Prominent Toronto-Based Women’s Industry Companies Revitalizing Global Market

5 months ago

Within the diverse business sector of Toronto, a number of companies are making waves in industries targeted towards women. They are not only providing valuable products and services but are also driving social change, pushing boundaries, and empowering women in unique ways. Ranging across industries from fashion to finance, from health care to e-commerce, these companies are leaving distinctive, impactful footprints in their respective fields. This article introduces you to some of the trailblazing companies headquartered in Toronto.


Alder, founded by Mikayla A. Wujec and Naomi Blackman, is a progressive e-commerce brand offering diverse sizing range for outdoor apparel for women. The core strengths are inclusive sizing, women-centric design, sustainable and ethical production; creating a playful brand that contrasts with conventional athletic brands. To learn more about alder, follow the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn links.


Vicki Saunders founded SheEO, a company investing in women-led ventures creating social impact for a better world. SheEO’s community involves women of diverse age groups and backgrounds, all united by their drive to make a difference. Follow up on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for more updates.

Knix Wear

Founded by Joanna Griffiths, Knix is a women’s underwear brand offering human-centric intimate apparel. From anti-chafing shorts, wireless bras and overnight period protection, Knix has developed a wide range. Follow them on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Eve Medical

Eve Medical, a healthcare company founded by Evan Moses and Jess Ching, operates in the health diagnostics and medical device industry. They can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.


Founded by Nicole Baranowski, Hairstrong creates adjustable scrunchies for a customizable fit, minimizing hair-related distractions for women. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Nadia Ladak founded Marlow, an e-commerce company operating in the wellness industry. For more updates, check their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

Jill Razor

Jill Razor is a cosmetic company with specialties in e-commerce, manufacturing, and personal health. They focus on products specialized for women. Their Facebook and LinkedIn pages share additional information.

Miss To Mrs Box

Miss To Mrs Box is a company focusing on customer service, e-commerce, gifts, and weddings. Their operations revolve around a subscription box for soon-to-be brides. Check their LinkedIn for more information.


Fairweather is an e-commerce company specialized in women’s clothing. They offer a diverse range of options, fitting different trends and occasions. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay updated.


ChickAdvisor assists women to make well-informed purchasing decisions from electronics to personal care. Not just product reviews, they also share advice on the hottest trends and offer insights into the finest local services. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.


KinkyCurlyYaki is a company in the cosmetics industry offering personal care products aligned with the unique needs of women. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

In conclusion, these are some significant companies founded and operating out of Toronto, Canada. Besides their innovative products and services, they are creating space for women and bringing forth changes in industries through their women-centric approaches.

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