Benefits of Product Data Management Solutions for Suppliers

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3 years ago

If you have worked in the supply chain business, you are not a stranger to the challenges in the work process. Managing large-scale orders, collaborating with clients and customers, and handling transportation of the products can be daunting at times.

Efficient product data management is the key to building a healthy buyer-supplier relationship for your organisation.

Wholesale suppliers and distributors can select one of the best product data management systems from a reputed company like BizCaps. It can help them to streamline their business process effectively.

What is a Product Data Management Solution?

Most suppliers have to handle large-scale data and information. A product management system can help them control the flow of information, right from procuring raw materials to supplying the finished goods.

The main advantage of using a centralised data management system is that the software can automate information storage, modification and retrieval.

Why Should Suppliers Install a Product Data Management Solution?

A supplier master data management system like BizCaps allows suppliers to create and maintain product information for trading partners.

Here are a few benefits of using a product master data management software for a supplying agency.

Meet Compliance Standards

GS1 is a non-profit organisation that provides data management standards and rules for trading businesses. The Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) governs the business partners to exchange GS1-compliant data and information. The GDSN data pool is called the National Product Catalogue (NPC).

Suppliers need to use a GS1 NPC-certified and a GDSN-compliant data management system. It helps simplify and maintain a consistent flow of data exchange among business partners.

Seamless Product Data Exchange

A data management software has powerful tools that simplify data import and export functions. It allows you to sync and integrate information between the existing ERP system and your supply chain data solution.

You can retrieve information from other sources quickly and automate the business process effectively.

Automated Workflows

An effective supplier information management system offers an automated workflow system. It helps in the easy routing of data among the trading partners. The automated system reduces the time and cost involved in the exchange of information.

Offers Scalability

Since it is cloud-based, a supplier product data management solution is also easily scalable. Thus, it supports organisational growth and expansion while adding new products and services.

Highly Secured System

A master data management system offers data transparency and security for suppliers. It helps maintain and transfer critical information like product-related expenses in a protected manner.

It is a safe place to store product information forms (PIFs). It is a product data tool for food companies and was developed by the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC).

Real-time Data Updating

A product data management system that uses cloud-based services allows suppliers to access information anytime, anywhere. Getting real-time information helps optimise resources and increase business efficiency.

If you are looking for options to enhance business operations and networking among your business partners, selecting an expert product data management system like BizCaps will do the trick. An efficient, well-designed software can help you overcome multiple hurdles in the supply chain management process.

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