What You Should Ask On Your First IT Consultation

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With a lot of IT consulting companies out there, knowing which one is well-qualified can be daunting. All these companies make great promises, making it challenging to determine which company will deliver as needed. Hiring the right IT consultants helps your business in many ways, such as handling your network infrastructure, developing business strategies, branding and marketing, improving efficiency, and venturing to new markets. Conversely, hiring the wrong team can cost you not only money but also wasted time and energy.

Therefore, you need to be sure that the IT consultation company you hire can provide what your business needs. That’s why we’ve put together some key questions to ask an IT consulting company to ensure it’s the best for your business. Read on to learn more.

What Experience Do They Have In Your Industry?

The first and most crucial aspect you’ll want to be aware of is the amount of experience they have in your field or industry. If you’re in the accounting sector and potential consultants have mainly worked in healthcare, they may not be the best option for your business.

The right IT consultant should be well conversant with the needs of your industry and the business size. To be sure of this, ask them about the various challenges they’ve faced in your area of expertise and how they were able to counter these challenges. If the obstacles they face are similar to those of your business, that may be the right team.

Generally, a good IT consultant company should have the expertise to handle your business’s challenges and offer better proposals and solutions to them. If you are looking to hire an IT consultant to monitor and maintain your network and hardware infrastructure, you may want to consider Intellicomp managed IT services.

Do They Have Any Certifications Or Training?

As you would want your electrician to be from a local trade association, you should also ensure that your potential IT consultant company is a member of recognized groups. So, during your first consultation, it’s crucial to ask if they’re certified to work with your software or hardware systems or what qualifications or training their staff have.

What Trends Affecting The IT Industry Can Impact My Business?

Although this question focuses on the bigger picture, it’s essential to ask them if they are conversant with things happening in their industry today and if they adapt to new changes. If they give you plain answers without a few examples, they’re unaware of what’s happening in your industry. This is a red flag that they can’t deliver much for your business. Settle for a company that’s aware of all the trends in their sector as they can help prepare your business for future changes.

How Effective Is Their Communication?

Lack of communication can be detrimental to the operations of your business. It can bring disappointment and frustration due to poor results. Ask the IT consultant firm how they will effectively communicate—have them explain how they communicate with previous clients and at what stage and level they involved the clients in decision making.

Emphasize that you need an open line of communication and that they should involve you in their planning, progress, status, and any changes when incorporating new processes. They should also communicate the scope and duration needed to implement solutions and infrastructural configurations.

How Is Their Service And Emergency Response?

An IT consulting company must maintain your business and keep it running. Ask them how they will maintain your network, keep your network and business information safe, and how frequently they update their services or backups.

In businesses, an unauthorized outage in your system can cost you money, time, and customers. So have the IT consulting firm explain how they can prevent such insecurities, how quickly they respond to emergencies, and how fast they can develop a team to get your systems up again in case of a breach. They should also explain how they’ve handled similar scenarios with previous clients.

A good IT consulting company should be experienced enough to deal with such challenges easily. They should be able to analyze and offer good proposals and solutions to specific problems in your business. Most of all, they should be able to keep communication lines open—especially in critical situations.


Choosing the right IT consulting company can be challenging. However, the above questions can aid you in choosing the best IT consulting firm for your business. If you still have questions on what to look for when hiring an IT consultant, you can reach out to business advisors for help.

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