Evo Capitals Review – Setting High Ambitions For Itself

Evo Capitals Review - Setting High Ambitions For Itself
2 years ago

The digital world is vast and full of opportunities. However, every opportunity comes with a risk attached. If you are looking to start your journey with an online trading platform and wish to understand the journey and risks attached, read our article to learn more.

The Verdict




Beginner friendly, easy to use interface


Withdrawal charges do apply

Multi asset investing options available


Dormancy fees

Educational guidelines


Cryptocurrency trading fees

What Asset Markets Can You Access with Evo Capitals?

With Evo Capitals, you can access even the most exclusive markets available in the financial trading world.

The most popular trading asset markets in the world are the following:

  • Equities (Stocks in blue chip companies)
  • Indices (Every individual country’s stock market index)
  • Cryptocurrency (Digital currencies)
  • Forex (Foreign exchange currency pairs of popular currencies)
  • Commodities (Investment via CFD’s in popular commodities such as coffee, wheat)
  • Metals (Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium)

The great part about choosing Evo Capitals as your platform of choice is that it provides access to all the above markets which is rare in the brokerage world.

The Evo Capitals Online Trading Platform

They say your broker is only as good as their facilities. In the digital world, this refers to the trading platform.

The Evo Capitals trading platform is state of the art in artificial intelligence technology. It facilitates investor access into financial markets using real time synchronization. Every update, price and volatility is witnessed in real time and not a second late. Regardless of which time zone you might be based in.

The currencies of choice used in the platform are US dollar, Euro and Great British Pound.

Web Trading Platform

The web trading platform provides maximum features of a trading platform on your desktop or laptop browser.

Multiple analytical charts and objects along with different time frames exist to facilitate trading.

All popular cryptocurrencies are available to trade including Bitcoin and Ethereum alongside the up and coming cryptocurrencies such as dogecoin.

The Mobile Trading Platform

The compressed version of the online trading platform for your fast paced trading needs. This application is available to download for both iOS and Android systems via App Store and Google Play Store.

The mobile trading application has condensed features of every feature on the web platform in order to ensure prime functionality and prevent application crash.

Although the mobile application has not yet embraced the charting features of the web platform, however, that is a future update as confirmed by Evo Capitals.

What the client needs to understand is that the online trading platform is only functioning as an intermediary between the client and financial markets. Any brokerage house can provide a platform, but what makes a difference is how the brokerage house deals with its customers. This is more so obvious in facilitating customer complaints and embedding client feedback within their systems.

Evo Capitals has followed a client centric approach towards it operations. This means that they value what clients have to say about their experience. This is the sole reason why Evo Capitals’s client base continues to grow.

The Downsides Of The Trading World

If you are inspired, do understand that the trading world does not come without risks. There are certain downsides that stem from trading regardless of whichever trading platform you choose to trade with.

For example, the most risky asset in the financial trading world presently are CFDs. Even the most experienced investors risk losing their funds while investing in CFDs. Based on research, between 69% to 84% of investors risk losing their funds in CFDs.

Hence, making informed, educated decisions is the only way to navigate the financial trading world.

Evo Capitals intends to facilitate every investor on their unique journey towards navigating the risks and complexities of the financial world. Evo Capitals has set high ambitions for itself and is fast on its way to achieving them with its ever growing client base.

If we have inspired you to take the leap into the financial arena, contact Evo Capitals today to learn more about getting started and building your own portfolio.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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