Top Influencers: 19 UK Chief Information Security Officer’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Chief Information Security Officer play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Chief Information Security Officer role. We have selected these Chief Information Security Officer’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Chief Information Security Officer’s. The list is in no particular order!

Jonathan Kidd

Chief Information Security Officer @ Hargreaves Lansdown

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Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in finance, telecommunications, professional services and the public sector. Although the majority of this has been in technology roles, he has previously been a Head of Internal Audit and has a sound understanding of risk management along with its importance for the information security sector. He has held a wide range of technical and management roles during his career and is currently Chief Information Security Officer for Hargreaves Lansdown. Learn more about Jonathan Kidd on Crunchbase…

Hargreaves Lansdown plc is a financial service company based in Bristol that sells funds and shares and related products. Read more aboutHargreaves Lansdown on Crunchbase…

Ewa Pilat

Global Chief Information Security Officer @ Jaguar Land Rover

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Ewa has over 20 years of experience in Technology and Security. Currently, at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) as Global Chief Information Security Officer she is leading transformation of Information and Cyber Security. She is passionate about her job. Focused on driving high quality security innovations. Prior to JLR she held various executive roles across financial, telecommunication and media industry. Co-author and member of the Board of the Association “Technology in a skirt”, which promotes diversity in the technology environment. In particular, she is interested in early education of girls in the field of technology and supporting young, talented women. Learn more about Ewa Pilat on Crunchbase…

Jaguar Land Rover manufactures and sells high-performance luxury saloons, specialist sports cars and four-wheel drive off-road vehicles. Read more aboutJaguar Land Rover on Crunchbase…

Robert Duncan

Chief Information Security Officer @ Direct Line Insurance

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Robert Duncan has been Chief Information Security Officer for Direct Line Group since December 2015. Direct Line Group is a FTSE 100 firm that is the UK’s largest retail general insurer, owning brands such as Direct Line Churchill and Green Flag. I am responsible for Cyber Security as well as Technology Risk teams. Prior to this Robert was the Chief Information Security Officer for Euronext, where Robert was responsible for overall Information Security Strategy along with the oversight of various core teams: Threat and Vulnerability Management, Security Architecture, Application Security, Security Operations, and Security Awareness, as well as managing the relationship with the five core European regulators in respect to the firm’s security posture. Robert has extensive international experience, having been based in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Australia. Prior to this he worked for ANZ Bank in Melbourne, Australia, where he was responsible for Technology Risk and Security for their International Global Markets division. He was also Head of Global Risk and Governance for Prudential plc PGDS division for many years, supporting the division globally with extensive travel of Asia and the USA. He holds an LLB in Law (London), MBA (Cranfield), and a post graduate qualification in Executive IT Management from Columbia University in New York. Learn more about Robert Duncan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutDirect Line Insurance on Crunchbase…

Kevin Jones

Group Chief Information Security Officer @ Airbus (Commercial Aircraft)

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Read more aboutAirbus (Commercial Aircraft) on Crunchbase…

Alex Haynes

Chief Information Security Officer @ CDL Software

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Alex Haynes is an independent researcher with a background in offensive security. He is credited for discovering vulnerabilities in products by Microsoft, Adobe, Pinterest, Amazon Web Services and IBM. He is a former top 10 ranked researcher on Bugcrowd and a member of the Synack Red Team. Alex is also a frequent contributor to publications like the United States Cyber Security Magazine, Cyber Defense Magazine and Infosecurity magazine and speaks regularly at conferences on the topics of offensive security, vulnerability management and crowdsourced security. He is currently CISO at CDL. Learn more about Alex Haynes on Crunchbase…

CDL is a market leader in software solutions for high volume retail insurance operations. Read more aboutCDL Software on Crunchbase…

Mary Haigh

Chief Information Security Officer @ BAE Systems

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BAE Systems designs, develops, and supports defense and aerospace systems used in the air, on land, at sea, and in space. Read more aboutBAE Systems on Crunchbase…

Paul Watts

Chief Information Security Officer @ Domino’s Pizza Group

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Paul Watts is Network Rail’s Chief Information Security Officer for Route Services and has worked in Information Security for over ten years of a twenty-two year career in IT, including senior information security leadership roles in the UK retail and finance sectors. He recognises the importance of balancing good security practices against enterprise agility and innovation and works closely with business stakeholders to achieve this balance both effectively and collaboratively. Learn more about Paul Watts on Crunchbase…

Domino’s Pizza Group is a pizza delivery company. Read more aboutDomino’s Pizza Group on Crunchbase…

Shan Lee

Chief Information Security Officer @ Wise

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Shan Lee is the Head of Information Security at JUST EAT Plc where he is passionate about promoting a “Security Culture” in what is a fast moving and rapidly expanding, multinational environment. He has previously worked for a variety of organisations ranging from resellers to financial institutions and in his spare time is an insufferable Land Rover fanatic. Learn more about Shan Lee on Crunchbase…

Wise is a money transfer service allowing private individuals and businesses to send money abroad without hidden charges. Read more aboutWise on Crunchbase…

Denis Onuoha

Chief Information Security Officer/ Senior Information Risk Officer @ Arqiva

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Denis Onuoha is the Chief Information Security Officer at Arqiva, a major UK infrastructure company which supports 40% of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure spanning the broadcast, telecommunications, finance, energy and utility sectors; including its latest innovation – the communications network for the world’s most advanced Smart Metering Network. He has the overall responsibility for Security Risk Management, Information Assurance and Cyber Security for the company and is at the forefront of its fight in defending against the latest media industry cyber-attacks. Denis holds a BSc in Computer and Network Security from the University of Hertfordshire and is close to completing the MSc in Information Security at Royal Holloway. Having completed his undergraduate studies, he commenced work in the financial sector with responsibilities for Risk and Information Security, subsequently making the move across to the broadcast industry. He is a qualified Lead Auditor for the ISO27001 and ISO22301 standards; a Lead Implementer for ISO22301; a Risk Manager in accordance with ISO27005; and has successfully attained ISACA’s CISA and CISM certifications. A proactive IT professional, Denis sits on three of UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) Government Information Security Exchanges, is the elected Chair of the AIB Cyber Security Working Group and is a member of the CREST industry advisory panel. Learn more about Denis Onuoha on Crunchbase…

Arqiva is a communications infrastructure and media services company. Read more aboutArqiva on Crunchbase…

Joseph Silva

Chief Information Security Officer @ Electrocomponents

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Electrocomponents plc is a British-based distributor of electronics, automation and control components, engineering tools and consumables. Read more aboutElectrocomponents on Crunchbase…

Martin Rose

General Counsel, Chief Information Security Officer & Company Secretary @ Glory Global Solutions

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Martin is an international lawyer managing the Legal, Intellectual Property, Data Protection & Security and Insurance & Risk Teams within Glory Global Solutions. Martin has an extensive background in international acquisitions and in negotiating significant product sales and service orders with large multi-national and blue-chip clients, private and state-owned banks as well as multi-national retailers and suppliers. He has worked at several leading international law firms and held a number of senior legal positions within global private equity portfolio companies, prior to joining the organisation in early 2008. Passionate and energetic, Martin brings a wealth of international experience to legal, compliance and governance matters within the company. Learn more about Martin Rose on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutGlory Global Solutions on Crunchbase…

Craig Gregory

Co-Founder & Chief Information Security Officer @ Cutover

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With over 15 years of enterprise software implementation and operations support experience, Craig has worked with many major clients, from Jaguar Land Rover to Gazprom. Learn more about Craig Gregory on Crunchbase…

Cutover is an orchestration and observability platform that optimizes the planning of complex workflows. Read more aboutCutover on Crunchbase…

Mark Jones

Chief Information Security Officer @ Allen & Overy

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Mark Jones is Chief Information Security Officer at Allen & Overy. Learn more about Mark Jones on Crunchbase…

Allen & Overy is an international law firm providing legal services for global business and industry. Read more aboutAllen & Overy on Crunchbase…

Andrew Seward

Chief Information Security Officer @ Elliot Hospital

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Andrew (Andy) Seward serves as chief information security officer at Elliot Health Systems in Manchester, New Hampshire. Prior to his arrival at Elliot, Seward was Director of Information Services at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and was the Chief Information Officer for the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. During his 27-year Army career, he held a variety of leadership positions including 10 years of duty outside the United States. Andy led development of DoD’s future Enterprise Services strategy and BRAC 2005 Joint Basing IT efforts on behalf of the DoD Deputy CIO, Pentagon. He commanded the NATO Signal Battalion that provides NATO’s fixed-station satellite and terrestrial network IT across northern Europe, and was Director, Continental U.S. (CONUS) Theater Network Operations Security Center (C-TNOSC) at Fort Huachuca, Arizona, a 320-person organization with a 24/7/365 mission to operate and defend the U.S. Army’s North American enterprise networks. Andy holds a BA from the College of William and Mary in Virginia, an MS from the University of Southern Mississippi, an MSS from the Army War College. Learn more about Andrew Seward on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutElliot Hospital on Crunchbase…

Deborah Haworth

Chief Information Security Officer @ Penguin Random House UK

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Twenty years as an information security professional mean Deborah has seen a change in attitude to this discipline. With experience across multiple industries, and a gift for telling it how it is, Deborah celebrates the highs, but is not afraid to face the pain points, of life in a CISO role. Deborah is an ISACA Certified Information Security Manager, Fellow of the British Computer Society and Chartered IT Professional specialising in security governance & risk management and crisis management. With a focus on motivational leadership, Deborah is currently driving the security roadmap at Penguin Random House in the UK. Learn more about Deborah Haworth on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutPenguin Random House UK on Crunchbase…

Christian Toon

Chief Information Security Officer @ Pinsent Masons

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Christian has spent the last 14 years successfully disrupting traditional approaches to information protection and management for large international organisations. From a career in end user security, moved into Big 4 Consulting to build a practice around ‘CISO for Hire’ services that involved engagements with financial and insurance services clients. Leaving PwC after nearly 3 years, joined Pinsent Masons to lead their information protection strategy across a firm of over 3200 employees around the globe. His wardrobe made the transition from Accountant to Lawyer seamless. He doesn’t like mushy peas. Learn more about Christian Toon on Crunchbase…

Pinsent Masons is a leading international commerical law firm with offices across the UK, Europe, the Gulf and the Asia Pacific. Read more aboutPinsent Masons on Crunchbase…

Richard Jones

Global Chief Information Security Officer @ Orange

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Read more aboutOrange on Crunchbase…

Marc Hocking

Chief Information Security Officer @ GeoUniq

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Mobile Geolocation has come of age. Think of GeoUniq as Google Analytics- for the real world. Read more aboutGeoUniq on Crunchbase…

Gavin Ellis

Chief Information Security Officer @ Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

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Read more aboutNuclear Decommissioning Authority on Crunchbase…

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