Exploring Roswell’s Pioneers of Wireless Technology: A Deep Dive

4 months ago

The city of Roswell, Georgia, located in the southeastern United States, is home to many innovative companies operating within the wireless industry. These companies, which offer a range of services from telecommunications to internet solutions, are instrumental in shaping the technological landscape of the region. Active in a variety of sectors such as project management, service industry, and network equipment sales, these Roswell-based companies are contributing significantly to the global wireless industry.

Here, we highlight some of these companies, providing a brief overview of their operations, key founders, and how they are making a mark in the wireless industry. These companies have embraced the digital age, and thanks to their innovative solutions, businesses and individuals alike can leverage technology to optimize operations and overall lifestyle.

Let’s delve a little deeper into these companies and their contributions;

Deep Fiber Solutions

Deep Fiber Solutions was co-founded by Mark Davis. The company is an asset in the technology industry, particularly service industry, telecommunications, and wireless. Deep Fiber Solutions has been providing its services since 2013. Their focus is on providing superior services within the tech world, which adds to the metropolis’s technological development and growth.


Coming up with design, construction, optimization and maintenance services for owners and operators of fiber and wireless network infrastructure, Tachyon is carving a niche for itself within the telecommunications industry. Their customer programs are targeted at nearby regions, beyond their principal market of the Southeastern United States. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Southwestern Wireless

Southwestern Wireless is making giant strides in the internet service industry. They have not only established themselves as significant players within the wireless industry but also stand out for the internet and service industry solutions they provide. Also, join them on Facebook and view their company profile on LinkedIn.

Wherible IOT

Combining WheriTrack with the WheriTrack Application for a turn-key solution for both businesses and consumers, WheribleIoT is a clear leader in innovative wireless solutions. They deliver location data on several platforms, and have a firm anchor in a variety of industries, including construction, oil & gas, and personal needs. Connect with them on LinkedIn and follow them on @wheriblegps.

MNS Group

MNS Group is widely recognized for its wireless equipment sales and network services. Being a significant player in mobile, network hardware, sales, and wireless industries, they provide new and refurbished wireless infrastructure equipment, network installation, among others. Make sure to connect with them on LinkedIn.

Neogeneration Wireless

Offering a diverse range of services like radio frequency prediction, interference analysis, and fibre and coaxial installations, Neogeneration Wireless offers telecom consulting, engineering, compliance, and DAS installation services. You can follow them on @NeoGenGA, join them on Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn.

Telco Wiz

Specializing in telecom consultancy and sales, Telco Wiz offers project guidance to businesses of varying sizes – from startups to mid-size to large businesses, and even call centers. Preventing guesswork and pain from any critical telecom decision, they are experts within the Telecom industry. Follow them on Facebook and connect with them on LinkedIn.

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