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There are many advantages that come with working from home, aside from the time saved daily from commuting, people are given the comfort to work from a comfortable and secure space. Nonetheless, even though it’s important to be comfortable in your workplace, it’s also important to build and establish the right environment to improve focus and reduce distractions as much as possible. Below are some tips we believe to contribute to creating the optimal home office set up.

Use as much natural light as possible

Lighting is an extremely underrated aspect of any interior design. Lighting, specifically the use of natural light, can benefit your well-being by reducing eye strain, improving your focus, reducing chances of headaches and migraines, and improving your mood.

Understandably, natural light is not always available in every room of the house, however there are ways to mimic this natural type of lighting. For instance, halogen and LED bulbs are renowned for mimicking natural light, making them the perfect choice for your home work-station. Of course, it’s important to pay attention to the angles the lights are placed at to avoid distracting glares and reflections.

Ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture provides comfort, movement and functionality when working. It helps reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems like neck pains, arthritis, joint pains, restricted organs, back issues and poor blood pressure.

There are many brands that cater specially for our ergonomic needs, such as Herman Miller. Nonetheless, when looking for ergonomic furniture, you need to consider an office chair that supports your back and a desk that you can use when seated or standing. When choosing the desk, consider its size to guarantee that it will fit your desktop PC or laptop and anything else you might want to add.

Use smart storage solutions

Having smart storage solutions reduces clutter lying around while also allowing you to organize your mind when you need to access documents quickly. While this is dependent on the space available, it is highly recommended to have a wall storage unit in which you can neatly store all files, folders, and documents. The use of color coding and labelling techniques also proves to make it easier to keep disciplined by placing files where they belong, to be accessed quickly when needed.

Nowadays, many people have most of their documents stored on external hard disks or in an online storage unit. Even in these cases, it is important to keep tabs of where everything is located and always keep a back-up storage of important documents.

Choose the right colors

Finding the right color for your home office is crucial as it’s known to affect your energy levels, comfort, productivity, and mood. According to color psychology, colour is among the most essential tools to encourage specific emotions. Therefore, warmer shades like yellow can make your office feel cozier and promote relaxation. On the other hand, neutral colours can make your home office seem airy, bigger, and elegant. Therefore, your objective should guide you on which colours to pick.

Ensure stable internet and power connection

Nowadays, most areas around the world have access to high-speed internet. When looking for the best speeds for your home office, 40Mbps is the lowest you should consider. If you have more people using the internet in your home, you should opt for a higher package. With a higher package, you can enjoy working, streaming high-quality content and even playing your favorite casino games at Platin Casino online.

If you want the best capacity, consider having a wired connection to your computer. It’s essential when your work involves plenty of video calls and downloads. Moreover, an uninterruptible power supply ensures that you never fail to complete your daily tasks. If you use a desktop computer, consider buying a UPS.


A home office can be anything you want. You can spread it across your basement or place it in a cosy corner in the living room. You can create a workstation anywhere in your house with the right tips up your sleeve. Therefore, when looking for some inspiration, use the tips discussed above. They will guide you on how to design your home office. That’s from finding the best lighting solutions to ensuring that you have stable internet and a reliable power connection.

Nonetheless, if you spend every day confined in your home office, we recommend seeking the help of professional designers to really ensure you find the perfect space in your home and transform it into a space that you can perform in, long-term.

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