Tips for Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Beauty Salon

Tips for Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Beauty Salon
2 years ago

Now more than ever, keeping your beauty salon clean is crucial. But maintaining salon hygiene takes more than a quick mopping and dusting once in a blue moon. Not sure what tasks you should include in your next deep clean? Here are four tips for cleaning and sanitizing your beauty salon thoroughly.

Declutter Workstations

How organized are your workstations? If there’s a lot of clutter, we recommend finding a way to cut it down. When various products and tools intermingle on your work surfaces, there’s a greater chance for germs to spread. Consider purchasing small plastic storage towers for each station so you can store certain products and tools together. Clean your tools, place them in the appropriate drawer, and then clean the top of each workstation.

Go Through Your Products

Not all salon products last forever. For example, do you know how long lash glue lasts? When products expire, they won’t work effectively and can even harm your clients. If it’s been a while since you last looked through your salon’s inventory, it’s a good idea to look at expiration dates and replace any products past their prime.

Wash Your Seats

Your seats (in both the seating area and workroom) come into contact with multiple people a day! Keeping them clean will prevent germs and bacteria from passing from customer to customer. If you have seats without cushions, clean them using the recommended method—for both metal and wood, you can use water and mild, non-detergent soap. If your seats have cushions, wash the frame and then toss the cushions in the washing machine. But wait! What if your cushions aren’t machine washable? If you have leather seats, you can wash them with hot water and antibacterial spray, and if you have fabric seats, you can sanitize them with a steam cleaner.

Don’t Neglect the Reception Area

Your customers might not spend much time at the reception desk, but members of your staff do! Cleaning the reception area regularly will help your receptionist stay organized and healthy. Wipe down the desk surface, the card machine, and the computer and keyboard with antibacterial spray and take the time to declutter the desk occasionally.

Now that you have these four tips for cleaning and sanitizing your beauty salon under your belt, you can keep your beauty salon as clean as a whistle and safe for customers and staff alike.

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