Spotlight on Victoria: Pioneering Wireless Industry Companies in British Columbia

5 months ago

The city of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada is home to numerous innovating companies contributing substantially to the wireless industry. This burgeoning sector provides substantial opportunities for growth and advancement. It should come as no surprise that there are several companies in Victoria who are not only aware of these opportunities but have made considerable strides in this ever-evolving industry. These companies, known for their innovative approach and relentless drive, have made Victoria a significant player in the global wireless industry.

These companies share an unrelenting commitment to invest in and during research and development unyielding in constant pursuit of impactful innovations. The companies we are spotlighting today are contributing to make wireless networking more accessible, more reliable, and ultimately, more beneficial to users. Let’s take a look at some of the companies that are making a name for themselves in this robust and dynamic industry.

These businesses play a pivotal role in the technological advancement, and economic growth of Victoria. They come from diverse domains within the wireless industry such as consulting, telecommunications, automation systems, mobile and satellite communications to name a few. Without further ado, here are the companies:


Syscor, a company operating in the manufacturing, sensor, and wireless sector, develops and manufacturers automation systems and sensors for various applications. They focus on providing wireless monitoring of acceleration, vibration, temperature, inclination, and volatile hydrocarbons. With an impressive line of products and services, Syscor is setting the bar for competitors in the field. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Witech Solutions

Being part of the consulting, telecommunications and wireless industry, Witech Solutions is a pioneering the field. Making strides in the industry, they are known for their exceptional customer service and technical expertise. You can check out their updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pacific Telephone

Pacific Telephone is making a mark in the telecommunications sector. Specializing in wired telecommunications as well as the wireless industry, they have carved out a unique niche in the industry. Stay informed about their latest developments on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Integrated Tracking Technologies

Making waves in the location-based services, sensor, and wireless sectors, Integrated Tracking Technologies is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions aimed at optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Victoria Mobile Radio

Working in the mobile, satellite communication, and wireless domains, Victoria Mobile Radio is offering outstanding services underpinned by innovation and reliability. Follow their latest news on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Citykinect, an Information Technology, Internet of Things, and Wireless company is driving substantial innovations focused around a connected society. Stay connected with their latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Boardwalk Communications

Boardwalk Communications, a cloud computing, network security, virtualization, and wireless company, is paving the way for secure, efficient and scalable technology solutions. They are harnessing cloud computing and virtualization to push the boundaries of what is possible in the wireless sphere. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.

These wireless industry companies based in Victoria, British Columbia, serve as stellar examples of the technological progress happening in this city and the boundless potential for growth and opportunities in the wireless sector.

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