Exploring Buenos Aires: Pioneering Women’s Industry Companies in Argentina’s Heart

5 months ago

Located in the heart of South America, Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina is home to an array of companies that are leveraging their unique skills and insights to support and advance the women’s industry. From fashion and beauty, to health and wellness, e-commerce, and consulting, these companies are delivering diverse products and services to their customer base and make a significant impact locally and globally. This article explores some of the organizations that are leading the way in this sector.

What unifies these companies is their commitment to addressing the distinctive needs and preferences of women, providing them with high-quality, practical, and innovative solutions. While some businesses focus on manufacturing fashionable garments, others concentrate on delivering healthcare services, or offer women-centric professional networking events. Regardless of their area of specialization, all play a critical role in shaping the women’s industry in Buenos Aires and beyond.

This vibrant sector does not only significantly contribute to the economy of this bustling metropolis, but it also empowers women by providing them with goods and services that cater to their specific needs, tastes and lifestyles. Here are some of the trailblazing companies operating in this sector.

Nuevo Método

Nuevo Método operates a subscription service for female sexual and reproductive health. It offers contraceptives and provides access to gynecologists, and its headquarter is located in Buenos Aires. Find them on Linkedin.

Paula Cahen D’Anvers

A player in the consumer goods, fashion, manufacturing, and women’s industry, Paula Cahen D’Anvers is also based in Buenos Aires. You can connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Markova is active in the e-commerce, lifestyle, fashion, and women’s industries. Visit their Facebook page or find them on Linkedin.

Le Utthe

Operating in the fashion, retail, textiles, and men’s and women’s industries, Le Utthe has deep family roots tracing back to 1820. The company balances comfort, quality, innovation, and design in their urban style. They are on Facebook and Linkedin.


AYRES, an e-commerce, fashion, and women’s industry company has a strong presence in Argentina. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


A key player in the beauty, e-commerce, and women’s sector, Plumari offers unique products for women. Follow them on Facebook.


Active in the e-commerce, fashion, and women’s industry, Wanama has carved a niche in Buenos Aires. You can find them on Facebook and Linkedin.


Specializing in e-commerce, fashion, lingerie, retail, and women’s clothing, Getien is a go-to option for lingerie needs. Keep up with them on Facebook.


Founded by Marina Ponzi, LadiesBrunch offers networking events for women entrepreneurs. Based in Buenos Aires, they aim to create business opportunities over a delicious brunch. Follow them on Twitter,Facebook and Linkedin.


An online brand founded by Maria MacDonald, YoQueVos brings the latest in fashion, beauty, events, art, design, and dining tips to professional Argentine women living in Buenos Aires. Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.


Lastly, wGlam provides consulting services in the fashion and women’s sector. You can find out more about them on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.

In conclusion, these companies showcase the range and vibrancy of businesses making a difference in the women’s industry in Buenos Aires. They epitomize how business can both contribute to the local economy and cater to the specific needs of women.

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