How to Become a Real Estate Investor for $136 in Dubai

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2 years ago

One of the “crowdfunding” companies in the capital of the UAE now allows people to become successful investors at such low rates for a share in shared ownership of Arab real estate.

SmartCrowd reduces the cost of ownership to the maximum affordable price of AED 500 ($136). Moreover, the company has more than 40 houses and villas in Dubai intended for shared ownership, including property in Dubai Marina and Dubai Downtown.

For AED 500 in Dubai, you can buy, for example, fashionable sunglasses or pay for a round of golf. Nevertheless, for the same amount, you can become a real estate investor.

The SmartCrowd crowdfunding platform provides this opportunity to potential investors and sets the minimum investment at the level of AED 500. Interested investors can choose shares in the company’s portfolio through an online platform.

Tourists can take home not only souvenirs but also a share of Dubai property

According to Siddiq Farid, CEO and co-founder of SmartCrowd, for the same price as a brunch or a game of golf, ordinary investors can now own part of Dubai. He says that this is a chance for ordinary people to save their money for the future. They no longer need to limit themselves to investing in stocks and bonds. The Expo is on the way, and this profitable offer is available for visitors of this event. People from all over the world can take home with them not only souvenirs but also a share of Dubai property.

This proposal, aimed, of course, at popularizing crowdfunding, appeared when deals in Dubai became popular again. Daily transactions exceeded AED 1 billion. But when investors are buying expensive houses in Dubai, transactions involving multiple investors per residential unit have a chance to be in demand in the emirate.

Crowdfunding is a profitable option

Crowdfunding investments in Dubai real estate became popular in 2020 when several portals reduced the minimum investment and attracted many investors to the housing market. Using this profitable option means that some investors acquire rights to the property. But SmartCrowd has lowered the minimum investment level from AED 5000 to AED 500, which makes this investment option more affordable. Although earlier this company called AED 5000 the minimum threshold for shared ownership of property.

Dubai’s housing authorities have recently said that they will issue “ownership documents even for parts of property”. This situation guarantees investors’ participation in such schemes.

At the same time, companies’ choice of assets for crowdfunding is focused on the best locations where demand for rented housing is high, and long-term factors will strongly influence capital gains compared to today’s low price for a decade. Thus, investing in Dubai real estate can be very profitable and favorable if everything works correctly in the housing market.

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