Spotlight on Bucharest’s Powerhouse Players in Women’s Industry Sector

5 months ago

The women’s industry has been thriving globally and Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania is no exception. The city has become a hub for companies that focus on services and products specifically designed for women. In this installment of our series, we will highlight a few enterprises that are contributing significantly to this competitive sector. By disrupting the norms and utilizing modern technology, these companies are setting new industry standards, no matter if they are working in beauty, e-commerce, fashion, or healthcare.

Each of these businesses has been chosen because of their unique approach, innovative ideas, and commitment to improving the lives of women. And yet, each one is vastly different from the rest, showcasing the variety and diversification of the women’s industry in Romania. Some are paving the way with their cutting-edge beauty apps, while others are creating safe and supportive communities for mothers. These companies are also giving back to the community by creating jobs and opportunities in Bucuresti.

Bucharest may be famed for its vibrant nightlife and historical importance, but its corporate sphere is also something to be marvelled at. These ten companies should be on everyone’s radar – whether you’re an investor looking for exciting ventures in the women’s industry, or simply someone desirous of being aware of modern trends and commerce in Romania.


Krembi is a mobile app that specializes in offering an online platform for beauty appointments. The application allows users to discover beauty professionals and make appointments with them. The aim is to provide a convenient and efficient booking experience for salon services. Krembi is the creation of Alihan Büker and Cagri Kirbiyik.


Maria Lucia Hohan is a celebrated name in Romania’s e-commerce, retail, and fashion industry. Maria Lucia Hohan is the eponymous founder of this successful enterprise. Apart from its exclusive web presence, the brand can be found on Facebook too.


Dasha is a fashion and jewelry company that takes pride in offering quality Romanian-made items. Their mission is to provide stylish and affordable choices for everyone. Dasha designs are available exclusively, making them a unique choice for fashion-conscious consumers looking for a blend of tradition and trend.

She is MOM

Founded by Alexandra Badea, She is MOM is a much-needed concept in contemporary societies. It’s an online community for mothers that provides a network for support, education, and training, targeting their personal and professional needs. This initiative believes in empowering mothers by making resources readily accessible.

Jojo Fashion

Jojo Fashion is a popular name in the e-commerce fashion world. Besides its extensive online presence, it is also active on multiple social media platforms including Facebook.

One Fashion Room

One Fashion Room is changing the mood of online shopping with its large collection of fashion items and shoes. Whether you’re looking for a classic dress or trending shoes, One Fashion Room has it all.

Diferit Activ Craiova

Diferit Activ Craiova is a prominent name in the world of e-commerce retail, particularly in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. With its fashionable wearable offerings, it continues to impress its customers.

Raftul cu Miresme

Raftul cu Miresme operates in the beauty and retail sector. The company is known for its efforts to deliver high-quality cosmetics products.

Rua Shop

Rua Shop is an e-commerce store offering a diverse range of products in the clothing, jewelry, and shopping sector. Any fashion enthusiast can find something to suit their taste at Rua Shop.


AFMF is another important competitor in the E-commerce, fashion, and textile industry. Through their online store, they offer an exquisite collection of women’s fashion pieces.

Mistic Beauty

Mistic Beauty is a beauty and lifestyle company that specializes in cosmetics. Their unique range of products received high acclaim from its customers and continue to impress the market with their innovative offerings.

The companies highlighted in this series list represent a powerful and influential portion of the women’s industry vanguard in Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania. These enterprises embody innovation and a desire to improve women’s lives, two attributes that make these companies influential entities in their respective sectors.

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