Exploring Miami’s Pioneering Companies in Women’s Fashion Industry

5 months ago

Miami, Florida is a vibrant city known for its vibrant nightlife, stunning beaches, and unique culture. But did you know that Miami is also a hub for women’s industry companies? This area is home to an array of companies that cater specifically to the needs of women, with industries ranging from fashion and wellness to health care and personal fitness. These companies not only contribute to the local economy but also impact the lives of women globally with their innovative products and services.

This article will explore some of these dynamic companies based in Miami. Each company plays a vital role in enriching the lives of women by focusing on their specific needs. For example, some offer lifestyle products and clothing, while others provide fashion-forward outfits or workout regimens specifically designed for women. This diversity in portfolios serves as a testament to the breadth and depth of innovation in women’s industries in Miami.

Let’s take a deeper look into these companies and explore their unique offerings, founders, and the impacts they’re making in the women’s industry.

28 by Evie

28 by Evie is a women’s fitness company that currently operates covertly. Founded in 2020 by Gabriel Hugoboom, the Miami-based company notably emphasizes fitness, health care, wellness, and women’s industries. Check their website for further details and updates.

Welwaze Medical, Inc.

Founded by Alex Jimenez-Ness, Welwaze Medical Inc. strives in the health care, medical device, personal health, wellness, and women’s industries. Their mission is to decrease breast cancer deaths through their FDA approved disposable medical device, Celbrea, which aids in the early detection of breast disease. Follow them on LinkedIn and @welwaze on Twitter for more information.

Ella Paradis Inc.

Ella Paradis Inc., founded by Andreas Bergmann, Constantin (Tino) Dietrich, and Joshua Hancik, operates predominantly within the e-commerce, lifestyle, shopping, wellness, and women’s industries. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and through their Twitter handle @ella_paradis.


Finding its roots in the travel and entertainment industry, JOZU for WOMEN was founded by Franz Weathers, Stephenie Rodriguez, and Zachary R. Harding. The platform aids in planning safe and delightful trips for women, with a personalized recommendation system driven by their AI, JENI. Engage with them via their website, LinkedIn, Facebook, or @Jozu4women on Twitter.

28 Wellness

Focusing on fitness, personal health, wellness, and women’s industries, 28 Wellness is a significant player based in Miami. Connect with them on Facebook or through their Twitter account @28wellness.

Curvy Gyals

Curvy Gyals, founded by Kristina Robinson, is rooted in the retail, sales, textiles and women’s industries. Specializing in products that promote comfort and a seamless silhouette for various body shapes. Follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, or via Twitter at @curvygyals.


Founded by Janice Santiago, Curveez operates within the fashion, manufacturing, and women’s industries. Connect with Curveez on LinkedIn, Facebook, or their Twitter handle @curveez1.

Saved By The Dress

Saved By The Dress stands out in the fashion, retail, and women’s industries. You can check out their offerings on their website or connect via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter at @savedbythedress?.


TodoBebe, founded by Jeannette Kaplun, operates in the parenting, service industry, and women’s industry, providing much-needed support and guidance for parents. Catch up with them on their website, Facebook, or via Twitter at @todobebe.


Pitusa operates primarily within the e-commerce, fashion, and women’s industries out of Miami. Connect with them on their website, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter at @pitusa_co.

Shapes Secrets

Operating in the beauty, fashion, and women’s industries, Shapes Secrets provides a wide range of shapewear for various aesthetic needs and daily use. Check their website or connect via Facebook and Twitter at @ShapesSecrets.

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