Three Helpful Tips for Commuting by Bicycle

Three Helpful Tips for Commuting by Bicycle
2 years ago

Biking to work is a luxury for some and a necessity for others. Regardless of your specific situation, this form of transportation comes with some significant benefits. Mainly, you spend far less on automotive costs such as insurance and gas. Furthermore, you effectively limit your carbon footprint. Most importantly, it’s a healthy activity that improves your physical and mental conditions! Read on to learn these three helpful tips for commuting by bicycle to ensure your experience is comfortable and safe.

Wear The Right Clothing

One of the main concerns people associate with biking to work is that they might end up a sweaty mess before even clocking in for the day. Conversely, commuting by bicycle during the winter leaves you vulnerable to colder elements. However, you can confidently bike in any season, provided you have the proper clothing and gear.

When biking in the summer, you should wear comfortable athletic clothing and change into your uniform or workwear once you arrive at work. Activewear garments are specifically designed to absorb and wick moisture, leaving your skin dry.

During the winter, having the right coat is essential. Insulated Quandary jackets with mesh linings are ideal for bicycle commuting, as they are effective windbreakers and insulate body heat without causing you to overheat. Winter vests are also excellent garments as they provide superior movement, comfort, and suitable amounts of protection.

First Timers: Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re attempting your first commute to work on a bicycle, it’s highly recommended that you practice the weekend beforehand. This will help you familiarize yourself with your surroundings, eliminating any surprises. Plus, you can get a sense of how traffic flows through your route and prepare accordingly for your real commute. Lastly, doing a trial run can help you determine how physically taxing the commute is and if it’s a practical transportation method for every day.

Proper Office Etiquette

No one likes a messy coworker, especially one who leaves their bike gear and clothing lying around in the open. If you plan on biking to work, you must have proper storage for your items to be courteous to others. Simple solutions such as a backpack for holding clothing and related equipment or an on-site locker are both ideal. Additionally, never store your bicycle inside the office unless explicitly allowed. Instead, find a safe lock-up location in the garage of your building or somewhere nearby.

While these three helpful tips for commuting by bicycle can improve your experience, your safety is the number one priority. Never forget your helmet and other relevant protective gear before leaving the house! When riding, use caution and stay on alert for pedestrians and traffic. By following these tips and practicing safe biking habits, you can better enjoy this affordable and healthy form of commuting!

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