and wood processing, DUHOME is based in the City Of Industry, California. Visit their Facebook page Facebook or follow them on LinkedIn LinkedIn for more details.

Industry Pallet Service

Serving the industrial, recycling, wholesale, and wood processing industries, Industry Pallet Service operate as a pallet recycling company. They are known to service pallets rather than selling them and offers heat treatment on request for special requirements. Follow them on Facebook at Industry Pallet Service for more.

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