Have You Heard About Zedonk? Meet The Specialist ERP Software Changing The Face Of Fashion

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1 year ago

We know managing a fashion brand can be complex, time-consuming, and ultimately a headache. So we came up with Zedonk; the specialist business software provider changing the face of fashion since 2007. We exist to make things easier for designers and fashion brands when it comes to managing their day-to-day operations; taking care of all the logistics so you can focus on realising your vision!

What is Zedonk?

Zedonk is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that integrates sales, production, and logistics processes to help fashion brands manage their product ranges, offering visibility on costings and inventory management.

In other words, Zedonk takes the hassle out of certain day to day operations for fashion brands and designers. It has been designed to serve the ever-changing needs of the fashion industry, and is trusted by 1000+ companies worldwide in 45 countries. We understand the needs of your brand, from buying to wholesale management, our entire team come from a background in the fashion industry. One of our USPs is that our entire team are experts in their field and have a wealth of industry knowledge to bring to our clients.

Brands can utilise our system to establish accurate costings throughout their supply chains, establish wholesale and retail product pricing. Zedonk automatically creates all your paperwork and we can easily integrate with e-commerce and third party logistics systems to make the entire process of managing a fashion brand much more streamlined. This easily helps minimise costs and waste, and maximise your brand’s efficiency.

Zedonk has a wide range of modules that brands can utilise. This includes production tracking, inventory management and sales order management. One of our most innovative features is the B2B virtual showroom offered to clients, which users can personalise to improve communication and facilitate direct ordering with their customer base. It’s a slick, customisable, and a really simple way to elevate your brand’s B2B sales tactics. We also have an Offline Sales App that also allows flexibility with how and where you work.

Ultimately, Zedonk is a one-stop shop for fashion brands and is revolutionising the way that pioneering designers and brands are able to manage their business processes. We understand just how hectic running a successful fashion brand can get at times, which is why we exist to make the whole process a whole lot smoother!

Who we work with…

Zedonk delivers on its promises and makes running a business much easier for many of the leading brands in the fashion industry. The likes of Altuzarra, Casablanca, Di Petsa, Dion Lee, Marine Serre, Toteme, and Viktor & Rolf, and countless others, trust us when it comes to managing & improving their processes.

Here’s what the team at Dion Lee has to say about Zedonk’s impact on their operations: “Seamless integrations with POS, WMS, Accounting and Joor have proven to be cost effective and user friendly. Since 2014, Zedonk has been core to Dion Lee’s successful operations management.”

Zedonk’s upward trajectory is attributable to the fact that the software is innovative within the fashion industry, making things much easier to manage from the brands perspective.

Keen to learn more about how we can help your business? Visit Zedonk and revolutionise your fashion brand’s internal processes today!

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