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If you are looking for low investment business ideas to start in small towns and villages of India, you are in the right place. There are numerous businesses that you can start in rural India.

Starting a business from India’s villages is not as challenging as you might think. While urban India offers numerous startup options, new businesses can also flourish in rural areas because of their high potential.

In this section, we will be going through some of the highly profitable business ideas in villages that you can choose from.

1. Poultry farm

Poultry farming is one of the moneymaking businesses that can give good returns if done properly. Poultry farming is a growing industry in the world today. The production of eggs and chicken meat are increasing annually. This has been attributed to the fact that poultry farming is considered a business with high-profit margins and low investment costs. In this business, chickens are reared for a few weeks, then sold to market or wholesalers.

A tractor will be required for transporting chicken from one place to another and for preparing feed for chicken. You can buy a readymade poultry farm or you can construct your own depending on the amount of money available for investment and the amount of land available at your disposal. In case you choose to construct your own, make sure that you have all the necessary government permission before starting construction work. If you are looking for the most profitable business in rural area in India then this might be it for you. See more.

2. Diagnostic clinic

The increase in population has led to growth in diseases and infections, which will not be curable without diagnostics. An increase in population also leads to increased demand for medical facilities, surgical procedures, and diagnostic procedures. The demand for these medical services will become high in the villages and towns as well. Since rural India lacks sufficient healthcare infrastructure you can use this opportunity to open a diagnostic centre in a village or a small town. In addition to being a good financial opportunity, it is also a good way to serve the people.

3. Drinking water supply

Water is an essential part of life. So, the provision of clean drinking water to villagers is a great business idea. This could be done through a door-to-door supply of clean drinking water in cans or bottles. Villagers can store it in cans and then use it at their convenience. This shall fetch revenue for the entrepreneur.

Other than this, the entrepreneur may also provide water purification services to people living in towns. In towns, there are many high rise buildings where people mostly reside. They don’t have any choice but to use tap water for all purposes, including drinking and cooking. This can be avoided by using bottled or canned water for all purposes.

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