Top Ways To Improve Sanitation at Your Fitness Facility

Top Ways To Improve Sanitation at Your Fitness Facility
2 years ago

Although COVID-19 rates continue to decrease, the public still suffers from the aftermath of surge cases. Since 2020, we’ve all become—in some way—germaphobes, which means consumers and businesses must take their sanitation practices more seriously.

In a place where people spend at least 30 minutes performing strenuous activities close to each other, sanitation is critical. With that said, gyms are among the top places people catch illnesses. But your gym doesn’t have to be a statistic! Here are some top ways to improve sanitation at your fitness facility.

Encourage Masks

Masks prevent people from sharing the same “air,” reducing their chances of sharing bacteria and germs with others in their space. While you don’t have to require gymgoers to wear a mask in the building, you should at least encourage them to do so.

Establish a Cleaning Schedule

Thousands of people utilize gym equipment throughout the day, and while they’re encouraged to wipe them down before and after use, most people forget that step in their workouts.

Establish a strict cleaning schedule for your operations staff to follow each day. This can include wiping down empty machines, bathrooms, locker rooms, staff stations, etc.

This will help ensure your employees follow sanitation guidelines and decrease the spread of bacteria throughout the facility.

Place PPE Throughout Facility

Try placing personal protective equipment throughout the facility to allow guests to protect themselves from bacteria. This can include:

  • Gloves
  • Sanitizer
  • Masks
  • Wipes

That way, you allow visitors to do their part in keeping the facility clean and free of germs, boosting sanitation.

Install Automatic Sliding Doors

High-traffic areas like entrances and exits present a high risk of bacteria transmission, especially when they have to touch handles to get through.

You can offset this effect by installing automatic sliding doors, which can add value to your business in addition to protecting your patrons.

Automatic sliding doors are easy to clean and don’t require guests to touch them to enter/exit, significantly reducing the spread of germs in the facility.

These top ways to improve sanitation at your fitness facility will be your guide as we continue to navigate the pandemic, helping you keep guests safe and healthy.

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