Guide To Getting The Best Office Halloween Costumes

4 years ago

Halloween is a fun holiday, and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It doesn’t have recognizable songs or vacation days associated with it, and it falls on a busy time of year for most people in the workforce.

In spite of this, the unfettered Hell crowd doesn’t have to miss out on the fun. It’s easy to be snarky when the office campus is in the midst of one of the most frightening holiday days of the year.

Best Office Halloween Costumes

Costume Halloween Unisex Hoodie

California Costumes Women’s English Nanny

California Costumes Women’s English Nanny

California Costumes Nightmare Clown Adult

California Costumes Nightmare Clown Adult

FEEAA Maui Tattoo T Shirt/Pants Halloween

FEEAA Maui Tattoo T Shirt/Pants Halloween

Adult Deluxe Lion Costume

Office Halloween costumes: It’s not about who has the best costume. It’s about finding a costume that will create one of the following scenarios at Halloween Seating:

1) Comical.

2) Sensitive to the needs of the recipient.

3) Both of the above.

4) Spooky to a point where it won’t go wrong every time.

Every organizational environment comes with its own particular costume lists, but a few of the most popular costumes that every workplace seems to put out are:

1) Ghosts (ghosts of Halloween past).

2) Zombies.

3) Villagers.

4) Witches.

5) Superheroes.

If you’re looking for a good Halloween costume for your workplace, the list above is the one to follow. This isn’t to be thought of as a costume guide in a conventional sense, but as an idea list to get you thinking. The ideas listed here apply to the following environments:

1) Choosing a Halloween Dress

2) Choosing a Halloween Costume

3) A Costume That Will Cause Sensitivity

4) A Costume That Is Sensitive Enough But With Enough Entertainment Value To Enjoy It

Outdoor Halloween Costumes

House/Shop Costumes

Carnival Costumes

Fashionable Costumes

Western Costumes

Character Costumes

Interpreter/Guide Costumes

Clerical Costumes

Candy Shop Costumes

Belly Dancer Costumes

Costumes With Nothing To Back Them Up

Dressing Up In The Workplace

  • You should dress like what you are.

For example, if you are an office nerd who loves old vinyl records, go as an old record player in your Halloween get up. But don’t think you have to continually wear the same costume in order to keep people in the office in their seats. No one is going to comment on how much you look like a kitchen appliance when you revisit the same dress five times in the year.

  • You must be aware of the times of year that the environment is at its most conscious.

In the case of the office, this is Halloween. Stick with common themes. One employee may be dressed as a musician while another may be dressing as a baseball player and the receptionist is going as her favorite candy. No one is taking notice of the individual dress; they are all reacting to the theme.

  • You should be able to find out a loose rule about the environment you are dressing in.

For instance, if there are no employees in the office on Monday, people won’t make such a big deal about whether you dress as a rock star that’s making a comeback. Halloween is an organized event, and it’s meant to be fun, so don’t feel as though you need to go completely out of your way to make it memorable, as you would with a more serious situation like a promotion.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a great costume, but it does mean that if the environment has already established a theme, it’s best to stick around with it.

  • There must be a reason you are dressing up.

If you work in an office that falls on a Saturday, it’s important that you at least have the good taste not to dress up as a football player or a boxer.

  • You should be organized with your costume.

It’s common that you will have to spend the whole night exploring an office on Halloween. There’s no need to create a scene of Halloween chaos with a costume that doesn’t match your physical attributes. Dressing up to stand out is not the goal.

  • Costume accessories are as important as your costume.

If you are dressing up as a superhero, you will have to find a way to wear a cape, and the same is true for witches and witches, and so on. A tuxedo may be all you need to go as a major character from the movies, but you will need a formal top and bottom if you are going as a carnival costume.

  • Make sure everyone knows you are in character.

If you are wearing a superhero costume, it’s not enough to merely stand around in low pants and a shirt. Since the environment you are in is in no way low-brows, everyone will be focused on you, and it will be up to you to keep up the charade.

  • This should be a safe environment.

Before you start your costume full-time, make sure your office is safe, and always consider where you are going. If you are dressed as a witch, are you surethis is an environment you would feel comfortable walking around in during the daytime?

  • If you need a costume for special occasions, there are certain times of year when you want to go as something other than a Halloween costume.

For instance, if you will be attending a college or high school reunion as all the old friends you have lost touch with over the years, why not wear that Halloween costume to the reunion?

  • You will have difficulty finding a costume if your work environment is composed of men.

If you are not one of the few women in the office, you will have a hard time finding a costume, as the guys will be in t-shirts and jeans at all times.

  • There must be some form of intimacy within your costume.

If you are dressing as a movie star from the 50’s, you must get close to a mirror during your costume. Remember, everyone will be staring at you.

  • Dressing up is only a short, temporary event.

Of course, you will no doubt want to take your costume home with you at night. If you don’t, don’t feel as though you should have the ability to take it to the office.

  • Halloween is not an indicator of what’s to come throughout the rest of the year.

This is not to say that you cannot wear a costume to the office for a couple of weeks after Halloween. But any decorations that are associated with Halloween are most appropriate for the holiday itself.

  • Don’t be afraid to get creative.

If you are dressed as a millionaire businessman’s secretary, you only need to have on a simple skirt to evoke this costume, as opposed to putting on a four-pocket suit with a watch.

  • If you are dressing as any type of character, you must consider who your costume will show appreciation for:

You may not yet have a full appreciation of Caesar, Woody, or Caesar’s ghost, but your office personnel will appreciate the effort you put into being sensitive to their needs, and they will have fun seeing you in costume.

  • Calendars and signs will be important in your costume.

Does your office have a cafeteria name? That might be helpful to emboss on a lunchbox or jacket. The office treats its calendars with the focus, and it should be important to you.

  • On the rare occasion it’s appropriate to dress up in public, you can do so on Halloween without being embarrassed.

A hilarious idea for dressing up in public with a costume is to simply wear your Halloween costume when you venture out into public. There is no need to cover up the shoulders of a model wearing a tube top if you are in a tuxedo.

  • Dressing like an intellectual is not always priority.

There are so many different things in the world for you to study; don’t you wish people could see inside your brain?

  • Can you dress like the president without making a fool of yourself?

You may not every be able to reach the Oval Office, but hey, at least you have the freedom to stand in front of the mirror and get your dress on.

  • It’s acceptable to dress up as a hard-working aunt.

It might take a person in your environment a mile to understand why you dressed up as a housewife but not an eggplant, but at least you will have the chance to explain yourself when they ask.

  • There is no place for sexual harassment in the workplace.

All of the other types of costumes that you might have been tempted to dress up in at work should be avoided if you are maintaining your current position. A costume that makes you inappropriate for your environment is not appropriate on Halloween.

  • The suit cannot be too tight.

If you are boyishly short, or underweight, your tuxedo will need to be made a size or two bigger, or you will not be able to wear it. On the other hand, a suit that is too big will represent the opposite of the theme of your costume.

  • You will want to have tips.

If you are throwing a costume party for work, have you ever seen a guy showing up with a one-person costume? It’s an accident waiting to happen.

  • You should leave before everyone is ready to leave.

It’s easy to take your costume into work, but if you do, don’t be surprised if it is not there when you get in the next morning. If you are in your work uniform, you always have a chance of leaving early.

  • Stay safe while dressing up.

Don’t go trick-or-treating in your costume while driving. Give yourself plenty of time in your costume or all the blood will be drained from your head when you see your accident.

  • Make sure you have the necessary (and appropriate) accessories to pull off your costume.

If you have traditional office supplies, you should not let your costume get away from you, regardless of how creative it is. You should have multiple cues available to you, so that you can easily complete your costume.

  • Think of any other costume ideas.

You can do anything you want, but you will be much more successful if you stick with similar themes to those established for your office.

  • Lastly, just remember that you are dressing up in order to make your environment fun for everyone.

If this is not true, maybe you should consider setting up a professional. For the readers’ knowledge, Halloween started out as an ancient Celtic holiday, but it grew into a Celtic/Roman celebration.

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