How will home-grown technology start-ups fare post Brexit?

3 years ago

What will the consumer appliance market look like?

Introducing the Lupe Pure Cordless, created by two former Dyson engineers

  • Having recently signed the UK-EU trade agreement, how will the consumer marketplace look now?
  • 52% of all imports were from the EU in 2019, how will Brexit affect this figure?

Having left the EU over a year ago and a trade agreement with the bloc now agreed, home-grown tech innovators are finding their feet in the new business landscape. One sub-sector in particular that will be greatly affected by leaving the EU is household appliance market. With the need to adhere to EU regulations now unnecessary, what does the future look like for British home appliance start-ups?

Predictions so far have been two-fold. On one hand, due to a lack of tariffs it would seem that the market could remain unchanged as consumer goods are allowed to move without facing charges. However, there is now new paperwork and a new set of rules to adhere to which can create disruption to a sector which is ordinarily fast-moving. In 2019, the UK’s EU imports made up 52% of all imports, but this could decrease if the UK seeks and invests in more brands that are home-grown. 

Lupe Technology, a vacuum cleaner start-up brand originating in Bristol, is an example of a consumer good that may benefit from Brexit. It’s biggest competitors import many of their parts from the EU which saw a lot of congestion and delays recently, suggesting shortages in big name household appliances could soon become a reality. Home-grown tech can step in here and fill the shortages to meet consumer demand. In addition to this, 50% of Lupe Technology’s exports are now to the US, having grown exponentially since launch last year. If more investment was directed towards British start-ups, there is a potential for a global boom in British products. 

About Lupe Technology:

Over the past six years, the Lupe team, led by founders and Pablo and Lucas, have tested and designed the Pure Cordless to be everything the cordless vacuum should be: lightweight, manoeuvrable, long-lasting and powerful. Featuring nearly double the useful suction of the leading competitor their patented suction intensifier technology results in outstanding performance of one hour run time and 100% deep down dirt removal. Utilising a premium washable HEPA filter, the Pure Cordless captures 99.99% of all fine dust and allergens.

In addition to excellent performance, the Lupe Pure Cordless is also kind to the environment. At a time where global warming is reaching crisis point, Lupe is mindful that by creating new things, their products produce a carbon footprint. To try and counteract this, Lupe will offset carbon for the lifecycle of each Lupe Pure Cordless sold, with the aim of becoming carbon negative during 2023.

Bringing these elements together has created a game changing product that is kinder to the planet with long service life; the Pure Cordless was designed with sustainability at its very core.

Pablo Montero, co-founder of Lupe, commented on the launch: “The Pure Cordless is the domestic appliance designed not just to shake-up the vacuum market but the entire home technology arena. We have strived to make a product as reliable and long-lasting as possible and hope consumers understand our mission to make technology stand the test of time. We want to help keep appliances out of landfill and perform as well as they did on day one for longer.” 

Lucas Horne, co-founder of Lupe, commented: “When designing the Pure Cordless, we had two core values; class-leading performance and longevity. The launch today represents the realisation of this and six years of hard work to make the best possible cordless vacuum available today while thinking about our environmental footprint. This is a product that has been designed to change our attitudes towards consumable electronics and home appliances. ” 

The Lupe Cordless is available nationwide through Lupe’s online store and Amazon

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