Mayoly Spindler acquires Biohealth Italia as part of its ongoing international development strategy

3 years ago

Mayoly Spindler has announced its acquisition of Biohealth, an Italian company specialising in the development and sale of food supplements offering an innovative approach to mineral supplements. With this new acquisition, Mayoly Spindler will strengthen its presence in Italy — the second largest food supplement market in the world (after the USA) — and further its goal of becoming a market leader in Europe.

The acquisition of Biohealth is the cornerstone of Mayoly Spindler’s European development plan

It will enable Mayoly Spindler to position itself in the very vibrant Italian food supplement market thanks to the dynamism of the existing business structure, and a portfolio of products that are already well-known in the country.

“This acquisition will accelerate our European deployment group strategy, which relies on organic growth and strategic acquisitions in France and other countries, explains Philippe Charrier, CEO of Mayoly Spindler

Located in Rivoli, in the North of Italy, Biohealth develops and sells a wide range of food supplements developed to meet consumers’ mineral supplement needs.

Biohealth currently has 45 products with multiple brands: Lithos, Acidif, Lithosolv, Alkalos, Idrobasic, TunicAid, Midir, Tradafertil, Evandol and Evan. With over 400,000 units sold a yearBiohealth is among the top 5 players in the food supplement segment, targeting minerals and urinary discomfort/problem.

The purpose, as well as the strong innovative aspect of these products, enable Biohealth to offer effective solutions for people keen to take care of their well-being and stay in good health with products that have an excellent reputation among healthcare professionals.

Biohealth also has a solid distribution network with 90% of its products sold to Italian wholesalers, who in turn supply over 18,000 pharmacies throughout Italy; 7% of the sales are made online, 2% are bought directly by pharmacies and 1% by hospitals.

“Biohealth already has a well-established portfolio of products in Italy. This acquisition will further enhance the range of food supplements offered by our Company, as well as enabling us to open new markets. This acquisition will also enable us to create synergies and introduce our flagship consumer healthcare products/ranges, such as Probiolog, intoEurope and Italy in particular. Finally, this new venture will allow us to launch two Mayoly flagship drugs, Simalvia (Meteospasmyl in France) and Dozurso (Cholurso in France), which were recently granted Marketing Authorisations(MA) in Italy. This supports the internationalization strategy of our product portfolio” explains Nicolas Giraud, Vice-President of Global Pharma, Consumer Healthcare & Diagnostic.

Mayoly Spindler, a driver for growth and international expansion for Biohealth

Biohealth’s innovative products represent a real opportunity for Mayoly Spindler to further develop them in France and worldwide. Biohealth already makes 5% of its sales in France, as well as in Algeria and in Eastern Europe. With its important footprint in France, as well as its wide international presence, Mayoly Spindler will be able to boost the development of these products. 

We are delighted to join the Mayoly Spindler group. We share the same goals and by working together we hope to contribute to the growth of preventive medicine in Europe.“, explains Massimo Defilippi, Founder of Biohealth


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