Experts Tell Us the Best Books on Blue Ocean Strategy

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This article showcases our top picks for the Books on Blue Ocean Strategy. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim

This product was recommended by Christopher Andrew from 420 Expert Advisers

This book has sold over 4 million copies worldwide, making it a global sensation. This book is also available in 46 different languages. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne are the writers of this book. This book discusses how to develop a blue ocean strategy and capitalize on market opportunities. The purpose of this approach is for businesses to identify and create an uncompetitive, rising market known as the blue ocean. Also, stay away from red oceans, which are overdeveloped markets. As a consequence, employing this firm allows you to develop with less risk. This book is ideal for anyone looking to establish a new market and build competitive entry barriers. This book is about how to introduce a new product or experience to the client with low risk.

Blue Ocean Shift: Beyond Competing by W. Chan Kim

This product was recommended by Mitesh Jain from Mandeha Psychology

Started reading this book for my start-up on concept “travel psychology”, After reading and analyses of Blue Ocean Shift book was published several years ago, I appreciated the extended text and give it five stars. I felt the authors would have learnt a great deal about how to find and implement blue ocean strategies and this was missing from that revised book of blue ocean strategy. Finally, the information I wanted is here, in The Blue Ocean Shift. This is a step by step guide on how to look at your existing market position and see the lack of differentiation offered by you and your competitors. The idea is to shock the organisation into recognising the difficulties of red ocean competition. It then takes you through the process of investigating the customer (and non-customer) frustrations that limit or stop buying decisions. Then looking in detail at the different opportunities available before selecting the particular proposition to develop. While the book is written mainly for large companies the basic process of how to look at the market and find new opportunities can be adapted to smaller businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. It is a very easy decision to give this five stars and it replaces Blue Ocean Shift in my selection of the 12 best business books for business owners and entrepreneurs. The book can be read as a stand-alone guide as it covers the tools in the first book. However, if you want to move in this direction, I think the extra examples provided by the first book will increase your understanding.

Blue Ocean Strategy in Private Banking by Marc Strauß

This product was recommended by Steve Anderson from Junk-Yard-Near-Me

Private banking is under more and more pressure from a variety of sources, which is causing margins to decline continuously. Following traditional tactics indefinitely won’t help tackle these issues, necessitating new solutions. This book may help you solve this issue. Dr. Marc Strauss, a former top management consultant and authority on private banking with significant experience in strategy design and implementation, thoroughly applies the BOS approach to the private banking sector in this book. In his work, Dr. Strauss provides both academics and practitioners with several advantages.

Blue Ocean Strategy Complete Self-Assessment Guide by Gerardus Blokdyk

This product was recommended by Steve Anderson from Junk-Yard-Near-Me

This book is intended for managers, counselors, consultants, experts, professionals, and anyone interested in the analysis of the Blue Ocean Strategy. All the resources you want for a complete self-assessment of your blue ocean strategy. This Self-Assessment, comprised of 618 new and revised case-based questions and is arranged into seven main categories of process design, will assist you in determining which parts of your Blue Ocean Strategy need improvement.

The Infinite Game, by Simon Sinek

This product was recommended by Georgi Todorov from Thrive My Way

In this book, Sinek shows us a framework for leading with an infinite mindset. None of us can resist the thrills of a win, but these rewards fade. When we pursue a just cause, we can commit to a vision of the future that is so attractive that we will want to keep building it for years. Working towards these goals will give our life and our business meaning.

No Ocean Strategy by Category Pirates

This product was recommended by Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen from Formula Swiss

This is an international best-seller book that changed the views of millions of people about business and finance. This book is helpful for people who are interested in business, banking, and finance. This book is easily available on Amazon.

Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley

This product was recommended by Shawn Plummer from The Annuity Expert

As much as I love the idea of a blue ocean strategy, the fact is that it’s really, really difficult to find that broad market expanse. You need to compete heavily in your current body of water to get there, and that’s where *Playing to Win *comes in. They identify brands that have actually reached their blue oceans and explain what strategies they used to get there. It’s all real-world and example-based, meaning you can actually utilize the lessons they teach you. One of the authors was the former CEO of Procter & Gamble, and he raised its market value by over $100 billion during his tenure. That’s the kind of expertise you get with a book like this one.

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