The Best Hybrid Backpacks Fit For The Office & Gym

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4 years ago

One of the difficult things about going to the gym is the amount of bulk that you have to lug around all the places you go before your workout. Conventional sports bags aren’t exactly fit for the workplace, and often don’t have the laptop compartments that you’d need for your work. 

The answer is a combination of a sports bag and backpack. The capacity of the sports bags are kept in these backpacks, but you can also take your work things, all in one backpack. What made us recommend these backpacks specifically is how their maintain comfort no matter how much gym clothes, towels and water bottles you stuff into them. 

We also made sure the best features of a good backpack are present. Padded straps, ventilated backs, durable material, they’re all present here. All in a professional looking package that will fit right into an office environment.

Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall

This product was recommended by Heidi Marzke from WaterField Designs

Tired of carrying both a briefcase and a gym bag to work everyday, fitness enthusiast and WaterField Designs company owner, Gary WaterField, set out to design one sophisticated bag that could fulfill both needs. The Atlas Executive Athletic Holdall includes a briefcase compartment with padded laptop and tablet sleeves plus organizational pockets for work essentials, a spacious chamber for clothing, and a collapsible zippered pocket to keep shoes separated.

The travel-friendly holdall fits within most airline personal-item size requirements and opens flat so that laptops can remain protected inside as they travel through airport security. In handsome leather-trimmed waxed canvas or ballistic nylon, the Atlas transitions seamlessly from business meeting to exercise class.

Solo NY Elite Backpack

This product was recommended by Jake Hay from PopShorts

I love this backpack because it is functional and while also being very comfortable to wear for any length of time. My favorite part is the separate bottom pocket for shoes and clothing so that I can keep my work items and gym items separated. The padded laptop compartment lets me travel with my electronics without the stress of them being damaged. This backpack really allows me to travel from the gym to work with ease.

Travel Laptop Backpack

This product was recommended by Boriana Slabakova from PetPedia

This backpack is excellent both for everyday office to gym use or as hand luggage for plane travel. It has more than 20 pockets for storing both small and large items, and its side compartment for a water bottle and umbrella are super convenient for everyday use. This backpack will be good for any laptop that’s up to 17.3 inches in size. Further, its fabric is waterproof, making it 100 percent safe to carry around when there’s rain. I use my phone pretty often, which means my battery has to be changed pretty regularly. The USB charging port this backpack has included relieves me the worry about charging it regularly.

Targus Fitness Backpack

This product was recommended by Mike Richards from Golf Einstein

The great thing about the Targus fitness backpack is that it comes with large compartments that are ideal for tech and gym gear; a ventilated front compartment and cushioning on back panel in order to keep your shoes in place and shirts dry. Not only that, but the backpack also comes with a zippered pouch and detachable laundry bag making it easier and more secure for you to carry around your work and gym valuables.

Kah&Kee Compact Work Backpack

This product was recommended by Mike Bran from Thrill Appeal

This polyester and fabric lining bag have separations for gym and office equipment—front-Load Main Compartment For Spacious Storage and easy access through mid zip. You could put dirty clothes and a bit large-sized shoes in the Separate Ventilated Compartment. a 15.6 Computer organization pocket is present that is suitable for small to average-sized laptops. Multiple internal pockets and top pocket for placing accessories are also available. You could put your phone, handsfree, charger, or mini gadgets in it. Padded Mesh Back Panel makes lifting comfort And enhances Breathability.

Lexdray Portland Sneaker Duffel

This product was recommended by Ellen Mullarkey from Messina Staffing Group

When you have a busy schedule, you often have to go straight to the gym from work. So, you need a bag that can live comfortably in both worlds. Lexdray’s Portland bag lives comfortably in both worlds. It’s durable enough to hold your gym clothes and sneakers, yet stylish enough to keep you looking professional at work.

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