Stockholm’s Women’s Industry Leaders: Innovating Feminine Products and Services

5 months ago

The city of Stockholm, Stockholms Lan in Sweden is home to a number of remarkable companies that are leading innovations and setting standards across various industries. The city has a reputation as a business hub that encourages entrepreneurship and fosters growth. Interestingly, a number of these ventures are companies within the women’s industry. In this article, we spotlight these organizations which stand out in the fascinating domain of women’s products and services.

These companies range from health care and personal wellness to manufacturing and fashion. They are not only meeting the needs of women in Sweden and beyond but are also actively contributing to shaping a new narrative for women in business. They are known for their exceptional innovation, creative product offerings, and significant market presence.

Created by brilliant founders and run by dedicated teams, these Stockholm-based companies vary in size and purpose, but they all share the common goal of improving women’s experiences in various sectors. Here, you’ll discover companies that are propelled by a vision for women’s health and wellness, alongside those working to bring top-notch consumer goods into everyday lives of women.

Natural Cycles

Founded by Elina Berglund and Raoul Scherwitzl, Natural Cycles offers a contraceptive app that is leading the way in digital contraception. The Stockholm-based company utilizes technology to predict a woman’s fertility, providing an innovative, personal health tool. You can follow the company’s updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Created by Alan Aygun and Amanda Westerbom, Estrid is a Scandinavian razor and body care brand that boasts high-quality vegan products. The Stockholm-based company is innovating in the realm of personal care with their stainless-steel razor designed to last a lifetime. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Grace Health

Grace Health, founded by Estelle Westling and Therese Mannheimer, is a game-changer in the health sector. The company offers a digital health platform through an intelligent chatbot and easily accessible mobile app, offering a unique form of healthcare for emerging markets. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Coupleness, co-founded by Jenny Holmström and Ted Rosén, offers a mobile app acting as a common diary for couples. The Stockholm-based company is built on the idea that better communication leads to better relationships. Join their community on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Gudrun Sjödén Design

Established by Björn Sjödén and Gudrun Sjödén in 1976, Gudrun Sjödén Design manufactures delightfully sustainable clothes and homeware. Check out their designs on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Olivia, co-founded by Amy Aanen and Hannah Lindström, is a mobile app that offers personal health care for women. Join their community on Facebook and LinkedIn.


LEIA provides postpartum support for new parents through its mobile application. Connect with the company on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Baby Journey

Started by Damon Foroozesh and Timothy Forni, Baby Journey aims to provide parents with helpful support throughout their baby journey. Join their community on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Understatement is a Stockholm-based company offering premium quality lingerie and expand the definition of women’s underwear. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

& Other Stories

& Other Stories offers a wide range of women’s fashion products from clothing to accessories. Stay updated via Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Katarina Stojanovic, Kristina Stojanovic, Leyla Ali Dholey, and Sandra Liljeqvist, Ovulai is a digital health program for women suffering from chronic menstrual disorders. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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