TikTok Ideas To Help Your Restaurant Go Viral

TikTok Ideas To Help Your Restaurant Go Viral
9 months ago

Online marketing strategies constantly evolve, and businesses must adapt to trends. TikTok is a leading social media platform that can drive sales and increase brand awareness. Make your establishment known on TikTok with these ideas to help your restaurant go viral.

Participate in TikTok Trends

Although the TikTok algorithm frequently changes, the app notices trends and will popularize certain videos. That’s why you’ll notice specific songs, effects, and challenges appear more frequently on your “For You” page than others. Take advantage of trends and create content that will push you through the algorithm. But make sure that trends fit your brand persona so that the videos can help your channel grow.

Start a New TikTok Challenge

If you don’t see a challenge you like, create your own! The beauty of TikTok is that user-generated content is the concept behind the entire app. Create a fun challenge and invite other people to join in. Use catchphrases like “Bet you can’t make [insert dish] with only five ingredients” or “Only master chefs can make [insert meal].” Ultimately, challenges will attract attention to your TikTok page.

Launch New Menu Items

TikTok is the perfect place to launch new menu items because the videos can grab someone’s attention. After all, who can look past a steaming bowl of pasta or luscious chocolate cake? However, it’s important to generate buzz while still sticking to popular trends.

Currently, nostalgic flavors are a food and beverage trend to be aware of. Put a new spin on a classic meal or incorporate lovable flavors in dishes. Basically, create a connection between the meal and your audience. That way, they’ll want to visit your restaurant.

Film Behind-the-Scenes Videos

Everyone doesn’t know what work looks like behind the scenes at a restaurant. So, give audiences snippets of your employee’s lives life by filming engaging content that explores:

  • Unique cooking techniques
  • How you plate the food
  • A guide to your employees’ favorite menu items
  • “A day in my life” videos

Collaborate With Influencers

Collaborating with influencers can help your restaurant go viral because it increases visibility. Generally, people trust influencers’ opinions and will likely follow their food recommendations. You can present the restaurant’s best dishes and ask influencers to talk about meals. Encourage them to take videos of the restaurant, eat food, and discuss the dish’s flavor. Essentially, the goal of working with influencers is to make people want to run to try your establishment!

Host Giveaways and Contests

Increase awareness and drive engagement through giveaways and contests. Keep things straightforward with a “comment on this video to win a free dessert” initiative. Or make things more complex with an elaborate cooking challenge. You can even randomly select a follower to receive a $100 restaurant gift card.

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