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This article showcases our top picks for the Business Books For Kids. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Rebel Girls Awesome Entrepreneurs by Jocelyn Mangan

This product was recommended by Vivian Green from Sexsi Toys

This is the kind of thing that I absolutely wish I had as a kid. I first came across this at my sisters house. Her daughter got it as a birthday gift. What first struck me was the visuals. For a young child, you want it to be something that is aesthetically pleasing. I adore the artwork and design of the book. Designed by females and other non-binaries adds that extra touch of authenticity. Once I picked it up, I actually couldn’t put it down. A lot of these books are quite ‘gimmicky’, but each of the stories I read were very relatable and exciting. As I was going through the book I decided to quiz my niece to see what information she had absorbed. Not only could she point out all the names of the women mentioned in the book, but she could also tell me what they do and why they are included. The book covers a diverse range of people, and if you’re worried about it being technical, including words like entrepreneurship, profit, shares etc, they have brief explanations of the common business terms near the end. Preventing any of the vocabulary from getting in the way of the messaging and inspiration that is offered. Rebel Girls also have an amazing app that pairs nicely with the book, providing ‘Rebel Stories’ and engaging bonus sections throughout the book. Once they are done with this book, there is also a range of other educational and inspirational books from Rebel Girls. This is the first time I’ve been really excited about a book in quite some time. Absolutely perfect for the young female go-getters in your life!

How to Turn $100 into $1000000 by James McKenna

This product was recommended by Rachel Fink from Parenting Pod

This is a great book that teaches kids about business primarily through teaching them money management, from earning, to saving, to investing. I find that it is incredibly useful, and it is a book that one of my kids, in particular, loved, as he’s really into the idea of being a millionaire one day!

Kidpreneurs by Adam Toren

This product was recommended by Vivi Mintara from Eye Makeup Lab

This book certainly has a way of making business fun for young children! I bought this for one of my kids who showed an interest in business, and they were riveted by the bold illustrations and easy-to-follow business concepts. I loved that they included clear definitions for what could be complicated words and theories because this then gives them a solid base of knowledge for their future business ventures.

Kid Start-Up by Mark Cuban

This product was recommended by Rob Greene from Price of Meat

If you’re going to teach a child how to succeed in the world of business using their own acumen and know-how, there’s no better tutor for the job than Mark Cuban. The big fish in the ‘Shark Tank’ explains how to make business dreams come true for kids of all ages in this simple, straightforward, and easy-to-follow book that leaves no business stone unturned.

Better Than a Lemonade Stand! by Daryl Bernstein

This product was recommended by Victoria Taylor from Best Case Parenting

The book Better Than a Lemonade Stand!: Small Business Ideas for Kids is a great resource for kids interested in starting their own small business. The book provides a variety of ideas for businesses that kids can start, with detailed instructions on how to get started. The author, Daryl Bernstein, is a small business expert and provides valuable insights on what it takes to be successful in business. This book is a great way for kids to learn about the ins and outs of starting their own business, and to get some great ideas for businesses they can start. Highly recommended for any kid who is interested in entrepreneurship!

Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies by Kiana Danial

This product was recommended by Rachel Scott from National TASC LLC

Kiana Danial’s Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies is one of the best resources you can read if you are looking for a finance book to read. It talks about all the digital currencies and guides you on how to make money through cryptocurrency. It even suggests platforms in order to maximize your gains. Hence, this is one good book you should invest in. This book is best for people who have no prior idea about cryptocurrency but want to try investing in it. It explains the ins and out of cryptocurrency and the risks and gains in investing in it, all in layman’s terms! Hence, this is a great book for everyone.

New Totally Awesome Business Book for Kids by Arthur Bochner

This product was recommended by Christina Russo from The Kitchen Community

It’s a totally immersive book that teaches children how to start and run their own successful business through a combination of narrative and pictorial lessons, quizzes, puzzles, and cartoons. It is quite possibly the most informative, and informed book about business for teenagers that I’ve ever stumbled upon,

Payback on Poplar Lane by Margaret Mincks

This product was recommended by Neha Sharma from Payuoc

This book goes over how a pair of sixth-grade entrepreneurs compete to become top mogul on their block. The two kids compete with each other and their rivalry tend to become outrageous. Eventually the kids slowly get to understand each of their own shortcomings and other’s needs. This is a perfect book for kids as they get to know various business ideas and eventually understand that friendship is more important than money.

Raising Can-Do Kids by Richard Rende

This product was recommended by Camilla Henderson from FastdayLoans

Richard Rende and Jen Prosek employed their psychological background to craft a book that bridges technological advancements with the business needs open to children. They look at optimism and exploration in an understandable manner which can help children to save and invest for their needs. The aim of the book is also to create financially independent and thoughtful children.

All About Money – Economics – Business – Ages 10+ by Margarita Brown

This product was recommended by Cindy Corpis from Search People Free

Understanding how money functions are essential for company success. This useful and enjoyable workbook is jam-packed with intriguing facts and learning activities. Students will learn about money, business, economics, government, and so much more through the activities and courses.

The Supply Jane & Fifo Adventures by Megan Preston Meyer

This product was recommended by Dylan Howard from Megan Preston-Meyer

Supply Jane and Fifo focus on teaching business concepts to children using supply chain and manufacturing concepts. It allows them to use their brain and creativity to solve issues and create solutions in a fun and connecting way that is at the perfect level for children!

Lunch Money (Rise and Shine) by Andrew Clements

This product was recommended by David Gu from Inyouths LED Mirrors

The reader will gain an understanding of all of the challenges that may be faced by an entrepreneur. From the challenges of finding a market to the obstacles posed by school restrictions, from the ways in which money transforms you to the effects it has on personal relationships and even on charitable giving, this book covers it all. When you use Brian Selznick’s illustrations, you have a fantastic tool for holding the attention of your children while teaching them about business at the same time. As your young entrepreneur follows the exploits of Greg, who finds out that almost every student has at least a quarter left over from lunch, they will be driven to hunt for obvious chances. This is because Greg discovers that almost every kid has a quarter left over from lunch.

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