Top Influencers: 17 UK CEO, Co-Founder’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

CEO, Co-Founder play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the CEO, Co-Founder role. We have selected these CEO, Co-Founder’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative CEO, Co-Founder’s. The list is in no particular order!

Andrew Xeni

CEO, Co-Founder @ Fabacus

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A highly driven and experienced CEO with a diverse portfolio of business interests. Andrew’s primary focus has till recently been in the family garment manufacturing business, Europride Ltd., founded with his brother. Having supplied most of the UKs largest fashion retailers for over a decade, Andrew understands their supply chain needs. The businesses boast a combined annual turnover in excess of $150m, with over 2,000 employees globally and including vested interests in the full supply chain: Factories in the UK, Eastern Europe, Morocco and Sri Lanka, a UK dye house, a UK knitting plant, fabric import business, and UK printing facilities. Andrew also has two ecommerce brands, Baaclothing.Com and NobodysChild.Com, that compliment his fully integrated vertical manufacturing service. Fabacus is the brainchild of all this supply chain, retail and ecommerce experience. Understanding exactly what is needed to improve each process and make businesses faster and more cost efficient, Andrew alongside his co-founder Ray Noppé, were able to build a suite of solutions. Fabacus delivers optimal efficiency for greater profit through customisable software for business intelligence, data management, relationship management and e-commerce marketing optimisation. To date Fabacus has successfully integrated its solution with the likes of Charlotte Tilbury, Salesforce and Revel. In addition to Fabacus and Europride Ltd, Andrew continues to invest in technology alongside New Look founder, Tom Singh, as well as property development and music interests: Launching his own music label, supporting and developing new talents. Learn more about Andrew Xeni on Crunchbase…

Fabacus is a technology business that transforms brand licensing through the power of data. Read more aboutFabacus on Crunchbase…

Graham York

CEO, Co-Founder @ SeedCloud

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Graham is a senior technology architect, having served as a CTO for HP’s industry software strategy, having also headed the design of Consumer Travel software for major airlines and hotel groups. As well as responsibility for enterprise software architecture for major HP companies, he has also served the SME market, having worked as founder and CEO of a listed AIM software company. Graham also serves as a director to a company in educational protection software, and advises companies in the travel software space. Experience includes AI and machine learning, NLP, graph database architectures, and Big Data. Together this experience was fundamental to the formulation of the overall technology stack behind Sentience, a SeedCloud portfolio company. Learn more about Graham York on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutSeedCloud on Crunchbase…

Daniel Shellard

CEO, Co-Founder @ Fiit

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Fiit offers a real-time performance feedback and live leader boards that allows users to challenge their friends from around the world. Read more aboutFiit on Crunchbase…

Jason du Preez

CEO, Co-founder @ Privitar

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As Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Jason is responsible for Privitar’s vision, strategy, culture and funding. He is passionate about the benefits of data to society and Privitar’s vision of building a centre of excellence around privacy engineering products. He is a serial entrepreneur who brings proven start-up and enterprise software experience to the business. Prior to founding Privitar he held global leadership roles across technology and data management at Thomson Reuters. Before that he co-founded and led the growth of data management software company, m35, up to a successful exit through sale to Thomson. Jason has a Bachelor of Business Science degree from the University of Cape Town. Learn more about Jason du Preez on Crunchbase…

Privitar offers a data privacy platform that protect their customers’ sensitive personal data and to deliver comprehensive data privacy. Read more aboutPrivitar on Crunchbase…

Jonny Caplan

CEO, Co-founder & Executive Producer @ Tech Talk Media

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Jonny Caplan is a CEO, Co-founder & Executive Producer at Tech Talk Media. Learn more about Jonny Caplan on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutTech Talk Media on Crunchbase…

Pete Dowds

CEO, Co-Founder @ Elder

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Elder is the UK’s leading care marketplace Read more aboutElder on Crunchbase…

Yiannis Kiachopoulos

CEO, Co-Founder @ Causaly

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Causaly is teaching computers to read all knowledge in Biomedicine Read more aboutCausaly on Crunchbase…

Joshua Nino De Guzman

CEO, Co-Founder & Director @ Dexerto

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Joshua Nino De Guzman is the CEO & Co-Founder at Dexerto Learn more about Joshua Nino De Guzman on Crunchbase…

Dexerto is the world’s largest digital esports and gaming lifestyle platform news platform. Read more aboutDexerto on Crunchbase…

Ali Afshar

CEO, Co-founder @ Mytos

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Ali is co-founder of Cytera CellWorks. Learn more about Ali Afshar on Crunchbase…

Mytos is building a fully-automated cell manufacture platform for Pharma Read more aboutMytos on Crunchbase…

Vivian Law

CEO, Co-Founder @ thebacker

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Read more aboutthebacker on Crunchbase…

Jude Cook

CEO, Co-Founder, Investment Based Crowdfunding Platforms @ ShareIn

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Jude has been hooked on crowdfunding since 2011. She’s a chartered accountant who loves hearing about exciting new companies and passionate about fuelling their growth. Learn more about Jude Cook on Crunchbase…

ShareIn help our clients deliver market leading direct investment channels. Read more aboutShareIn on Crunchbase…

Michael Litman

CEO, Co-founder, Burst Insights @ Burst Insights

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Hello, I’m Michael, Co-founder and CEO of Burst ( and formerly Founder of Brandsonvine ( I’m a co-author of Share This Too: More Social Media Solutions for PR Professionals (Wiley, August 2013), which topped the Amazon best sellers list even before launch. My chapter is on ‘Content Curation’. I’ve previously worked at some of the top advertising and PR agencies in the country including Poke, Dare and Splendid. I’ve also written for, been interviewed or featured in: Mashable, BBC,, The Independent, The Telegraph, .NET magazine, CNet, Adverblog, The Kernel, The Wall, Read Write Web, eConsultancy, Trendspotting, Campaign, Communicate Magazine, PR Week and Project 10. For the extended version, check out A few highlights: • #21 in the ’30 Most Creative Advertising People Under 30′ by Business Insider • Shortlisted for the Don’t Panic #somecomms Mark Hanson Award “to recognise the brightest and most promising social media communicator under 30 years old” • #3 in the “Top 20 Most Influential Marketing Bloggers in the UK” by AdAge Specialties: digital media, online PR, social platforms, emerging technology, brand conversations, content curation, innovation, writing Learn more about Michael Litman on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBurst Insights on Crunchbase…

Nikos Volakis

CEO, Co-founder @ Synasource

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Read more aboutSynasource on Crunchbase…

Andy Simpson

CEO, Co-Founder & Managing Director @ Channel Mechanics

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Andy Simpson is a Co-Founder & Managing Director at Channel Mechanics. Learn more about Andy Simpson on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutChannel Mechanics on Crunchbase…

Richard Dale

CEO, Co-Founder @ Flowlens Ltd.

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Flowlens Ltd. develops custom software for manufacturers and engineering services. Read more aboutFlowlens Ltd. on Crunchbase…

Pritesh Hiralal

CEO, Co-Founder @ Zinergy

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Pritesh Hiralal, CEO/CTO, studied Physics and completed his Ph.D. in Engineering at the University of Cambridge. He has spent time in business in Spain and set up Casa Hiralal S.L. and Zendal Backup. He has spent time in industry at the Nokia Research Centre working on high power energy storage, and has published 30+ papers and 8 patents in the field. He has consulted for materials as well as energy storage device companies. He spent time as a Research Associate as well as an adjunct lecturer at the University of Cambridge and is now a founder and CEO at Zinergy. Learn more about Pritesh Hiralal on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutZinergy on Crunchbase…

Emanuele Cali

CEO, Co-Founder and Web Developer/SEO Specialist @ Bookzingr

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Web Developer / SEO Specialist. CMS & Framework MVC expert. Supporter of Open Source. Always passionate of computer science, work in web projects since 1999. Learn more about Emanuele Cali on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutBookzingr on Crunchbase…

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