Austin’s Wood Processing Companies: A Showcase of Texan Industry Powerhouse

5 months ago

Austin, Texas is not only the state capital but also a hub for various industries, one of which is the Wood Processing industry. This sector incorporates a wide range of businesses, from manufacturing and wholesale to interior design, residential, and commercial construction. This article will highlight some of the most prominent companies in this industry that have their headquarters based in Austin, Texas.

These companies strive to provide excellent services and products, leveraging the rich Texan wood resources to design, craft, and construct various products. Covering a broad spectrum, they serve both commercial and residential clients, ensuring they deliver quality and sustainable wooden products to satisfy client needs. Their creations range from furniture to building materials, displaying the productive versatility of wood.

Operating in a competitive market, these businesses must ensure they maintain the highest craftsmanship standards while also employing innovative designs and techniques. Let’s dive in to take a closer look at these companies, their services, operation, and contributions to Austin’s economic and industrial landscape.

Brazos Forest Products

Brazos Forest Products operates in the Manufacturing, Wholesale, Wood Processing industry, providing quality wood products. Committed to excellence, they continuously strive to expand their product offerings and improve their services in response to customer needs. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Austin Window Fashion

From building materials to interior design, Austin Window Fashion has you covered. This company excels in Manufacturing and Wood Processing. They focus on creating eye-catching, functional window treatments that enhance every room’s aesthetics. Get in touch with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Loredo Truss Company

Operating in the Construction, Manufacturing, Product Design, and Wood Processing industries, Loredo Truss Company specializes in designing and engineering wood floor and roof trusses for commercial and residential projects. They ensure each product is crafted with the highest quality materials for reliability and durability. Learn more about their services on LinkedIn.


In the Furniture, Timber, and Wood Processing sector, AFRICAN SLABS stands out for its exceptional designs. Their passion for woodworking is evident in every handcrafted piece they produce. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Specializing in Commercial, Residential, Manufacturing, and Wood Processing, Textruss designs and manufactures wood roof and floor truss systems tailored to each client’s requirements. They have skills to tackle everything from multifamily projects, residential designs, to large commercial structures. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Patton Cabinet Doors

As a prominent player in the Manufacturing, Product Design, and Wood Processing industry, Patton Cabinet Doors makes a significant contribution to Austin’s industrial scene. Providing high-quality cabinet doors, they are constantly innovating to meet their customers’ evolving needs. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

MS Pallets

Specializing in Commercial, Manufacturing, and Wood Processing, MS Pallets offers a complete solution for your pallet needs. The company provides timely delivery at competitive prices and is committed to offering a comprehensive selection of pallets and crate boxes.

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