Guide To Getting The Best Office Storage And Shelving

4 years ago

Keeping your office supplies close at hand may not be the most crucial task in today’s office, but it is still important to keep your workplace organized. Choosing the right storage cabinet or shelving unit for your office depends on a variety of factors. 

Choosing the wrong storage unit or shelving system will lead to frustration with items going missing and being lost, as well as time spent picking extras when you should be getting work done. A list outlines five simple factors to consider when selecting the best office storage solutions for you.

Best Office Storage And Shelving

Letter-size Shelves

Honey-Can-Do 5-Tier Chrome Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shelving Unit

Honey-Can-Do 5-Tier Chrome Heavy-Duty Adjustable Shelving Unit

Yuanshikj 2Pc (56″ tall 12″deep 3/4″) Industrial Wall Mount iron Pipe Shelf Shelves

Yuanshikj 2Pc (56″ tall 12″deep 3/4″) Industrial Wall Mount iron Pipe Shelf Shelves

Winsome Wood Leo model name Shelving

Homevol Storage Shelves Industrial 5 Shelf Bookcase

Homevol Storage Shelves Industrial 5 Shelf Bookcase


You will need somewhere to keep all of your office supplies. You probably do not have extra shelf space in most of your offices, and the space you use will depend on what equipment you already have. If you are using a big filing cabinet or computer desk as your primary workplace space, you will need a large cabinet or a unit with sliding drawers. If you have a small office use your desk space to store items which can be accessed from your main workspace, such as the contents of your filing cabinet. A If you are working piecemeal, such as editing, designing, writing or managing, smaller storage units are more than enough. A If you do not have much space available, you may want to purchase a small, stack able storage cabinet, and you can always buy additional small storage units for those areas. 


 You may want to invest in some industrial storage furniture for a trendy look or to save energy, but expensive materials do not necessarily mean better. A The best way to ensure that you get the right kind of storage furniture, is to browse the catalogue from the manufacturer and read the product reviews. A Some products, look better in the catalog than in real life, so you should spend some time reading the reviews from customers, and products often vary in quality from one store to another. A A Stainless steel units are popular, but they tend to scratch especially when you have sharp objects in them. A Personally, I do not like this type of furniture, as it seems too clinical for my taste. A Some models of A office storage furniture units are made of concrete or wood. A These materials are durable but take up more space, and I prefer using furniture with a natural finish, as it will not detract from the area I have chosen to use them in. A You require a larger stationary unit if you are professionaly editing or writing as everything needs to be close at hand at all times. You can also add an occasional cabinet or shelving unit to your office to give it more storage.


Depending on the type of storage furniture you choose, costs will vary. Storage cabinets usually cost around , as do smaller units. If you want to buy something which will last a long time then spending in this area may be too much, but if you want something decorative this is not a problem. You will need a relatively large amounts for your office, and this may also increase mining, so you need a realistic budget.


Some people like to buy furniture which looks like furniture, such as painting the interior of a shelving unit, while others like the furniture to be utilitarian, such as stacking units. Whatever you decide, you can add additional storage to your office by buying shelving units and units. .


The good companies also sell shelving units for the office, which often look quite similar to the stationary shelving units, as we need to save space, and we have similar concerns for durability and convenience.

Use of Materials

When you are working with a warehouse, the warehouse may have low quality rubbish which you will have to clean out. This needs to be organised into a manner which is easy to access, and you will be using the high-quality materials for other things.

As a result, you need a healthy atmosphere in your office. If you have a small office and you do not have a large number of items to buy then it may be better to invest in an initial buy, which you can then customise over time to allow you to personalise the office as you grow.

However, if you are selling high quality decorative items which you expect to last a long time, then you should go with a smaller unit. Storage is expensive, so if you need to store more than 15 items, remember to also invest in a central shelving unit.

If you are going to buy extra units, for example, for your office to stay organised, consider bringing the overall style of the office up to B. This will encourage you to decorate your office as you need to, and take pride in the office if it is B+.


Small units are perfect for smaller offices. If you have a bigger office, then perhaps you do not need as much space, or you will need to move into a larger property, and why don’t you buy a stackable shelving unit.

If you are looking to buy an extra shelving unit, can you fit it into your existing office?

If you can, then it is a B+ office!

If, for example, the office is very small, then you need to be careful about its decoration as this can hinder the space you have for storage. A piece of furniture which is not in keeping with the lighting in the office, will force you to carry it out of the office. A This will also affect the atmosphere in the office, as you have lost a big part of what sets your office apart from all the others. You need to take this into account when you are deciding the style for your office.

If the office is large, then a B+ office would be appropriate.

If you have a small space, then you will need everything to be beautiful and even. You do not want anything competing with your office supplies, as there will just be too much going on. You should aim to set yourself apart from the rest.

When you have decided on the decoration style, you should store your office supplies in drawers with other items, if possible. This will stop your office looking too empty and make it feel more like an office.


Different shapes will suit different areas. If you have a small G area, then a circular shaped storage unit will be best, as this will create spaces where people can sit and have a conversation.

If you want to show off a design which is less functional, then you need to buy furniture which is not as robust. If you have a very heavy desk, then you will probably want a desk which has a smaller but higher storage space. This will give you the storage space you need, and prevent the desk from having an impact on the decor of your office. If you have a lot of space, then a storage unit which looks much larger than it is will suit you better, as you need to keep your office organised without forcing powerful items.

You need to wait until you have decided on your decor, and the size of the office, before you place your office supplies into the furniture. Interior design is a long-term process, and if you buy just one of your storage units, it may distort your style and place in the office.

Practical size

The practical size of a storage unit. If you have a large office and you want to use the space for storage, you will need a large unit. This gives the option of choosing the interior design and decorative style of your office to suit it, and will appeal to those around you.

Loading one of these storage units is a fairly easy job, as it ends up being quite sturdy. You do not need to worry about having to move heavy items in and out of it, or lifting it up or down, as this is possible with a B+ or B office.

Good storage mainly has to do with the way that it is stored. You can easily stack 8 to 12 items on one of these cabinets, and you can have two on each side of the office as they are not as unmanageable as a stackable unit. You can also place a unit within the corner of a room and add it to the picture of your office, increasing the effect of your office with a small but useful tip.

Depending on the size of your office, you can place two or more of these storage units in different ways to suit your office. If you need to maximise the desk space in your office, then you can place a cabinet behind your desk, and place another on a shelf on the wall. If you want a large but empty space in the corner, then you can place one or two of these units there, and use your walls as decoration, giving the illusion that your office staff is more numerous than it really is.

If you are working with a modular shelf unit, then you DO NOT need to get in the habit of stashing the empty one away, as you can replace it with another handy mini-storage unit.

If you want to buy a desktop unit as a storage unit, choose one which is the right size for your office. You can even buy a unit which looks like a solid wooden desk, as this also gives your office character. If you want to make a desk unit look like it has been on the office rack for a while, then you can paint it A. This will be economical, as you will be able to remove the marks with rubbing alcohol or lacquer thinner.

You will find that buying a shelving unit with a natural finish will not cause a problem, as it can be removed from the walls of the office if you decide to paint elsewhere in the office.

If you want to build a wooden office, then you may want to use hollow plywood as your material of choice. This is the cheapest option of all, but it can be quite heavy. You can find a pre-built unit, or you can build one yourself.

You need to make sure that the base of all these units is screwed into the wall, especially the wooden ones. If you do not, then they will simply slide on the floor. If you do not have a dedicated space in your office for the jumble of unwanted furniture in your home, you may be able to use this space for housing your office supply unit. This will only reduce the aesthetics of your office, and you do not need that for B or better.

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