Beverly Hills: Spotlight on Leading Women’s Fashion Enterprises Dominating Industry

5 months ago

In this article, we focus on businesses pushing the boundaries and creating monumental impacts within the women’s industry. What makes these businesses special, besides their operational niche, is their strategic location. All are based in the heart of luxury and fashion – Beverly Hills, California. We will delve into the functions, history, and services of these exciting companies making strides in sectors ranging from health care, fashion, to customer service.

Located in an area renowned for its unique blend of luxury, extravaganza, and success, these companies inspire with their innovative ideas and dedication to enhancing the women’s industry. From cutting-edge health solutions to stylish fashion brands and superior customer service, these companies represent the vibrant business culture of Beverly Hills. In our selection, businesses stand out not just for their phenomenal business acumen but also their unique appeal to the Women’s industry.

Despite the challenges of operating in an increasingly competitive market, these companies continue to thrive, standing as beacons of tenacity and entrepreneurial drive. In this feature, we bring attention to these companies and celebrate their success stories. Each company is discussed in detail, detailing their industry, founders, company description, and providing pertinent links for further research.


Founded by Max Savage, Odela functions within the Health Care, Small and Medium Businesses, and Women’s sectors. Working from Beverly Hills, it continues fulfilling its goals in its niche with determination and innovation. Find more information about Odela on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @odelahealth on Twitter.

Gym Clothes

As a company centered around Fashion, Manufacturing, Men’s, Retail, Shopping, Textiles, Wholesale, and Women’s, Beverly Hills-based Gym Clothes offers its customers an impressive collection of workout clothing right away. Find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @GymCloth on Twitter.

Executive Financial Enterprises

Executive Financial Enterprises is a top-level business process outsourcer with a strong dedication to increasing your cash flow. Spear-headed by Mona Andrews, the Los Angeles-based company stands tall in offering top-quality services in the Customer Service and Women’s industries. You can find out more on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @efeinc on Twitter.

Thais Aliabadi MD

Beverly Hills has a variety of leading companies in the women’s industry, and Thais Aliabadi MD is one such renowned establishment. The company stands out for its health care services targeted at Women’s health diagnostics and wellness. You can connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @aliabadimd on Twitter.

Barrett Plastic Surgery

Barrett Plastic Surgery, Accessible via Facebook, LinkedIn, and @drdanielbarrett on Twitter, specializes in beauty, cosmetic surgery, health care, and women-related issues.

Center For Reproductive Health & Gynecology

Notably offering fertility treatments, Center For Reproductive Health & Gynecology is a leading name in the sector of Fertility, Health Care, Medical, Women’s. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Beverly Hills-based, PlusLivin operates in the E-Commerce, Fashion, and Women’s sector – find them at Facebook, LinkedIn, and @pluslivinhq on Twitter.

Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center

Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center provides a variety of health services from pre-conception counseling to genetic screening. They can be found on Facebook and @rdwhc on Twitter.

Lingerie Theory

Lingerie Theory operates from Beverly Hills within the E-Commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Women’s sectors. Catch up with them at Facebook and @lingerietheory on Twitter.

BH Acuhealth Clinic

BH Acuhealth Clinic provides top-notch health care, focusing on women’s health, fertility, and more. Follow their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Med Results

Wrapping up our list, we have Med Results a well-known company within the Clinical Trials, Cosmetics, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Industrial Manufacturing, and Women’s sectors. You can connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @Med_Results on Twitter.

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