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This article showcases our top picks for the Books on Tennis Strategy. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

The Inner Game of Tennis By W. Timothy Gallwey

This product was recommended by Anastasia Allmon from FRP Legal

Although this book gives a lot of information on how to play a better game of tennis, it also features advice on how to overcome nervousness, self-doubt, and distraction, which means that this is not just a book for tennis players or athletes, but for anyone interested in performance and self-confidence.

Tennis Strategy: The On-Court Guide By Jorge Capestany

This product was recommended by Ellie Walters from FindPeopleFaster

The author of the book, Jorge Capestany, is one of only eleven people worldwide that has earned the distinction of Master Professional with the USPTA and International Master Professional with the PTR. He was also the personal coach to 3 different players who won national championships in USTA play. This booklet serves as an on-court coach and should be referred while you’re on the court competing. This book includes more than 12 different styles of Singles players and 5 types of Double teams. For each style, there is a dedicated page that lists several tactics to use.

The Pros: The Forgotten Era Of Tennis By Peter Underwood

This product was recommended by Will Cannon from Signaturely

Various sports and games have different stories. A long time ago, sports competitions are somewhat a source of entertainment and not a source of living. These days, many are using their talent for sports to earn a living.. The Pros: The Forgotten Era of Tennis is one of the books about tennis. This book is written by Peter Underwood. The book is about the history of tennis, long before this sport is being commercialized. It entails the humble beginning of the sport when players are not yet receiving a prize for winning the game. This is an interesting book because it focuses on the eight champions who dominated the full era. The author of this book explains why professional players were forced into a traveling circus. Those who played openly for prize money were banned from competing in the world’s major tournaments. In the past, amateur players are competing without any prize at all. They are only playing for fame and mastery.

Winning Singles Strategy for Recreational Tennis Players By Gerry Donohue

This product was recommended by Madilyn Hill from TruePersonFinder

Master your tennis game with 140 tips and tactics. This book focuses on playing tennis strategically, like where to hit the ball and how you can build your game to the next level. In this book, the author shows a strategic understanding of the game, how to take advantage of your strength, how to decrease weaknesses, and how to score well. From several strategies and tactics, use only one that suits you well. Enhance your tennis by playing strategically to become a more consistent and better competitor.

The Art of Doubles: Winning Tennis Strategies and Drills By Pat Blaskower

This product was recommended by Stella Cooper from PaydayLoansUK

The art of doubles is a revolutionary book to improve your doubles game. Author Pat Blaskower is a personal coach who guides and motivates players by giving some important advice. This book contains court diagrams that show how to defend, execute the offense, and tactics to play. The book is packed with practical strategies and various formation that works perfectly. The author described important aspects of tennis, including how to choose a partner, poaching skills, how to pick shot, and how to communicate with partner and opponents.

Boost your tennis game By Rehards Emulins

This product was recommended by Josh Nelson from Seven Figure Agency

This helpful book has a wealth of information that can help you improve your game. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned tennis player, you’ll find exercises, techniques, technical hints, and more that will help you improve your game. Instead than focusing on a single aspect, the author used his own experience as a player and as a coach to help tennis readers improve their technique, health, game plans, and even tennis psychology. Boost Your Tennis Game is an amazing book that may benefit any tennis player looking to improve their game.This book is jam-packed with knowledge and will quickly become one of your favorite tennis tools.

Winning Ugly By Brad Gilbert

This product was recommended by Adam Korbl from iFax

Brad Gilbert, an Olympic gold medalist and well-known professional tennis pundit, authored this book to explain some of the tried-and-true tennis strategies that pro tennis players employ to win the competition. This aggressive tennis book teaches readers all they need to know about improving their tennis skills and becoming more competitive. Even a portion in the most recent edition of Winning Ugly examines some of the characteristics that distinguish some of the current winners from other professional players. Brad Gilbert’s Winning Ugly is a must-read for everyone who cares about winning.

Play Tennis Twice As Good Practically Overnight By Dr. James P. Moreland

This product was recommended by Eddie Chevrel from The Pet Savvy

This book helps you understand that what is going to help you win a match is not just great shots, but confidence, discipline, and consistency. It all starts in the mind and the skill to develop a superior mental ability during the game, especially at times when the opponent has the upper hand. The author breaks down perfectly how to clear your mind and believe you can win the game.

Complete conditioning for Tennis By Mark Kovacs

This product was recommended by Julian Goldie from Goldie Agency

This tennis-specific version of the bestselling sports conditioning series is a must-read for every tennis player wishing to improve their game. The book provides fundamental strength and conditioning drills and routines that you may use to improve your tennis performance. It also discusses how to increase flexibility and decrease recovery time so that you can play more frequently. The book includes tennis-specific strength training exercise routines, footwork drills, agility programs, preventative suggestions for frequent tennis ailments, and tennis-specific footwork drills. Complete Conditioning for Tennis is a fantastic resource for tennis fans of all skill levels, with over 200 on and off-court exercises and fitness regimens.

The Mind of a Tennis Player By Steven Brady

This product was recommended by Lyle Florez from EasyPeopleSearch

It is a book that assists tennis players of all levels in dealing with the concerns and anxieties that come with competing. Author Steven Brady has spent more than four decades assisting professional tennis players with their mental game. He put all of his knowledge to good use in writing this simple guide to winning on the tennis court. This book can help you overcome challenges linked to fragile confidence, the tension of competition, and the fear of losing, whether you are an amateur player who only wants to become a more competitive player at your local court or prepared to compete in tennis tournaments.

TNNS LSSNS: Filling the Gaps in Your Game By Marcus Paul Cootsona

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

This book was written for individuals who do not have the financial means or the time to take tennis lessons. It explains how to enhance your game in simple steps. TNNS LSSNS is an excellent read for tennis players of all ability levels, with straightforward advice on becoming a more intelligent tennis player. It’s an ideal present for tennis novices. It has enough tips and tricks for even the most seasoned gamers to learn something new. While it is a useful and educational tennis book, it is presented in a lighthearted and engaging manner that avoids reading like a boring instruction manual.

String Theory: Wallace on Tennis By David Foster

This product was recommended by Steven Walker from Spylix

String Theory is a compilation of five short stories about the sport of tennis for those searching for a more lighthearted read. The wording is lovely, and it describes one man’s enthusiasm for the sport he enjoys. Some stories are told from the payer’s point of view, and they reflect what it’s like to compete. Others applaud tennis fans’ enthusiasm for the sport. Anyone who appreciates tennis would appreciate this book as a present!

Match Play and the Spin of the Ball By William T. Tilden

This product was recommended by Mario Musa from Epic Aquarium

The book that stays at the top of the others is Match Play and the Spin of the Ball written by a legendary tennis player who won seven Wimbledon titles, Bill Tilden. In this book, he shares his expertise and knowledge so that you can play your best game ever. I highly recommended this fantastic guide for both new and experienced players alike. You’ll learn about the mechanics of the game, as well as the mental aspects that are so important for success. This book is packed with information that will help you improve every aspect of your game – from your serve to your backhand return. You’ll learn what makes a great tennis player and how to apply those skills on the court. It contains advice that is still relevant today – even with the ever-changing landscape of tennis. I have applied his knowledge and techniques to my own game and started winning more matches. Thanks to this book I have become a better player.

Tennis Strategy for Junior Tournament Players By Grant Grinnell

This product was recommended by Jason Cordes from CocoLoan UK

As its name signifies, this book is for you if you are a junior or beginner tennis player. This book is like a complete guide or mentor which will make you an expert. After reading the book thoroughly, you can outperform your opponent in every way. The book is highly rated and popular.

Winning Doubles Strategy for Recreational Tennis Players By Mr. Gerry Donohue

This product was recommended by Jason Cordes from CocoLoan UK

Wanted to become a pro in doubles, this book can fulfill your wish. The book is the ultimate guide to becoming a master in doubles. Hundreds and hundreds of tips and tactics are written in this book to transform your game effectively and fastly.

Essential Tennis: Improve Faster, Play Smarter, and Win More Matches By Ian Westermann

This product was recommended by Thalita Ferraz from Her Bones

This is an essential book for anyone who wants to improve their tennis skills, and has been written by Ian Westermann, who is the founder of

The Little Green Book of Tennis Wisdom Hardcover By Julie Ganz

This product was recommended by Cindy Corpis from Search People Free

The Tennis Little Green Book Tennis is a valued lifetime sport that Wisdom honors. Fans from all around the globe will love the ideas included inside this book, from Nyc to Rg, England, Melbourne, and everywhere in between.

Able: Gold Medals, Grand Slams, and Smashing Glass Ceilings By Dylan Alcott

This product was recommended by Valli Vishnubhotla from Green Match

One book that is quite inspiring is “Able: Gold Medals, Grand Slams, and Smashing Glass Ceilings”. This book is about a man who has a passion to play tennis even if he is in a difficult situation. Dylan Alcott who is playing tennis in a wheelchair will give inspiration to those who are aspiring to become tennis stars. This story is more on motivational techniques for tennis players who want to become champions. Reading this book is quite an aid for those who are losing the courage to pursue their sports careers.

Seventy-Seven: My Road to Wimbledon Glory By Andy Murray

This product was recommended by Valli Vishnubhotla from Green Match

Another book that you should include in the list is “Andy Murray: Seventy-Seven: My Road to Wimbledon Glory”. This book is about the personal journey of Andy Murray. It includes his training regime, physical and mental preparation, and his close-knit team. He also shares his thought on the pivotal moments of his training career.

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