Leading New York-Based Young Adult Sector Enterprises Spotlighted in Welp

5 months ago

New York City has long been viewed as a hub of opportunities for young adults in multiple industries ranging from media and entertainment to education and healthcare, among others. The city that never sleeps has become home to an array of companies offering products and services tailored to the specific needs and interests of young adults. These companies often influence the activities, knowledge, and lifestyle of this demographic, thereby shaping the future of young adults in the global setting.

Moreover, the proliferation of tech startups in the city has heralded a swift transition to digital and integrated platforms for serving young adults. This not only enhances the accessibility of services but also syncs with the changing preferences of the millennial generation, thereby creating a mutually beneficial scenario. The following list highlights companies that have made noteworthy contributions to the young adults industry in New York, New York, United States.

Mic Network

Founded by Christopher Altchek and Jake Horowitz in 2012, Mic Network has gained recognition as the leading digital news company for society’s changemakers. With a focus on millennials, young adults, and news, Mic Network is known for its original reporting on a broad range of topics such as politics, world affairs, business, and science, among others. The company claims to reach a monthly audience of 50 million, offering diverse perspectives and challenging conventional thinking. You can connect with them on @mic, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Unigo, an EdTech startup founded by Jordan Goldman, is geared towards helping students find the right college, scholarship, and internship opportunities. With a solid base of 1.8 million registered users and a whopping 14 million yearly unique visitors, Unigo offers personalized matches with thousands of colleges and millions of scholarships and internships for young adults. Also, they have been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, ABC News, and others. Follow them on @Unigo and Facebook.

Youthstream Media Networks

YouthStream Media Networks focuses on targeting the young adult market through various media channels such as Internet sites and media properties present both on campuses and high schools. With its popular online communities such as mybytes.com™ and sixdegrees®, YouthStream aims to be connected with young adults and college students everywhere.

The Learning Annex

The Learning Annex, founded by Bill Zanker, is committed to providing powerful, practical, insightful live and online classes, workshops, and seminars. For over three decades, The Learning Annex has enriched the lives of many through its diverse class offerings from powerful lectures by dignitaries and celebrities to “How To” seminars. Find them on @TheLearningAnnex, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Dorm

The Dorm, focused on healthcare for young adults, was founded by John McGeehan. To stay connected with them, follow on @TheDormConnects, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The Resolution Project

Andras Forgacs and Oliver Libby co-founded The Resolution Project, known for its work in communities, non-profit, social entrepreneurship, and young adults. You can stay connected with them on @resolutionproj, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Soliya, an internet, non-profit, social impact, and young adult-focused organization, holds cross-cultural educational events for young adults. They have been making a difference since 2003 and can be found on @soliya, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity

Established in New York, The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity focuses on charity, non-profit, and young adults. To remain informed about their activities, follow them on @eliewieselfdn, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

America SCORES

Amy Jenkins founded America SCORES, a non-profit organization that serves over 10,000 students at more than 175 public and charter schools in 13 major cities. Offering a holistic program model that consists of soccer, poetry, and service learning, America SCORES has reached new heights since 1999. You can find them on @americascores and Facebook.

The Door

The Door aims to provide the necessary tools for young adults to be successful in school, work, and life. They offer an extensive network of programs that support their goal. Stay connected with The Door on @Door_NYC, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine

Karen Rosewater is the founder behind Adolescent-Young Adult Medicine. The healthcare company provides a wide range of services to young adults, including treatment for developmental and emotional difficulties, overweight and obesity, travel health, male health, and various other health-related disorders. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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