Top Influencers: 14 UK Co-Founder & CSO’s To Follow in 2022

2 years ago

Co-Founder & CSO play a crucial role in any startup. It takes an extraordinary person to fulfil the Co-Founder & CSO role. We have selected these Co-Founder & CSO’s for this list as they are inspiring for a variety of reasons – whether that’s pushing boundaries, creating groundbreaking products, or doing their bit to save the world.

Our analysts did their best to select be best, and most innovative Co-Founder & CSO’s. The list is in no particular order!

Scott Button

Co-Founder & CSO @ Unruly

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Scott Button is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Unruly. Scott has 15 years’ experience in madtech. Before founding Unruly in 2006, Scott was a Chief Executive Officer of Connextra, a venture-backed UK ad serving firm, which he led to trade sale in 2005. Scott holds an M.A. from Cambridge and a B.Phil. from Oxford, both in Philosophy, and was named an E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. Learn more about Scott Button on Crunchbase…

Unruly is an advertising technology company that gets videos watched, tracked, and shared across the Open Web. Read more aboutUnruly on Crunchbase…

Oliver Armitage

Co-Founder & CSO @ BIOS

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Oliver Armitage is Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at BIOS, a leading neural engineering startup. Oliver has always had a vision that the human body could be repaired or made better through augmentative technology and how that can be used to improve people’s lives. He studied for his PhD at the University of Cambridge in Bioengineering, working in the world-renowned Nanoscience Centre. He specializes in tissue interfaces and engineering to allow technology to be fused with the body. Oliver was recently named to Forbes 30 Under 30 2018. Learn more about Oliver Armitage on Crunchbase…

A full-stack neural interface platform, that uses AI to decode and encode the signals from to the body, to treat chronic health conditions. Read more aboutBIOS on Crunchbase…

Pete Strong

Co-Founder & CSO @ Pulmocide

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Dr Peter Strong was previously CSO at Respivert and had a long track record in the respiratory area at GlaxoWellcome and GSK. Learn more about Pete Strong on Crunchbase…

Pulmocide is focused on the development of inhaled medicines for the treatment of viral and fungal infections of the respiratory tract. Read more aboutPulmocide on Crunchbase…

Djalal Lougouev

Co-Founder & CSO @ Ometria

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Djalal Lougouev is a technology entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in management, technology and user-centered design. He is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Ometria, a predictive ecommerce marketing platform helping online retailers leverage data to drive profitability. Djalal is also the founding partner of Innova Kapital, an early stage VC firm specialising in UK based technology start-ups. Learn more about Djalal Lougouev on Crunchbase…

Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform that helps retailers increase CRM revenue by sending personalized marketing messages. Read more aboutOmetria on Crunchbase…

Jakub Zmuda

Co-Founder & CSO @ Modulr

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Jakub Zmuda is the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Modulr Finance. Learn more about Jakub Zmuda on Crunchbase…

Modulr is a fintech company that provides Payments as a Service API for digital businesses. Read more aboutModulr on Crunchbase…

Anil Bharath

Co-founder & CSO @ Cortexica Vision Systems

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With an extensive background within Image Analysis and Electronic Engineering, Anil’s career has been shaped by his dynamic passion for analyzing visual data, and developing new algorithms, which continue to be his main research interests. Anil is on the Board of Imperial’s Data Science Institute and he holds a Readership position at Imperial College London, where he leads the Bio Inspired Computer Vision Group. Anil initiated the Basic Technology Project “Reverse Engineering the Human Visual Processes” in 2002, creating a blueprint for a subset of processes in the human visual system, and later spun out Cortexica Vision Systems, applying the spatial neuronal models to visual search. Learn more about Anil Bharath on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutCortexica Vision Systems on Crunchbase…

Matt Lynch

Co-Founder & CSO @ Big Sofa Technologies

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Matt heads up our client strategy, helping current and future clients to get maximum value from the application of our technology and thinking. He began his career in marketing and category management, before broadening his experience in a range of research and consulting roles. After completing a Masters in Organisational Behaviour, Matt joined up with Simon to establish Big Sofa as a modern, agile insight business that balances humanity with automation. Matt is experienced in leading projects for blue chip brands like Coca Cola, Unilever, BP and Barclays, working within and alongside global agencies, and collaborating with tech start-ups. He combines strategy, creativity and delivery in an informal approach that is commercially grounded and direct. Learn more about Matt Lynch on Crunchbase…

Big Sofa is a video data analytics business Read more aboutBig Sofa Technologies on Crunchbase…

Jonathan O’Halloran

Co-Founder & CSO / Chief Executive Officer @ QuantuMDx Group

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Inventor of QuantuMDx’s proprietary nucleic acid preparation, amplification and detection technology with over 12 years in scientific research, biotechnology & clinical laboratories. Learn more about Jonathan O’Halloran on Crunchbase…

QuantuMDx is a medical devices company developing handheld and portable diagnostic, genomic sequencing, and proteomic platforms. Read more aboutQuantuMDx Group on Crunchbase…

Irene McAleese

Co-founder & CSO @ See.Sense

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Irene has a background in psychology & occupational health, most recently leading large change management projects for a global consulting firm. Despite living and working in London, Singapore and Northern Ireland for more than a decade, she has proudly managed to retain her Aussie accent. Passionate about the benefits cycling can bring to people and communities, Irene is a regular cycle commuter and a recent club cyclist Learn more about Irene McAleese on Crunchbase…

See.Sense creates award-winning products to improve rider safety, and technology that generates data needed by cities to improve mobility. Read more aboutSee.Sense on Crunchbase…

Phil Cole

Co-Founder & CSO @ Wireless Logic

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Acknowledged as an industry expert and an M2M technology and communications strategist, Philip has been instrumental in shaping the business and putting the Group’s growth strategy in place. Phil is regularly quoted in industry publications and speaks at key industry events. Constantly travelling between the UK and Europe, Philip also oversees sales and marketing activities in the UK. Learn more about Phil Cole on Crunchbase…

Wireless Logic is an M2M & IoT managed services provider delivering multiple bearer connectivity and value-added services. Read more aboutWireless Logic on Crunchbase…

Adrian Thomas

Co-Founder & CSO @ Animal Dynamics

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Adrian Thomas is Professor of Biomechanics in the Zoology Department of Oxford University, where he founded and runs the animal flight research group. Other roles include aerodynamics and design consultancy with Gin Gliders, where he is a sponsored team pilot, and at the FAI (the World Air Sports Federation) where he is Chairman of the Paragliding committee. Key areas of study include Biomechanics, Aerodynamics and Evolution: using aerodynamic theory to predict optimal morphologies for specific aspects of flight ecology (flight missions), and test the predictions with phylogenetically controlled comparative methods, with mechanical model organisms, and with free-flying or swimming animals in the laboratory, or in the field. Learn more about Adrian Thomas on Crunchbase…

Animal Dynamics is a spinout company from the Department of Zoology at University of Oxford Read more aboutAnimal Dynamics on Crunchbase…

John Goodyear

Co-Founder & CSO @ Egress Software

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John serves as Chief Science Officer, overseeing advanced research in areas of Big Data, Machine Learning and adoption of new technologies. Learn more about John Goodyear on Crunchbase…

Egress is a software company that specializes in human layer security designed to prevent accidental and intentional data breaches. Read more aboutEgress Software on Crunchbase…

Carl-Erik Michalsen Moberg

Co-Founder & CSO at TicketCo Norge @ TicketCo

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Read more aboutTicketCo on Crunchbase…

Jake Cowton

Co-Founder & CSO @ Fair Custodian

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Jake Cowton is the Co-Founder and CSO at Fair Custodian. Learn more about Jake Cowton on Crunchbase…

Read more aboutFair Custodian on Crunchbase…

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