Key Differences Between Corporate Housing and Hotels

Key Differences Between Corporate Housing and Hotels
3 years ago

Corporate housing and hotels might seem similar because, in many ways, they are. Despite the similarities, these two temporary living options are suitable for very different scenarios. To ensure you make the right choice on your next trip, read this quick rundown of the key differences between corporate housing and hotels.

Available Space

Your average hotel is moderately comfortable, though small, and typically comprised of one central living space and a separate bathroom, making it more akin to a studio apartment than anything. In corporate housing, you’ll have much more room. First off, corporate housing has more separate rooms, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

When it comes to the key differences between corporate housing and hotels, the biggest is the space. As mentioned before, most hotels cram the kitchen, bedroom, and living room into one space; in corporate housing units, that’s not the case. Plus, good corporate housing provides more square footage than your average hotel, delivering a more comfortable experience overall.

A smaller space usually isn’t a major problem if you’re visiting Florida for a Disney vacation—you’re likely spending more time outside the hotel than you are inside anyway. That said, for business trips, having a comfortable place where you can retreat after clocking out is essential.

A Homier Experience

Not only does the extra space make corporate housing feel more comfortable, but also more like home. When temporarily relocating for a month or two for business, it’s not rare for business travelers to become homesick. Luckily, corporate housing can deliver that home away from home feeling.

Many corporate housing providers aim for a luxurious experience for residents, while hotels are more about the basics. Fitness centers, pools, and reliable Wi-Fi aren’t rare luxuries to find at high-quality corporate housing units. A hotel is fine for a few days, but corporate housing is much more comfortable and accommodating if you’re relocating for months. For example, the average corporate housing unit has a washer and dryer. Hotels, on the other hand, typically won’t come with such convenient amenities.

In fact, some corporate housing providers will accommodate families, too, including pets. Of course, certain amenities will vary between corporate housing providers. The homier experience doesn’t mean you don’t have to pack when relocating. For corporate housing, your moving checklist is relatively similar to what it would look like if you were staying at a hotel, but the experience during your stay differs greatly.

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