Lead Generation Through Facebook Ads: A Guide

Lead Generation Through Facebook Ads: A Guide
2 years ago

Facebook advertising is a tried and true marketing tactic to help you bring in big leads. But it’s no walk in the park: figuring out how to approach this campaign correctly can be an arduous task. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on lead generation through Facebook ads, complete with info on everything from finding your perfect target audience to selecting keywords and targeting interests and groups of people.

What are Facebook Lead Ads?

The concept behind Facebook advertising is simple: you can advertise to people who have already expressed interest in your business. These are called “lead ads,” and they are highly targeted and slickly crafted. The main advantage they offer, of course, is that you will be generating leads through Facebook. There’s no need for a costly outbound advertising campaign as a way of finding potential customers.

How do Facebook Lead Ads work?

If a user searches for a particular product your company sells, they will see an ad on their Facebook home page. If the ad is clicked, you will be able to see their email address, phone number, and Facebook ID, information that can be used in your marketing campaign. This is a great way of targeting your audience and augmenting your marketing strategy.

Facebook Lead Ads vs. Landing Pages

When looking for a lead generation strategy, it would be beneficial to know the difference between Facebook lead ads and landing pages. The primary difference lies in how they operate. Landing pages are designed to capture information from users who are already interested in your product or service. Facebook lead ads are more of an opt-in feature: they gather leads and create a contact list of those people.

Facebook Lead Ads Tools

Want to get started on your Facebook lead ads campaign? First, you’ll need to find a tool that fits your needs. There are many ad tools available online, but here is a list of the best ones:

Lead Gen by CrowdVine

CrowdVine is one of the most popular tools out there, and it’s an extension of their already successful product called Crowdvine. The tool offers everything from appointment setting to lead tracking and email message marketing features.


This Facebook ads tool automatically syncs your existing contacts with your Facebook fan page. They then use their automation technology to send targeted emails to get people to your website.


This company offers many useful, free tools for generating leads with Facebook lead ads. The Landing Page Creator is a useful addition to any online marketing strategy.

Seer Interactive

These tools are great for automating your lead generation process and targeting your audience. The tools will help you build various landing pages, including a product listing page.

How to create Facebook Lead Ads campaigns

Creating the perfect Facebook lead ads campaign can be difficult, but this process can be much easier if you get started on the right foot. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Select the Lead Generation Objective

This is the first step in creating your campaign and building a leads database. Your objective will depend on the specific niche you are targeting, as well as how much ROI you can expect to get from this campaign. For instance, if you’re looking to generate leads for your real estate business, then LinkedIn ads may be a better option for you than Facebook ads.

2. Define your Adset targeting and settings

Choosing your adset settings is the next step in creating a successful Facebook lead ads campaign. The first thing you should do is select your audience: will you be targeting users by country, age, gender, or language? Once you’ve done this, you can define which Facebook page and app users will see the ads.

3. Design your ad creative

Creating the ad itself is another key step. Once you’ve selected your audience and settings, you can decide on a creative that fits these parameters. The best way to do this is to use an existing image or copy that you may have.

4. Create your Facebook Lead Form

The last step in creating your Facebook lead ads campaign is to create your lead form. This typically involves connecting to a form you’ve already created, but if you don’t have one, you can go ahead and create one on the spot.

5. Setup your lead sync

The final step is configuring the ad tool to import leads into your contact list. Once you’ve created your lead ad, you must link your Facebook page and email provider. If a user clicks on your ad and is taken to a landing page, you can use this tool to pull their contact info into an existing system automatically.

6. Test everything before publishing

The last step before you publish is to test everything out. You can do this by sharing the ad on your Facebook page and your LinkedIn account. This is a great way of validating that all of the information is correct and will be synced properly with your other channels.

7. Measure and track everything

After you’ve tested it, you can start measuring how effective the campaign was. If it worked, then great! If not, you can start from step one and try a different lead generation method with Facebook ads.

Best Practices for Facebook Lead Ads

1. Use a call to action – always specify what action you want your customers to do. This can be anything from donating $1 to your cause, selecting specific options, or buying a specific product.

2. Track your ad campaigns – as vague as it sounds, this is a must if you want to measure the outcome of your ads. You can use tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of all of your ad campaigns and use these metrics to tweak them for better results.

3. Get creative – Facebook ads are extremely interesting tools that allow you to target individuals based on their interests, past searches, location, and ethnicity. This means you can get much more specific with your ads.

4. Use a landing page – while an ad on Facebook can provide you with a lot of information about your product or service, a landing page is typically much more effective than an ad.

5. Leverage sponsored stories – this is another interesting option for Facebook ads that allows you to get paid ad space instead of having to pay for the impression.


Social media is one of the best marketing tools available to businesses today. It allows you to create a direct connection with your target audience and sell your product or service directly to them. Facebook ads are an effective way to generate leads, but they should not be used alone as they are part of a larger marketing strategy.

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