What Is An Internet Marketing Consultant?

4 years ago

Internet marketing consultants handle a company’s online advertising and Web presence. Their goals often include increasing the amount of traffic or sales a company receives via their website.

An Internet marketing consultant is not hard to find. Just find a website that lists them or an Internet search engine. I am not talking about creative types here, I am referring to the technical people who can make you a website, set of logos, products, email newsletter templates, ebooks, etc.

They work with small businesses and individuals alike, adding their expertise to the mix to make a company’s website and services soar. Sometimes it takes specialized trainings and complex computer programs to learn the ins and outs of Internet marketing.

This broad range of services may sound impressive, but this is not the real work one does as an Internet marketing consultant. There is more to the job than meets the eye. A good consultant is involved in all aspects of a campaign. They don’t just build a website, they enhance it.

Digital marketing consultants are hired by a company to improve their web presence. They research the market and the industry, then integrate these details into a company’s existing website. This can include different things, including payment systems, visitor assistance programs, etc.

They also work to increase traffic, conversion and sales for a company, and arrive at a solution that the company can afford.

It takes a creative mind to make things as simple as possible. A company can have the greatest ideas in the world, but not everyone will know how to read it. A good Internet marketing consultant works to communicate the best possible product or service in the simplest manner. That is why the design and writing is so important. Online is not different, in fact it has to be better.

What Is An Internet Marketing Consultant?

This is an all-in-one package that means more traffic and more sales for your website. Don’t try to do it yourself, if you want everything to be right, you need the help of an expert.

As an Internet marketing consultant, I have unlimited power over the buyer’s journey. I can control everything from the moment a first-time buyer gets in contact to the day a returning customer requests a coupon.

I have the power to sell your products, or do whatever it takes to ensure you have the best possible website and the best possible customers.

What An Internet Marketing Consultant Can Do For You:

  • Create a mobile-ready site that is also easily found on search engines.
  • Improve your sales funnel by providing a stronger call to action.
  • Give you the means to reach existing and potential customers easily.
  • Create a more personal connection with your target market.
  • Better SEO strategies to generate traffic.
  • Create new lead capture and contact forms with your brand’s specific goals in mind.
  • Deliver a powerful call to action using email marketing.
  • Manage your online reputation with strong, unique content.

How To Hire An Internet Marketing Consultant:

It is a good idea to hire a professional to help you with your web marketing needs. You may think you can create your site all by yourself, but it’s just not worth worrying about. Hiring a consultant is also cost-effective, and it’s worth it to pay someone to do it right.

It is important to find someone with experience, it’s not as simple as finding someone who has done it once or twice. Sometimes it’s best to hire a fresh face with an open mind with ideas of their own. If they are not excited about your business they most likely won’t be able to help you.

Never hire someone just because they know how to work the programs like Facebook and Twitter. That is not the extent of what an Internet marketing consultant does, they can actually create results.

Make sure they have experience, don’t pass over someone that has worked with at least three companies. This person can probably tell you what not to do as well. Now you are getting somewhere.

Always ask for referrals, don’t be arrogant about it though. You don’t want to seem desperate. Just ask a few people you trust for suggestions.

Before you hire your Internet marketing consultant, make sure you ask these questions:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • What results can you guarantee?
  • What results can I expect?
  • How much experience do you have?
  • What is your personal commitment level?

Never hire someone just because they have the right experience, this is not the time to save a few dollars. You want someone who is committed to your success and is willing to do what it takes to meet your goals. If a consultant says they can get you thousands of visitors within a month, don’t be fooled.

A good Internet marketing consultant will understand your target market before creating the ever-important sales funnel. They will also understand your company values and how to present your products in a way that is consistent and appealing. Most importantly, a good Internet marketing consultant is there when you need them, not when it is convenient for them.

This person should also help you build a reputation as a trustworthy company. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience from previous clients. This is where you should ask your trusted friends to get recommendations and contact past clients directly.

An Internet marketing consultant should never charge you up front, but the first few months, or even up to a few years, they may work for free. They should never ask for money up front, only at the end, when you see results.

What To Look For In An Internet Marketing Consultant:

The perfect candidate will be willing to work for free for you for a few months or even a year. They may ask you for a small percentage of your earnings. They will most likely try to convince you that you are wasting time and money.

They should only ask for money when you have definite results, enough that even your mother will be impressed.

You should stay away from someone that just wants to do the same thing that is working for others. They may do something different, but it won’t be the same thing. You do not need a clone, you need a consultant that brings something new.

They should know why you are in business, and they should create a sales funnel around your existing product or service. They should be able to explain how they are going to help you make more money.

Look out for fakers, they are out there. You want someone who has in-depth knowledge of their industry and who has built a reputation as an Internet marketing consultant. If they can do that, then there is no doubt that they can help you improve your website or marketing methods.

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