Empowering Women: Key Salt Lake City Businesses in Female Industries

5 months ago

Utah, particularly the vibrant city of Salt Lake City (SLC), has become a blossoming hub for businesses and innovation across a variety of sectors. A remarkable array of companies in the women’s industry have established their headquarters in this spirited metropolis. The industry itself is diverse, encompassing sectors such as health care, fashion, wellness, fitness, and even biotechnology. Situated at the heart of the breathtaking natural beauty of Utah, these companies essentially target women and their particular needs. This article will explore several of these businesses, looking at the key figures behind them, their service provision, and their ultimate contribution to the industry.

SLC’s conducive business environment offers these companies a suitable springboard for growth and development. Each business has a distinctive story, purpose and mission that cater to the different needs of women. Whether it’s fertility and personal health applications, fitness and retail services, or wellness and medical research, companies in this beautiful city are providing remarkable resources. This diversity in services and offerings signifies the expansive potential of the women’s industry in SLC. Below, we highlight some of the companies operating within this landscape and contributing significantly to the industry’s evolution in the city.

It’s important to note that these companies represent a cross-section of sectors within the women’s industry. From fashion to sports, non-profits, and clinical research, these companies showcase the dynamic nature of businesses under the women’s industry umbrella. By offering services that touch on the everyday lives of women, they affirm the industry’s relevance and importance in the 21st century. Now, let’s take a closer look at these companies.

Layla Wellness

Founded by Jeanna Ryan, Joni Aoki, and Young Hong, Layla Wellness is a pioneer in the fields of Fertility, Medical Devices, Mobile Apps, and Personal Health. Unfortunately, details regarding the company’s operations weren’t provided.


POPFLEX operates at the intersection of fashion, fitness, retail, and women’s industry. Its founder’s names were not given, and a specific description of the company’s services was also not available.

Gigi Pip

Co-founded by Jon Parrish, Gigi Pip resides in the world of E-Commerce, Fashion. Specific details about the operations of the company weren’t provided.


SheJumps, a non-profit company, serves girls and women interested in outdoor activities. From beginners to active members of the outdoor community, their programs encourage involvement in outdoor sports, while also acknowledging their activities take place on unceded Indigenous lands.

JBR Clinical Research

JBR Clinical Research, a specialist in Biotechnology, Health Care, Medical research and women’s industry, provides top-notch services in pain management protocols, vaccine testing, and other studies. Its facilities are located near Salt Lake City, Utah.


Mommi, dedicated to improving women’s lives, particularly around pregnancy, offers consumer products geared towards health care for women.


In the Cosmetics and E-Commerce fields, M’lis operates to cater to women’s needs. Details about the company remained limited.


Emerita operates in the Beauty, Health Care, Wellness, and Women’s industries. However, detailed information about the founders and description of the company weren’t readily available.

Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center

Rocky Mountain Women’s Health Center, providing fitness and health care services, qualifies as your prime choice for obstetrics, gynecology, and women’s health care.

Women’s Leadership Institute

The Women’s Leadership Institute offers career planning, non-profit training, and is a power component in the women’s industry. Unfortunately, detailed information outlining the company’s operations wasn’t given.

Eva Carlston Academy

In the Education, Health Care, Residential, and Women’s industry, there’s Eva Carlston Academy. Information about the founders and descriptions of the company weren’t provided.

The women’s industry in Salt Lake City, Utah is thriving, with a diverse array of companies leading the charge. From startups to established businesses, from fashion and fitness to healthcare and technology, there’s movement and development in all corners of the industry. With their targeted products and services, these companies are making a significant impact on the industry and the lives of countless women every day.

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