What To Do if You’re Running Late To Work

What To Do if You’re Running Late To Work
3 years ago

Being punctual every day isn’t always possible. Sometimes, unexpected challenges arise that we simply can’t control. For those who have never been late to work before, the first time it happens can be stressful, especially if you don’t know how to handle the situation. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about what to do if you’re running late to work.

Call Your Boss

If it looks like you’re going to be more than 10 minutes late, give your boss a call. Let them know your reasoning and what time they can expect to see you in the office. If you’re only going to be a few minutes late, a call may not be necessary unless your late arrival will interfere with a meeting or important project.

Don’t Make Excuses

Not being honest isn’t a good habit to start. After all, honesty is the best policy. Coming up with an elaborate excuse as to why you’re late may create more problems for you in the long run. Even if you’re late because you took too long getting ready in the morning, your employers will appreciate your honesty.

Don’t Rush

Rushing to get to work on time is dangerous. If you know you’re going to be late, it’s best to accept it and focus on arriving safely. Stay calm in heavy traffic and remind yourself that there’s nothing more you can do to change the situation.

Offer To Stay Later

Depending on how late you arrive, you want to show your boss that you are remorseful and respect their time. Offer to stay later to make up for the time lost or catch up on projects that didn’t get as much attention throughout the day.

At some point or another, we all end up running late to work. Follow this guide on what to do if you’re late to work to handle the situation professionally.

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