Ben Plomion: At Dibbs, we made web3 easy by empowering brands to create a direct connection with consumers in a safe and trusted manner.

1 year ago

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🏦 Tell us about yourself?

Ben Plomion is Dibb’s Chief Marketing Officer and responsible for creating value for partners, developing go-to-market strategies, as well as growing Dibb’s consumer marketplace. Before joining Dibbs, Ben was Chief Growth Officer at GumGum, a contextual advertising company.

Ben led the North American sales, customer success, and operations teams, which included 150+ employees and annual revenue in excess of $200M. Ben successfully launched GumGum’s In-Gaming division as well as a suite of Connected TV and Social media products.

Prior to that role, Ben led the global marketing and communications team as Chief Marketing Officer. Before GumGum, Plomion was Head of Marketing for the programmatic advertising company Chango, where he established the business development and marketing organizations and helped guide the firm to its acquisition by Rubicon Project.

Earlier, he held a variety of marketing leadership positions at General Electric, where he helmed the company’s global digital media practice. Ben is a French native and a graduate of GE’s Experienced Commercial Leadership program and McGill University’s MBA program.

He is a regular marketing contributor for Forbes and sits on the Board of the MMA. He lives in Venice Beach with his wife and son and is an avid surfer and skateboarder.

🏦 Tell us what problem your company solves?

We help brands, and IP holders create a digital presence for their physical collectibles, forging a new path for direct and deep connection with their communities.

🏦 Where do you see your startup going in the next 3 years?

We believe that web3 can be intimidating for brand and IP holders. At Dibbs, we made web3 easy by empowering brands to create a direct connection with consumers in a safe and trusted manner.

Our vision is to become the most trusted platform in the world for the minting and redemption of collectible-backed NFTs.

🏦 What makes your company positioned to deliver on their promises?

NFTs are widely seen as the fuel (or currency) that will bring Web3 communities together. At Dibbs, we provide brands with a simple way to dip their toes into Web3 by tapping into something they are already familiar with: their collectibles.

Large IP holders can convert their physical objects of cultural value into enhanced digital twins (NFTs) in an easy and safe manner.

Their users can then trade these NFTs on various marketplaces and social media platforms, and at any point, the physical item can be shipped to them.

These IP holders and brands can then create Web3 communities of users who share a passion, which is usually token-gated, meaning users must have an NFT to access them.

The benefit to brands is that they can explore Web3 without the reputational risks, and creating NFT-backed collectibles is a powerful way to explore the capabilities of Web3.

🏦 Who is your founding team? Why are they the best people to run this company?

A lifelong collector of memorabilia, Evan Vandenberg, founded Dibbs amid the COVID-19 pandemic—a time when many people were finding ways to connect with others while at home, which often meant digging up collectibles.

The NFT market took off while eBay sales of trading cards soared, and millions of people discovered or rediscovered their fondness for collectibles.

Shortly thereafter, Web3 emerged with rapid growth thanks to a similar cultural movement: people seeking digital expression in an authentic and connective way.

A former early team member at WAX, Evan leveraged his blockchain experience to create a platform that converged these trends. And thus, Dibbs was born.

🏦 Who are your main competitors, and why can you beat them?

There are a few companies that can tokenize assets, and many of them are focused on investment vehicles such as real estate, gold, bonds, etc. At Dibbs, we are focused on digital collectibles.

We have deep expertise and a founding team who know collectibles in and out. We are the only physical-backed NFT company that is actively looking for increased regulation in a space that needs to win the trust back of its users.

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