Payroll Software Packages Perfect for Small Businesses

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Managing the payroll for your small business can be difficult, so take a look at these software options that could make this process a walk in the park for your business. These softwares have been especially recommended for small teams – take a look at the reviews to find out more.


This product was recommended by Austin Smith from Capiche

It’s designed for small businesses, with add-ons to include additional features as your team and needs grow, and offers a number of PPOs, EPOs, and HMOs to offer health care to your team. It’s also priced per-user which makes it more affordable to small teams. If you have more questions, I would be glad to pass them along to our community to others who use Gusto in their teams.


This product was recommended by CJ Xia from Boster Biological Technology

QuickBooks software is easy to use and simple to understand used for accounting and transactions. It is a perfect accounting software for small businesses. You may easily track the expenses, run reports, and customize invoices in just a few simple steps. The payments can conveniently send and receive through cards and bank accounts. The best thing is that it is very organized as the bills and invoices are paid on time and you can integrate it with several other programs.

Asure Payroll & Tax

This product was recommended by Andrea Oliveira from Asure

Small business owners can’t grow their business by spending all their time on administrative tasks like keying payroll data, filing taxes, and managing garnishments. Asure Payroll & Tax automates all the complex moving parts associated with payroll and taxes — from wages, benefits, overtime and garnishments, to tips, direct deposits, FLSA, and all tax codes and jurisdictions.

With Asure Payroll & Tax, more than 60,000 small and medium-sized businesses are able to save time, maintain compliance, and spend their energy, time and money on growing their business. Delivered via the cloud, Asure Payroll & Tax also empowers employees with secured 24/7 self-service access to manage their information, review and print paychecks, and manage and view W-2 information.

Second Fiddle

This product was recommended by Andrew Cunliffe from Second Fiddle

The HR of a company, especially a small business, can be overwhelming and easily overlooked. For that reason, we highly recommend ADP ( for the payroll operations of any small business.

The software of ADP saves us hours of work each month and has particularly been a lifesaver by providing programs and calculations to help us keep track of our PPP loan spending and forgiveness amount. Since ADP was willing and able to roll out such helpful tools so quickly we know we’re in good hands should any other unforeseen issues arise in our business.

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