Empowering Women: Spotlight on Denmark’s Copenhagen-Based Feminine Industry Leaders

5 months ago

The women’s industry in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark is thriving, with companies spanning from fashion and retail, to healthcare and e-learning, who are all aiming to make a positive impact, especially catering to the needs of women. These companies not only provide empowering platforms and innovative solutions, but they also contribute significantly to Denmark’s economic growth and the global women’s industry.

From e-learning platforms that help close the financial gender gap, to bespoke fashion retailers and innovative healthcare solutions, these dynamic Copenhagen-based companies are proving that the women’s industry is about more than just fashion. It’s about empowering and supporting women, and creating a positive and inclusive culture. Let’s explore these companies further to see how they are making a difference in their respective industries.

Here’s a comprehensive list of some companies headquartered in Copenhagen, all operating in various realms of the women’s industry.

Female Invest

Founded by Camilla Cloëtta Falkenberg and Emma Due Bitz, Female Invest is a subscription-based e-learning platform aimed at educating women about personal finance and investing. Launched in 2019, the platform has members in over 60 countries and is driven by a mission to close the financial gender gap. It incorporates E-Learning, EdTech, Finance, Financial Services, and Women’s sectors. Connect with them on their Twitter @femaleinvest, Facebook page here and LinkedIn profile here.


Founded by Jesper Buch, Konrad Kierklo, and Mike Radoor, Miinto is an online fashion platform that connects fashion boutiques and brands across Europe. It’s one of Scandinavia’s fastest-growing eCommerce businesses, which combines the sectors of E-Commerce, Fashion, Information Technology, Retail, and Women’s. You can follow them on their Twitter @miinto, Facebook here, and LinkedIn profile here.


Founded by Niels Erikstrup, MagCath has developed an innovative solution for women suffering from urinary stress incontinence. Their product offers a safe, efficient, and comfortable alternative to existing solutions. This company operates in the Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, and Women’s sector.

Wawa Fertility

Founded in 2020, Wawa Fertility is an intelligent personal assistant app that guides users through their fertility treatment journey. This breakthrough company operates in the Fertility, Healthcare, Medical, and Women’s realm. Connect with them on their Facebook page here and LinkedIn profile here.

Cecilie Bahnsen

Founded by Cecilie Rosted Bahnsen, Cecilie Bahnsen is a renowned fashion brand known for its bespoke and ready-to-wear collections. They operate in the Fashion, Sales, Textiles, and Women’s sector. Connect with them on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.


OrganiCup is a fast-growing consumer goods company that manufactures eco-friendly menstrual cups. You can follow them on their Twitter @organicup, Facebook here and LinkedIn profile here.


Lapee manufactures safe, hygienic female urinals for festivals and outdoor events. Connect with them on Facebook here and LinkedIn here.


Founded by Christina Høgh Selmer Kirk and Sine Cecilie Laub, Dusk is actively operating in the Healthcare, Wellness, and Women’s industry. Follow them on their Facebook page here and LinkedIn profile here.

Elise Gug

Elise Gug is an online boutique offering luxury ready-to-wear apparel and wedding gowns. You can follow them on their Twitter @elisegug, Facebook here and LinkedIn here.


Founded by Camilla Louise Krøyer and Kasper Bondegaard Pedersen, Trendday is a webshop that sells clothes for girls and women. You can connect with them on their Facebook page here.

Jane Konig

Jane Konig is an e-commerce company that offers fine jewelry designed with love. Follow them on Twitter @jane__koenig, Facebook here and LinkedIn here.

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