Important Maintenance Tips for Commercial Fryers

Important Maintenance Tips for Commercial Fryers
2 years ago

When investing in commercial fryers for food service businesses, you often wonder if you need to go all out and buy the most expensive fryers. You believe it will boost your sales to have such a top-of-the-line commercial fryer.

Yet, the truth is that no matter how expensive your commercial fryer is, you still have to perform some maintenance to keep the equipment working as efficiently as the first day you bought it. Not to mention critical safety considerations to maintain an efficient working environment. Here are a few important maintenance tips for commercial fryers.

Frequent Cleaning

Even if a machine is working efficiently, that doesn’t mean you should forego cleaning it. Commercial fryers need the same care so they can last for more than a decade. Most commercial fryers can last for over 15 years, and with regular cleaning and inspection, you can expect longevity.

Commercial fryers come with maintenance and cleaning instructions, and as long as you follow the necessary steps for their upkeep, you will surely get your money’s worth. Cleaning at the end of the day is ideal in keeping your commercial fryer always on the go.

Avoid Dropping Any Food Particles

Keep breading, marinades, and sauces from dropping into the fryer. When such food particles get inside the fryer’s components—and are left there for good—the result may affect the fryer’s functionality. Sometimes when cleaning is not thorough, these droppings will stick and may start the deterioration of the fryer in the long run.

Use Well-Filtrated Oil

You don’t solely need your fryer cleaned, but the oil you use must be clean as well. Thus, you should always filter your oil or use oil of good quality. Reusing oil without regularly filtering it can give you poor-tasting food, plus it will also affect your equipment.

When you filter your oil, you are not just extending the life of your commercial fryer but you’re also making sure you are preparing the best-tasting food for your customers.

Confirm Regular Equipment Inspection

Do not forego regular inspection as this will prevent breakdowns and save you from hassles and headaches. Make sure to get the services of a professional equipment cleaning company and let them perform prompt cleaning, inspection, and maintenance.

Turn To Professionals for Repair

A restaurant equipment service company can identify the issues immediately. Do not attempt to do the repairs yourself, as this can be dangerous not just to you but to others who will be using the commercial fryer. If you do not have any know-how in handling repairs, this may also cause damage to your fryer that can cost you further expenses.

If your business hopes to use its cooking equipment for a long time, understanding the above important maintenance tips for commercial fryers is the key. With the right strategic approach, you can ensure smooth day-to-day operations and more profits for your business.

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