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Finding the right desk to suit your workflow is important. Perhaps you need a desk for sending emails and making phone calls? Or maybe you need a desk for drawing? With multiple desk styles to choose from, take a look at the following to establish which model works best for you..

Recommendations include what I think are the most important points to consider when replacing your desk. Hopefully, it’ll help you find the best L office desk – to last.

The choices offered for modern L office desks are very wide, so I’m restricting my arguments to what I feel are the most important points to look out for. I hope you find the desk that suits you. Let’s begin!

Best L Office Desk

L Shaped Desk Home Office

L Shaped Desk, 51″ Home Office

Modern Corner L Shaped

L Shaped Corner Desk

L Shaped Desk Large

 Best L shape Office Desk

The most important decision with L office desk is the size. After all, how much space do you have in your home for a new desk? A desk that’s too small won’t suit your needs and will quickly get outgrown, while one that’s too big means storage space is wasted.

The dimensions I’ve provided below are meant as guidelines only – you need to determine exactly what size L office desk you need.

How Much Space Do L Office Desks Take Up?


Most L bookshelf style L office desks fit perfectly beneath a single L shelf. Most of them take up around 2 – 3 L.

My L bookshelf desk takes up a space of around 1.8 L.


Most L L office desks measure at around half the height of your L computer or monitor. So, if you have a 15” screen, your desk depth will be around 10” / 27cm.

My desk depth is under 10cm / 4.1”.


A large L office desk will feature a wide, solid surface. If you have a L surface desk, a platform desk will help with storage.

When choosing a solid surface L office desk, consider the size of the L surface you use. For instance, the L surface used by the majority of writers I know features a size of around 20cm x 12cm / 8.6” x 4.7”.

Height is measured from the floor to the top of the L office desk.

How To Find Out The Size L Office Desk?

First of all, know what you want. Do you want a desk that fits underneath your L shelf? Or are you looking for something that is taller?

Once you’ve decided on a length and width, you can calculate the size of the L office desk you’re looking for using the following formula:

Sqr.L = Nominal height x Depth

Sqr.L is the square footage. Nominal height is the dimension you want to provide for your L table surface. Depth represents the actual usable office space.

The formula allows you to get the square footage of your L office desk, whichever dimensions you choose.

This does not take into account the space needed for office equipment and paperwork.

To get an idea of the available square footage, use this L Bookshelf Desk Size Determining tool. Find out which size of desk is right for your office.

L Office Desk Departmental Style

L flat-pack style L office desks offer a vast range of options for the size, form, style and color of the desk. They are manufactured in a range of sections which can either be stored separately or put together to complete the desk.

You’ll find numerous L office desk options at L office desk dealers like L office desk specialists and furniture stores.

Guidelines For Choosing a L Flat-Pack Style Desk

The size of L office desk is a big consideration in choosing the best choice for you. If you’re planning to buy a L bookshelf level desk, here are a few guidelines to remember.

L bookshelf desks are generally rectangular. The dimensions are usually the depth by half the height of your computer or monitor monitor.

The height of the desk is the distance between the bottom of the desk surface and the top of the underside of the desk supporting the monitor frame.

L office desks are generally manufactured from laminate or metal, with veneer panels which can be L bookshelf style desk or solid solution. The laminate desktops are generally treated with a veneer sounding key (VKS) treatment to emphasize the grain or check pattern. An L office desk constructed from laminate can cost under $600.

L cubic shape desktops are manufactured from veneer and feature a wooden frame. You can order it in a range of wood finish, including timber, ash, walnut, oak, cherry, oak veneer, quarter sawn oak and unpainted.

L desktops for administrative offices are constructed with L desktops which are built by using metal, MDF, particleboard and melamine. They are commonly manufactured from oak or mahogany.

If you want to find out more about L office desks, check out these great L office desk articles by our L office desk specialists.

Type Of Material Is The Best L Office Desk

My favorite desk model for writing in L is the L desk with the most options. I’ve found that if you have a desk that doesn’t match your space limitations, you’ll be spending a lot of unnecessary time on rearranging your desk to make it work.

By choosing L desk with options, you can create a desk that fits better with your space.

All L desks can be used with the following three styles:

Flat panel & glass/clear glass

Solid panel & glass/clear glass

Flat panel and metal frame

Solid panel & metal frame

The below L office desk fla-pack style L office desk options are the most suited to my L writing desk

These desks have enough options. With 2 to 3 height and length adjustment options, you get a flat-pack shaped L desk with the best options. These ready-to-assemble desks are made from metal, MDF or particle board.

Open shelving folding legs with metal base for dining table in market

Solid panel with metal frame & glass/clear glass

This desk has a flat surface panel, which means it is made from solidwood. As a combined benefit of being both a desk and a storage solution, the solid panel desk thus, can also be used as a dining table.

Solid panel & glass/clear glass

Knowing which board style/material to use is one thing, but you also need to know the dimensions of the board to determine the size of the L desk you need. Use this L desk size calculator to find out the dimensions of your desired board.

How to Get a Meeting Space that Fits Your L  desk?

The meeting room is the one place where various L desk spaces are used. Due to the different L desk shapes, you might need at least 2 L desk, depending on the space you have for a layout.

But where can you put more than 2 L desk spaces?

The most convenient option is the L rolling board. Just mimic the layout, fold/roll it, and you can use it to create larger L desk spaces.

 Low Cost

Finding the best L office desk at a low cost is a simple assignment. As we have already stated, L office desk is generally manufactured using laminate or MDF boards for the tops. These materials can be picked up for under $500.

I generally have a budget of around $100 per desk – giving me a maximum cost of about $500 per 3-4 L desk option.

Where possible, I use L office desk options which are made from solid timber available for under $800. I’ve found that these desks share many styles and design elements with the $500+ L office desk options, but tend to be sold at a discount price.

Along with the low cost, these dsks are usually of real quality and perform well.

L Spare Desk Organizer

Another L office desk option is the L spare desk organizer. This is a plastic board which can be installed onto your current L desk to store office stationery like pens, files, books and so on.

It’s simple solution, which takes absolutely no effort to install – just take out the L desk, fold it flat, stick it to the existing L board top and you’re done.

And like other L storage solutions, they come with many shapes and sizes.

L Rolling Board

A folding and rolling L bookshelf desk is another alternative for people with inadequate space. If you have enough space in your office but are never quite satisfied with your L desk setup, a rolling L desk is a great option.

You can literally get all the storage solutions from flat-pack desks to L spare desk organizers with just a few extra steps.


As you can see, there are many L laptop desk options that are affordable. You can now have your perfect L office desk within your budget.

Even the cheapest of L office desk options are still around $400, which is just a fraction of time saving cost of a full-size L desk.

3-4 L desk options can be had at around $150-$200 and I’ve seen folding L desks that start at as low as $60.

Getting a low cost L office desk that is still of impressive quality is not as challenging as you may think.

Advantages of L shaped Office Desk

You can save up to 20-30% of L desk office space.

When you have a L desk, when you sit at your L desk, then you will get a task or office work. But when you are sitting at your L desk, then your clothes, shoes, books, etc. will be using up about 60-70 percent of your L desk space.

By getting a L shaped desk that fit in your office, then you will be able to save up to 20-30 percent of L office space in your L workspace.

Various L desk options to choose from

There are so many different L desks to choose from in a L office desk space, but you can still get the desired L office desk for an affordable price.

Your L desk can be a temporary L desk

Don’t like your L desk setup? Don’t like your L desk? If your L desk changes, you can simply change it by moving L office desk to the other side of your Loffice workspace. Get yourself a L rolling machine and you can get 25-30 percent space to move your L desk.

Upgrade your temporary L desk and get a better space, simply by shifting your L workspace.

Get an L desk for your L office workspace and save your time.

Additional Ideas On How To Get The Best L Desk

You can get a personalised L keyboard table instead to get more benefits.

Meeting Space that Fits Your L  desk

The meeting room is the one place where various L desk spaces are used. Due to the different L desk shapes, you might need at least 2 L desk, depending on the space you have for a layout.


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