Creative Ways To Communicate Your Company Culture

Creative Ways To Communicate Your Company Culture
2 years ago

Curating a positive and definitive company culture is a goal in many offices. Let’s be honest, though—we’re in a seller’s market for labor right now. This means that companies like yours need to distinguish themselves to procure—and retain—the talent they need. While material compensation, of course, is a big part of the equation, you shouldn’t forget the intangibles. Is your business a rewarding, dynamic, and fun place to work? If it indeed is, let people know with these creative ways to communicate your company culture.

Thanks for the Memos

We are what we do every day, right? Whether you’re back at the office or still working from home, sending daily messages that encapsulate your corporate values can be a great way to reinforce company values. This can be as simple as sharing morning memos that keep people informed, entertained, and part of a team, even when they can’t see one another’s faces.

Let Your Office Design Reflect the Culture

Transparency, collaboration, and fun are big ideas in the white-collar world. As we begin to file back to our offices, we must take these principles from the abstract to the tangible. Does your office look like a place that’s transparent, collaborative, and fun? These principles are worth considering before renovating your business interior. Favor open spaces, open communication, and a positive attitude through furniture and color.

Recognize the People Who “Get It”

Corporate culture can be an it-is-what-you-make-of-it proposition. Some workers are content to meet expectations and cash a check, while others strive to be model employees and embody all your company’s core values. Those who do the latter deserve some recognition. That can come in the form of quarterly awards (honoraria optional) or even promotions. By rewarding people, you can make it clear that company culture matters. By next quarter, you may find that you’ll have more awards to dole out.

Have Lateral One-on-Ones

Hierarchical organizational structures have their benefits, but not all learning experiences have to be top-down. Sometimes, thinking side-to-side is the best way to reinforce your company’s ethos. One-on-one interviews between new hires and their peers in those roles can be some of the more creative ways to communicate your company culture to newcomers. Moreover, they can even strengthen that culture among longstanding employees who need a refresher course.

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